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Recently, many people have applied for and obtained a non-lucrative visa in Spain. The initial application will have been made in their home countries before arriving in Spain, the non-lucrative visa is stamped in their passport. After arriving in Spain, you are issued with a biometric Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjero (TIE). The TIE is valid for one year for non-lucrative visas; thereafter, it is subject to renewal. The first TIE card is also valid for one year and must also be renewed. 

The visa renewal involves two stages; renewing the non lucrative visa and the TIE. In this guide, we help you understand when you should renew your non lucrative visa and the actual process. 

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Common Problems with Non-lucrative Visa Renewal

A common fact is that one of Spain’s most popular residence card options is the non lucrative visa. This visa allows foreigners to live in Spanish territory without working. The visa is requested by non-EU citizens with enough money in their bank account to live in Spain without working. In most cases, it’s usually people who have retired or received a hefty pension. Such persons are eligible to apply for a temporary non lucrative visa, valid for one year. 

Unfortunately, there is an issue with the renewal process. The renewal sees to it that you get an extension of 2 years, rather than one, and the most important requirement is to prove that you have sufficient money to cater for you. As a result, most people don’t get an extension due to the minimum funds required to certify their eligibility. However, you shouldn’t give up on the process. If you are unable to renew your visa, there are other alternatives, such as modifying to a work permit. Therefore, keep reading until the end of this guide. 

When Should I Renew the Non Lucrative Visa?

The first visa you are issued is valid for one year. Once the year ends, you have to renew it for two more years. People often ask, “how many times can you renew non-lucrative visa?”. The answer is that after the first renewal, you are free to renew it again for two more years. If you go through the two renewal processes, you’ll have been living in Spain for five years and are eligible to apply for permanent residency. 

Note that you must complete the renewal process before a 60 day period before the validity date. In special cases, not more than 90 days after the expiry date. Applying after this period will incur a fine, or your application might be refused. 

How Do I Renew My Spanish Non-Lucrative Visa?

To renew a non lucrative visa in Spain, you must demonstrate you’ve met some requirements. For starters, you still have to show you meet the requirements for the first application and more. Here are the additional requirements:

Adequate Funds

One of the major requirements during the renewal process is demonstrating your financial ability. On the first application, the economic solvency is translated into 400% of the IPREM for the main applicant. Plus, 100% of the IPREM of each family member. This should be included in the joint application, and the amount has to be more than £26,000. Therefore, you must prove you’ve maintained these conditions if you want your visa in Spain. However, there is a slight difference since the renewed validity is for two years, so you need 800% of the IPREM – about £52,000. What’s more, if you have a spouse or children, you have to double the amount required for them. 

Be a Resident in Spain

Another requirement is that you need to be a legal resident. What this means is that you must have been living in Spain for more than 183 days a year. Therefore, it might be rejected if you present your renewal application but can’t prove you were in the country for six months. It would help if you had bank statements or invoices for your electricity or telephone line to prove this. Note that the reference year begins when you receive the residence permit. 

Habitability Certificate

This certificate is needed for people who come to Spain with their children. It proves that your home meets the minimum requirements for all the family members to live together. In short, it demonstrates your ability to offer everyone proper housing conditions. 

Health Insurance for renew your non lucrative visa

Everyone applying for a non-lucrative visa in Spain needs health insurance. To renew the visa, you must demonstrate you still have health insurance coverage. 

Your Children Should be Enrolled to School

If you came to Spain with your children and reached school age, you must enrol them in a school and prove this. To demonstrate this, you need to get a certificate from the school. 

Be Debt-free According to the Tax Agency or Social Security

For the successful renewal of your visa, you need to prove that you have no debts with the Social Security or Spanish Tax Agency. Remember, this includes minor debts like unpaid fines, fees, or liabilities with the government. 

Clean Criminal and Police Records

Lastly, you should have no criminal or police records for any form of crime or misconduct. This is a requirement during the first application process and all renewal processes. Just ensure you have no criminal or police records in the country. 

What Documents are Needed to Renew Non Lucrative Visa Spain?

Renewing your visa is a common procedure in the Spanish immigration office, but it can be complicated without proper guidance. Apart from meeting the requirements discussed above, you must have some documents with you. To renew non lucrative visa Spain, you need the following documents:

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  1. Application Form EX01 in duplicate
  2. Fee Form 790-052, which should be paid and stamped
  3. Your passport (valid for at least one year).
  4. Copies of all the pages of your passport.
  5. Your current Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjeros (TIE)
  6. Health insurance that meets the requirements of the Immigration Office.
  7. Proof of sufficient and stable income for the next two years 
  8. Your address registration in Spain (padrón) – is at least three months old
  9. If you have school children, you need a report from their school and a copy of their birth certificates. 

As aforementioned in this guide, if you have school-going children, you need to request a report from the school they are enrolled in. As you submit this report, remember to submit their birth certificates too. Remember, any documents that aren’t in Spanish must be translated by a translation service recommended by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Spain. What’s more, ensure you have all the documents in duplicate and carry along the originals as you submit your application. 

Remember to start the visa renewal application 60 days before your TIE expires. The government gives you up to 3 months after the expiry date, but failure to submit your application on time might attract some fines. As long as you submit your application forms on time, your visa’s and TIE’s validity will be extended for two more years. After applying, the process might take up to three months, but you’ll receive a resolution letter (Carta de resolución) before that time.

Step-by-Step Guide: How Can I Renew My Visa in Spain

The non-lucrative visa renewal process is divided into two mini-processes: submission of the application and renewing the TIE or resident card. 

STEP 1: Submission of the Documentation

The first step is the preparation of all the required documents, as you’ve read above. Next, send the documents to the immigration office. An advantage of this process is that you can do it online, so you don’t have to spend long hours queuing or looking for the offices. Moreover, you’ll get a faster response online than if you had submitted the documents physically. 

To avoid unwanted delays and for a successful application, prepare all the documents before and ensure nothing is missing. We also recommend you get a qualified lawyer to help you with this process. Otherwise, you might omit some information or documents which are necessary for the application process. After submitting the documentation, the migration office has a maximum of 3 months to give you a response. In case this time has elapsed, and you haven’t received any information, it means that your application is approved by positive administrative silence. 

STEP 2: Renewing the TIE

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After the application is approved, you must visit the immigration agency. It’s advisable to go to an office closest to your address to process your TIE or new card. For this process, you have to make an appointment. On your appointment day, you have to carry along the following to renew non lucrative visa Spain:

  • Proof of payment of the 790/012 fee, downloadable online and then pay at any bank
  • Your passport and copy of all the pages
  • City hall registration (empadronamiento)
  • Three passport photos (the background should be white)
  • Your current TIE or residence-card 
  • Letter of successful resolution of your non lucrative residency renewal
  • TIE application form, model EX-17

After submitting the required documentation, they’ll register your fingerprints, then issue you with a provision document. You can use this document until the time you’ll pick up the physical card again (which takes another 30 days).

Alternatives to Renew Non Lucrative Visa Spain

For one reason or another, you might need to explore other alternatives to renewing your non lucrative visa. This applies to those who don’t want to go through the renewal process or anyone looking for a more permanent method. Here are the other alternatives:

Applying for A Work Permit instead of Non-lucrative visa renewal

As explained earlier, there is an alternative to renewing your non-lucrative visa, and the first is moving to a work permit. This option allows you to avoid proving double the economy requirements for the renewal. You also get to work legally in Spain (an advantage over the non-lucrative visa). Therefore, instead of renewing your non-lucrative visa, you can consider modifying it to a work permit. Gaining the ability to work is much easier than the renewal process and the heavy requirements needed for a successful application. Therefore, you have two options: modifying to an employed or self-employed work permit. Note that your spouse has to either renew their non lucrative visa or modify to a work permit. 

Modifying Non lucrative visa to an Employee Work Permit

While in Spain, if you ever get a job offer, you can change your non-lucrative visa to an employed work permit. The modification allows you to start working as long as the company is in Spain. However, the contract you’re being offered should be for a minimum of 1 year, covering the full time (40 hours a week). The salary should be equal to or higher than the minimum earnings (for the sector you’re working in). This modification to an employee work permit is done through form EX-03. 

Modifying Non lucrative Residence to a Self-employed visa Permit

Alternatively, if you have a private business project or want to own one (something referred to as autónomo), you can modify to a self-employed work permit. If you choose this option, you must present a well-described business plan with all the activities you want to do. The business plan should receive a viability certificate from the Association of Self-Employed Workers in the country. Moreover, you have to prove you have sufficient financial means to execute the plan. Your Curriculum Vitae and professional/academic profile should also show that you’re up to the task and can address the business’s demands and challenges. The modification for this is through form EX-07

Moving from Non lucrative Residence to Long-term Residence

Finally, you have to be aware that the non-lucrative residence visa allows you to stay within Spain for one year and up to a maximum of 5 years. You can also view it as a passway to get a long-term residency. Therefore, if you’re in line with all the renewal requirements described in this guide, here is the usual pattern:

  1. Apply for the first non-lucrative permit that’s valid for one year and enter Spain
  2. At the end of that year, renew it for two more years
  3. After the two years, you can renew it again for two more years
  4. This will total to 5 years, and you’ll have been living in Spain as a resident, so you automatically have the right to become a permanent resident

You should renew non lucrative visa Spain within 60 days or 90 days before your temporary non-lucrative residence visa expires. You have to submit the renewal application within this period. As explained, you must make an appointment and submit the necessary documents to the immigration office in your region. During your appointment at this office, you will have to submit form EX-01 and prove you’ve paid the corresponding fee. 

For those looking for an easier way, you can submit your application online, as long as you have a digital certificate. Luckily, lawyers from our law firm can help you do this. Once the renewal application has been submitted, the administration has a grace period of 3 months to respond. Note that the response can be positive or negative. In case you don’t hear from the administration, your renewal was accepted by administrative silence. 

Should I hire a lawyer to renew my non lucrative visa?

Although you can renew non lucrative visa Spain on your own, the process isn’t that simple. You have to submit the application in person or online. You will have to go to the immigration registries in person for the physical submission. Alternatively, you must have an officially recognised digital signature for the online option. However, there are many advantages of hiring a lawyer to help you throughout the process, especially if you aren’t fluent in Spanish. Understanding and manoeuvring Spain’s bureaucracy is challenging for non-citizens, particularly those who don’t understand Spanish. That’s because they risk filling out the application incorrectly, which can lead to losing the renewal approval. Therefore, hiring a legal team to help you with the process makes it easy since they’ve specialised in that area. An experienced lawyer will provide you with the required forms, ensure you’ve filled them correctly, and counter-check your other documents to ensure they’ve met the immigration’s requirements. They also answer any questions you might have. 

Moreover, getting legal services helps fasten the process. Most immigration lawyers use the online system to submit applications, and the processing time is usually fast with this method. Submitting your application online sees to it that you get your resolution sooner than if you went to the immigration registries in person. Once the immigration officers have the resolution, they’ll notify the lawyer, who can instantly download it from the online platform. 

Renew Non Lucrative Visa Spain

If you are supposed to renew your non lucrative visa card, you must ensure you’ve met all the requirements. Let professionals from our law firm help you by reviewing, preparing, and submitting your application. By doing so, you’ll get your response on time; in most cases, it’s usually a positive one. 

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