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Everything You Need to Know About Obtaining a Medical Certificate of Good Health for Visa in Spain

Are you looking to visit and stay in Spain? Well, not every immigrant can just pack their bags and leave for a new country with ease. In fact, there are many restrictions that immigrants must abide by if they want to immigrate to another country. These restrictions also apply when an immigrant wishes to obtain a visa in Spain.

To be eligible for a visa in Spain, you must ensure that you have completed all the necessary paperwork and obtained the appropriate certificates of health from your doctor before leaving your home country. Here is everything you need to know about obtaining a health certificate of good health for your Visa application.

What is Medical Certificate for Visa?

medical certificate for spain

When you apply for a visa at the Spanish consulate, one of the things they will ask for is your medical certificate. This certificate confirms that you are healthy and therefore able to travel abroad. It also states that no further vaccinations or other medical procedures are necessary before you leave the country. Most countries require that you fulfil these provisions before they can grant you entry.

These documents are necessary because Spain is part of the European Union (EU). To keep the spread of diseases to a minimum, all member countries have strict rules about who can enter and reside there.

How Do I Get a Medical Certificate for Spanish Visa?

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If you’re planning to travel to Spain and work there for some time, you will need a Spanish visa. This visa enables you to enter Spain and get another visa to live and work there. When applying for a visa, you must provide evidence of good health. One way of doing this is by providing a health certificate as part of your visa application.

According to the International Health Regulation set in 2005, a doctor will determine whether or not you are in the right health state. Depending on your location, you can send them a template they can print on the medical centre’s headed paper. Alternatively, they can write their certificate if it mentions the International Health Regulations cited in the 2005 release. The doctor must print out the document and sign it with dates and stamps.

It is important to note that the certificate should be filled out by the doctor with their stamp. Failure to do this means that the certificate will be null and void. The only provision that can change this is a headed paper by the medical centre.

Is medical certificate required for visa?

medical certificate of good health

Once you get the original medical document, you must bring its photocopy as you apply for your visa. You will also be required to get the health certificate translated by a sworn translator of a Hague Apostille. This is the only way the document will be recognised as valid when presented to the Spanish authorities. It can also be used for countries that are registered with the foreign commonwealth organisations.

A Hague Apostille is a certificate issued by the Hague Conference on Private International Law. It is an officially recognised certification that certifies the authenticity of a document and safeguards its security.

To be able to use your Spanish visa medical certificate, you must go through a sworn translator after receiving your certificate. The translator will then have to apply for the apostille certification at their local authorities. After this apostille process, your document will be recognised when presented to the Spain authorities or any other countries that are members of the Hague Convention. It also applies to the foreign commonwealth and development facilities.

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The visa medicals are necessary so that the Spanish authorities can easily verify your health. The easiest way for them to do this is by checking if your doctor has really certified you as healthy and fit to reside in Spain. Once you get the signed apostilled document, it means that it has been authenticated by authorities from both countries (Spain and home country).

What are the Requirements for a Medical Certificate for Spanish Visa Applications?

There are several requirements that one must fulfil before one can get the certification. Everyone coming into Spain or into any commonwealth and development office, except children below 12, should be prepared to produce either of the documents below to show proof of their health status.

With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone was required to show a certificate or a document to show that they are fully vaccinated against the virus. If one does not have the vaccination documents, they can also show a medical certificate showing they have recovered from the Covid-19 viral infection around six months before the travelling date. For the process, you will need:

  • FCDO contacting your doctor.
  • Producing what the FCDO requires from the doctor.
  • Submitting the document for legalisation purposes.

How Do I Write a Medical Certificate?

Now that you know this certificate’s importance, how should you write it? Here are five tips to help you out.

  1. It Must be Legible

This is the first thing that your doctor must consider. They are presented in different languages, so they must be able to read them all. The document needs to be legible and correctly written out. There should not be any improper punctuation, misspelling or grammatical errors in the document.

  1. Do Not Use Slang Language

When writing this certificate, you need to keep it formal so that it can be approved by FCDO and other health establishments worldwide. You will also have to write in clear and concise language so that your meaning is conveyed effectively and easily understood by everyone who reads it.

Do not use slang or dialects because they might not make sense to others who don’t speak the same dialect as you.

  1. Print Independently Without Inking Out Issues

When writing this certificate, make sure there are no ink-outs, corrections or scribbles before printing the document.

FCDO cannot read anything on your document, rendering it useless for travelling purposes. If any issues need fixing or rewriting, contact your doctor again for another printout of your medical certificate instead of trying to fix them yourself before printing it out again.

After all, your doctor is the one who is qualified to provide a medical certificate to ensure that the document is considered genuine by FCDO and other health establishments.

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  1. Double Check the Accuracy of Your Certificate Beforehand

One of the most important things you need to do after you receive your printout of the medical certificate is to double-check if it has any mistakes or not. If there are discrepancies, please contact your doctor again and request another printout instead.

Remember: When you travel abroad with a faulty certificate with discrepancies on it, it might cause FCDO and other relevant organisations more problems than they could have ever imagined.

  1. Avoid Making Mistakes in Your Medical Certificate

Before mailing off your medical certificate to the embassy or relevant authorities, you need to check if the information written on your certificate.

Many people who have made mistakes with their medical certificates before have been refused entry at their designated airport. Ensure you don’t make any errors on your document and submit it immediately.

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A foreign national cannot enter Spain without a visa or valid passport. In addition to these documents, you need a medical certificate for a visa in Spain. The certificate verifies your health and shows that you do not have any hostile medical conditions or other diseases that could put the public at risk if you were admitted into the country. Well, worry no more! We are a visa law firm in Spain and will ensure you get your certificate. You only need to book an appointment with us and let us handle the rest. Besides the certificate, we also help you with the legalisation of the documents, help with visa and passport, and translation services. We got you covered!

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