Spanish citizenship by marriage

How to Get Spanish Citizenship By Marriage?

Obtaining Spanish citizenship by marriage is possible. You get citizenship rights, a passport, and the option to maintain permanent residency if you lived in Spain. Citizenship by birthright can happen if you were born in Spain, and your parents are Spanish. As a legitimate citizen of Spain you have voting rights. The Spanish Civil Code is set up to allow one to vote in Spanish elections, to move freely around the country, and even to work within the EU. Foreigners who have lived in Spain for ten years are allowed Spanish citizenship because of the fact they have lived in Spain.

Spanish citizenship by marriage

In order to begin acquiring spanish nationality immigration lawyers have to be consulted. Marrying someone with Spanish citizenship gives you Spanish citizenship. You become a Spanish citizen because you have residency in Spain for one year but only if you marry a Spaniard. You do not need to wait 10-years to officially apply for Spanish citizenship. Spanish citizenship obtained in a legal fashion can bring many expanded career opportunities, lifestyle changes, and the education of your children if you have them. You have to seek the opportunity to have legal residence in Spain.

Entitlement to obtain Spanish nationality by marriage?

These days you only obtain Spanish citizenship by living in a Spanish territory for a year with your spouse, offering proof of cohabitation for a whole calendar year. Spanish citizenship in three years can be obtained by marriage if you want to become a Spanish national as a foreigner regardless of country of origin. You also become an eu citizen as Spain is part of the European Union. Having earned Spanish citizenship, you will be given a Spanish residence permit, passport and ID card with work authorization included. It becomes possible to maintain dual nationality because you have succeeded at living in Spain with your spouse for a year.

It used to be that Spanish citizenship was conferred on someone when they managed to become a citizenship upon marrying a Spaniard. This is how you apply for spanish citizenship today, by looking into required documents. Required documentation is necessary for the Ministry of Justice to evaluate what necessary requirements you have attained to become a Spanish citizen. If you are not initially a Spanish speaker, you have to pass the CCSE and DELE exams. The CCSE exam is the Constitutional and Sociocultural Aspects of Spain also called (Conocimientos Constitucionales y Socioculturales de España).

There are multiple parts to this test including Spanish government, law and citizenship. There is also the Spanish culture, history and society portion. This test is available the last Thursday of every month, except the months of August and December. Each correct answer is one point. Results are obtained within 20 days. You have to have lived in the spanish territory of choice for a year to become a full-fledged Spanish citizen. You get a full passport and a birth certificate of your spouse and the main applicant. You have to pass a criminal background check.

How to accredit Spanish nationality by marriage?

marriage spanish citizenship

Both partners must be registered in the town hall with proof provided of continual coexistence for a year. If you marry outside of Spain, it must be a marriage registered in Spain before the legal application procedure is put together. To have citizenship in spain, you have to make sure that you have lived there for one year with your spouse. You cannot have a civil union or a “pareja de hecho” or be a divorced couple, therefore you must be legally married. You also have to prove a certain element of integration with the Spanish culture. You have to prove you can make money such as € 800 per month

Documentation required for nationality by marriage?

All foreign documentation must be made valid legally in Spain. A Spanish nationality takes two years to be fully documented and processed although the attempt to earn documented citizenship in Spain can be expedited, because a response time is factored into were you live in Spain, taking months after registration is filed and submitted. The application fee is 100€ (Please contact us for the exact price, taxes vary from year to year.) which is nonrefundable. If your application is successful, you need to swear loyalty and take a pledge of allegiance to the King, promising to follow the Spanish constitution including its laws.

In order to successfully get the application through, you have to prove you share an address with your spouse. You also have to submit your marriage certificate with your marriage being formally registered in Spain. What your spouse gets is a citizenship by marriage, although the finalization of this process requires a marriage certificate, a complete passport, NIE, both parties’ birth certificates, a receipt for payment of the application process, current census and historic pardon, current residency permit, any evidence of criminal record, DELE A2, and CCSE certificate. And lastly, it is required to have a document referring to your current financial status.

This is all that is needed to obtain citizenship by marriage. It is not that hard to get citizenship by marriage if you live in Spain, in the same territory for a year and can prove you can make money. Being a Spanish speaker is necessary to prove you can handle the culture and the vote that you get obtaining citizenship by marriage. The United States allows for dual nationality, unless you are from Spanish-American country such as Portugal, Andorra, the Philippines, Equatorial Guinea, or are a Sephardic Jew. You could also get Spanish citizenship as the widower or widow of a Spaniard, although you have to be married before the spouse dies.

The main requirement to get Spanish citizenship

spanish citizenship for marriage

The main requirement to get Spanish citizenship is to reside in Spain for a year while cohabitating with your spouse. Spain requires you give up your other nationality to gain full Spanish citizenship unless you come from a Spanish mother with Spanish citizenship, in which case you retain dual nationality. If you are born to parents with Spanish nationality, you get Spanish citizenship by parentage. You becoming a national because of your parent’s citizenship statuts, in particular if they already live in Spain.

If you are born to non-Spanish parents with at least one parent born in Spain. Some by birth with non-Spanish parents have Spanish citizenship if both have no nationality, thus being a stateless person. A form needs to be submitted at the local Civil Registry near your place of residence can have Spanish nationality conferred on them. There is more than one way to obtain spanish citizenship. Children under the age of 18 who are adopted by a spanish national are considered of Spanish origin, and are able to apply for citizenship within two years after the legalization of adoption.

Spanish nationality is not lost when the Civil Registry has it annulled for whatever reason. There needs to be proven an active attitude of possession of Spanish nationality, which essentially means you must consider yourself Spanish. Having a parent who is a citizen of Spain means that the child has Spanish citizenship conferred to them in an automatic way. If your mother is Spanish, you have Spanish citizenship. If you are born in Spain, you also have Spanish citizenship. Nationality by residence involves living in Spain for more than one year. Refugees need to have residency in Spain for five years.

Other situations to obtain Spanish nationality

Other situations are two years for those from Ibero-American countries. One year of residency is for those born in Spanish territory, people who have not chosen to use their right to Spanish citizenship, by option. Those who have been married to a spanish national for one year, without being legally separated or having a common law separation. However, Spanish nationality can be lost if a citizen of Spain resides abroad using a nationality other than a Spanish one. Some Spanish citizenship can be voluntarily renounced.

citizenship by marriage in spain

Being born in a country other than Spain and reaching the legal age, while you do not declare your wish to preserve your Spanish nationality, can mean you can lose your Spanish citizenship. However, Spanish nationality can be recovered by being a legal resident of Spain before the Registrar of the Civil Registry. To recover a Spanish nationality, one must go to Spanish consulates abroad to deal with any and all citizenship issues. If a marriage dissolves, the partnership is no longer considered legal and the parties applying for Spanish citizenship can lose it. The act of being able to obtain spanish citizenship is really easy if you marry a Spanish person.

Spanish natinoality cannot be lost if you have a Spanish parent. Losing Spanish nationality can occur through divorce, enter the Armed Forces in another State, or proof is found that fraud was utilized to gain a Spanish nationality. Spanish nationality can be recovered if hte person is a legal resident of Spain, althogh this does not apply to children of emigrants. Interest in recovering Spanish nationality must be declared in front of the Consulate where the recovery of nationality must be registered and documented. You have to show both passports to use Dual Citizenship to its fullest. You have to show both passports when entering either Spain or the US.

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