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It is that time in life when you would like to improve your experience by establishing a business and to live in spain. Or you were asked to establish a business branch in Spain. One of the country’s requirements is to secure an identification number. What is nie, what is nie number, and how do I get a nie in spain?

The Foreigner’s Identity Number or nύmero de Identidad de extranjero (NIE) is Spain’s new identification number for foreigners. If you are visiting Spain for a short time, then you will not be required to apply for a NIE.

It Is the Law of Spain

But as a person who lives outside of Spain and is moving to the country for business or other personal issues, then a private tax identification number will be assigned to you. Children and spouses also will be required to receive a foreigner’s identification number for social security reasons and other activities.

In Spain’s Regulations of Organic Rule of April 2000, Article 206, it is a law of the land that identifies the rights and freedom of foreigners in Spain. This is a Spanish Royal Decree that any foreigners who are moving to Spain for business, professional activities, or social activities must be provided a personal sequential number for their identification tax purposes.

The NIE Spain is a law meaning that it is mandatory for any foreigners who plan to live, work, drive and pay taxes in Spain to retain this identifier. NIE is for expats, Spanish citizens are assigned a “Documento Nacional de Identidad” (DNI) that is personally assigned to them. Basically, any activity in Spain where foreigners must pay taxes will require a Spanish identifier number.

For example, if you wish to buy a property in Spain legally all you need is a número de identificación de extranjero. Since to buy a property is a transaction, your tax identifier number must appear on all your documentation that is issued in Spain.

If you are a citizen of a country that is a member of the European Union (EU), then you should apply for a NIE identifier number (número de identificación de extranjero) within 3 months of arriving in Spain. However, if you are not an eu citizen, then you will eventually need your NIE number when you apply for residency.

Why I Need a Spanish Identifying Number?

You need a NIE Spain for this

  • Apply for a vehicle license
  • Apply to have utilities placed in your Spanish residence or business, i.e., water, electric, phone.
  • To sell or buy a property or conduct any business in Spain
  • To legally be employed or establish a business in Spain
  • To open a bank account
  • To pay taxes in Spain
  • To sign contracts and a mortgage
  • To pay for tariffs on imported goods
  • To study in Spain and more.

Paperwork Needed for an NIE Spain Number

Depending on your location in Spain, your requirements in the application process may be different than the common NIE documentation requested. To learn how to apply for nie in Spain is not a cumbersome process. The common NIE rules for applying are as follows:

  • Apply personally in Spain.
  • Apply personally at a Spanish Embassy in Spain. If you appear at a Spanish Consulate’s office, the Consulate is not the legal authority to issue you a nie number in spain. The Spanish Consulate only serves as a buzón de correos (postal box) between the applicant and the authorized authorities in Spain.
  • Apply through a representative in Spain.
  • Apply at a Spanish police station where many “oficinas de extranjeros” (immigration offices) are located.

You must first make an appointment with an online spanish consulate before appearing in person. Please do not just show up for nie without an appointment like you can probably do in your original country.

Because if you do, you will not be seen. Another tip during this process is that the form must be downloaded and filled out in Spanish. You can not apply for a spanish nie card online.

Documentation Process for NIE Spain

To apply for an nie, prepare two copies of the application form or certificate (Ex-15). The two copies must consist of an original and a photocopy. The Ex-15 form is a short 2-page application form that will ask you for your name and other personal information, including an address in Spain. A nie for EU citizens is an investment in your future in a land of beauty and history.

Its main purpose is to ask you to state the reason why you are applying for an NIE Spain number. For non-European Union citizens you will need to supply your passport. Spain is more interested in the page that features your name, photo, passport number, and address.

For non-European Union citizens, you must supply the above documentation plus your passport in its entirety, plus a photocopy of it. You must also supply proof of your legal entry into Spain like a landing card or a “declaractiόn de entrada. Also, as a non-EU citizen you must provide proof of health insurance in spain for nie as part of your process to receive this vital certification.

As a non-European Union citizen you must pay a NIE Spain number tax fee around 10.71 euro. On the application form it will identify that you must bring the tax amount to a bank with Form 790.

The bank will give you a receipt (resguardo). Take the receipt to the location where you had your appointment. Depending on the locale, you can receive your NIE Spain card number on the spot but don’t be surprised if it takes up to 4 or 5 days.

NIE Card

Your nie card spain will be white in color in an A4 paper size. Your spanish nie number consists of a letter at the beginning and at the end with 7 numbers in between.

Also, like a driver’s license, your NIE identification card will have your photo and your birth date. What is important to note is that NIE Spain is not to establish a residency in Spain, but it will help you apply for utilities or establish a bank account.

How Long Can I Keep My Spanish Identification Certification?

How long does a Spanish nie number last? This is a good yet confusing question. Here is why. If you had received your NIE Spain number prior to 2016, then there was an expiration timeframe. But the NIE Spain identification number system today does not have any expiration associated with it.

For these reasons applying for a nie spanish identifier is an investment. Hopefully, your Spanish experience will be enhanced by the country’s beauty and you never want to leave. But in any case, once you have your legal and tax nie spanish identification number, you have it for life.

Once you have a number assigned by the National Police it is permanently yours. No, you never need to renew your personal NIE Spain legal and tax identification number.

Third Parties

Living in Spain would be an exciting life experience. Spain’s economy has rebounded and its healthcare system is one of the best in the world. With its healthy climates amid its gorgeous beaches and varied islands, Spain is now a welcoming country.

If you need help in applying for a NIE Spain certificate, the Spanish Government recognizes a third party to help you obtain your número de identificación de extranjero or NIE number. The website are immigration lawyers who will work to help you obtain an NIE card.

This experienced legal team will provide legal assistance through the nie application form and the nie number in spain. They also provide help with residency visa documentation for individuals and families to become a resident in spain and investment visas (golden visa).

Simply authorize them to handle the whole step by step process for you. Grant them a “poder” or your power of attorney and you are on your way to receiving your nie number in spain.

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