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¿Where to retire in Spain? Choosing the perfect retirement destination depends on several factors, including lifestyle, preferences, and affordability. Spain provides a wide range of retirement options, showcasing its rich culture, art, Spanish traditions, charming small towns, picturesque coastal strips, and vibrant cities. Once you have a clear vision of your ideal retirement, it is beneficial to create a list of your preferences. This list will guide you in making the best possible decision. Our expertise lies in helping you find villas or houses that align with your budget and personal taste. Additionally, we specialize in drafting contracts for home purchases.

Spain boasts numerous exceptional places to retire after years of hard work. Among these options, you will discover the best places to retire in Spain by the sea, the finest coastal Spain cities in Spain to retire, and the most sought-after retirement villages in the country. Whether you’re an expat or a local, we can assist you in determining where to retire in Spain based on your unique needs and desires.

One of the reasons why Spain remains a favorite retirement destination for many foreigners is the exceptional quality of services it offers, including efficient transport systems, a robust healthcare system, and a rich and diverse cultural heritage. Attracting a large expat community, Spain warmly welcomes retirees seeking the best places to spend their post-work years. That’s why Spain is one of the best places to retire, now we are going to show you the best places to retire in Spain.

Best places to retire in Spain in 2024

Some of the best place to retire in Spain considering the cost of living, safety, healthcare, retirement visas and pensions are:

Javea, beautiful place to retiring in Spain

best place to retire in spain
best place to retire in spain

Javea is one of the best place to retire in Spain, found in Costa Blanca has been given the name the Pearl of the Region by many. Javea is a good destination for anyone looking for a cool climate given courtesy of the Montgo Massif Mountain. For anyone looking for a traditional escape coupled with a beachside lifestyle the Xabia as Javea is also known as is the best choice.
For anyone interested in English speaking neighbors such as British expats who make the local population then Javea should be the reason for living in Spain for that retirement period.

Remember that as a British national you can register s1 form in Spain to get free public health care.

Malaga City, my best place to retire

Malaga on the Costa del sol is quite rich in history as one of the oldest town in Europe with nice beaches, adequate sunshine, annual festivals and lively art scenes. This is as a result of its Andalusian culture which attracts many visitors from all over the world and around Spain to come witness.
The city boasts of efficient transport links which enable residents and visitors alike to traverse anywhere. It boasts of the warmest winter in the whole of Europe. It has shops and restaurants that are very suitable for anybody thinking of making Spain their new home.

See our post about retiring in Malaga.

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Marbella, retiring in this beautiful city

Marbella is the best place to retire in Spain. It is known for its glamour. It is found in Malaga Province in Costa del sol and has got beautiful sceneries such as 26 km of Mediterranean coast, top notch golf courses, and it is overlooked by Sierra Mountain.
If your choice is a good lifestyle appeal, then move to Spain. Witness the mega yachts in the elite port town of Puerto Banus, designer boutiques, and Michelin star eateries all blended with a modern touch and historical eras.

Torrevieja, popular site among Spanish retirees

best place to retire in spain
pitfalls of retiring to spain

Torrevieja town is found in Alicante province. It has gained popularity because of retiring expat community who see the Spanish town as the best destination for summer holidays. The town can be traced back to 1803 and is rich in climate and Salt Lake making it one of the best place to retire in Spain.
It is said that if the locals love it then it is a good place. Torrevieja is flocked by Spanish retirees making it the best destination for foreigners too.

Alicante, Best places to retire in Spain

best place to retire alicante
best places to live in Spain by the sea

This is the best place to retire in Spain. Due to its coast line which offers that much relaxing beach lifestyle which comes with almost an year amount of sunshine. Alicante is a cosmopolitan area with almost everything that any retiree needs such as beautiful sceneries from its beaches, shops and magnificent nightlife moments.

Mijas, best place to retire in Spain for British retirees.

best place to retire
best place to retire in spain

Mijas is in the Province of Malaga full of Andalusian culture in the Southeastern coast of Spain. Mijas is one of the best place to retire in Spain because of its white architecture as a result of the white washed villages on the slopes of Sierra de Mijas.
Experts from European countries and from all over the world love Mijas because of its climate which is semi-tropical because of the sea. It is usually warm and hot from May to October.
The view around Mijas is gorgeous judging from its many white houses and green pines making the town very famous and recognizable. Mijas has its place in history as the birthplace of donkey-taxi.Basically you can enjoy rides in carts pulled by donkeys and climbing on their backs.

Mallorca Island, best place to retire in Spain for German retirees..

best place to retire in Mallorca
retirement communities in spain

Mallorca Island is no doubt among the league’s of the best places to retire in Spain. The fact that it is an island makes it suitable for retirees who want a change from that city life. It has got beautiful scenery, amazing nightlife, excellent shopping scene, lively real estate market and sandy beaches.
If you are looking for a peaceful environment and a perfect climate to relax and enjoy that retirement benefit then Mallorca has got you covered.

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Orange Blossom Coast

The orange blossom coast has some nice sandy beaches which runs five miles making the area a destination worth retiring in. One gets to witness the traditional Spanish villages and the beautiful beaches with gorgeous resorts.
Known also as Costa del Azahar. It is located in Castellon province just an hour’s drive from Valencia and it comprise 120 km of magnificent coves and sandy beaches. The coastal strip has the perfect weather in the whole of Spain, very affordable in terms of cost and the communities there are very welcoming not to forget majority are expats speaking English.
The population around the Orange Blossom Coast is scarce making the area very peaceful. One gets to also experience quality time without the commotion and noisy environment of the normal city life.

Costa Dorada

The Costa Dorada is found in the south of Barcelona and is commonly referred to as the golden coast. It offers the best scenery for anybody looking for a relaxation and comfort because of the beaches and the local population who are very stylish.

Costa Brava, place to retire in spain!

If you doubt what Costa Brava has to offer then look for the painting o Salvador Dali. The painting depicts the area’s marvelous landscape. The coast runs north to the French border from Barcelona with good atmosphere and welcoming and friendly people.

Madrid, the capital of Spain

Best places to retire in Spain
cheapest places to retire in spain

This capital city of Spain is rich with a lot of niceties that anybody thinking of that perfect getaway should consider, from the rich culture, nightlife experience and amenities Madrid will always remain a choice to many.
If you are still contemplating on an ideal retirement destination in Spain, the Spanish city should be the perfect choice. This is because of its high quality life. Madrid offers one more than they ask for. Due to its life expectancy rate which is the highest in Spain, excellent infrastructural developments such as transport links and the fact that the area also has a lot of English speaking community. Retirement in Madrid averages 22 years making it the second longest in the whole of Europe, so why not try Madrid.

Barcelona, best places to retire in spain for expats, good place for retirement in Barcelona

Barcelona city is one of the best places to retire in Spain. It is very rich in modern architecture plus its many tourist attractions. It attracts tourists from all over the world to come and witness and enjoy what the sunny seaport has to offer.

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Located at the back of Sierra Nevada Mountains, the area boasts with excellent fairy-tale ambience, culture, and flamenco music. This makes the area very conducive for the retirement plan.

Bilbao, it’s a good place for retirement

Bilbao boasts of many inhabitants who flock it because of its tourist attractions such as the museums and well cut out infrastructural developments which any person thinking of retiring to Spain will definitely not ignore.
It is located in the Basque country and retirees who do not want that beach life can opt for Bilbao. The area has short summers meaning people do not have to feel the heat that is associated with the coasts. Here one gets to experience the best quality healthcare in Spain and quite a number of English speaking communities.

Asturias, Best places to retire in Spain

This area around the north western part of Spain is surrounded by a rugged coast line and the Picos de Europa National Park snow peaks. Anyone with an interest in cold weather should think of Asturias as their destination.

Canary Islands, best place to live in spain with arthritis

Canary Island is the closest Island to the African continent, it was established in the year 1982 and it forms part of the Spanish provinces of Las Palmas and Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
The island’s temperatures are warm with small seasonal variations due to its sub-tropical climate. The island is vibrant with visitors, making it the choice of many including people shopping for retirement destinations.
Its beautiful scenery of beaches, mountains, and tourist attractions such as National parks makes it the perfect destination for people looking for relaxation and peaceful environments.

Costa Blanca, best places to retire in spain by the sea

The white coast as it is known in English is one of the best destinations to both domestic and foreign tourists; the area has got lively atmosphere and good beaches. The area is known for fishing, resorts, old-town kernels and marvelous nightlife.
Costa Blanca is preferred by many because of what it offers in terms of the serene environment because of weather conditions that are conducive and limestone crags which have made the area good for climbing.

What should you check when looking for a retirement place?

Look for a Spain guide because I am sure you have a variety of destinations that you wish to settle in. We have a guide to save you the trouble of having to wonder where the areas we have mentioned are located. The guide will assist you to arrive at a decision on you future retirement home.
When planning, it is prudent to have a budget in mind. This will inform the best place to retire in Spain. We have a variety of houses or villas and apartments that are very competitive in the market. We shall be able to assist you make a decision and also assist you to make that contract when purchasing a house.
We specialize in understanding your needs so that we can make sure you get value plus satisfaction so as you plan to retire contact us for that expert advice on the best place to retire in Spain.

Wondering how much it costs to retire in Spain?

Retiring in Spain is very cheap than most European countries. This was confirmed by Forbes on their piece of best places to retire. According to Forbes it takes only 1,500 pounds per month to retire without much problems because of their rental and property prices which are cost friendly unlike other countries.
Spain can offer less that 1,500 pounds per month if one chooses to live a way from the big cities with average lifestyles. You got to love Spain also from the fact that among European countries they have good healthcare systems and very low crime rate.
For British citizens who wish to retire in Spain, they have to give a notice to UK government offices that are concerned with tax and pension if retiring abroad. British citizens have a variety of options laid out for them such as:

  • Spanish and UK State Pension for those who worked in Spain which is gotten from Instituto Nacional de la Seguridad Social
  • UK State Pension
  • Pensions from other EU countries in case you worked there.

Can a US citizen retire in Spain?

If any citizen of the world can retire in Spain, they only have to apply for one of the visas, e.g. golden visa, non lucrative visa… Finally choose the best place to retire in Spain!

We’ve got you covered for retirement in Spain

Our law firm has specialized in clients who have a desire to retire in the best areas around Spain. We offer them quality services in terms of advice, options, and contract making.
Many Spanish cities have international airport making traveling quite easy as you can access the rest of the world from any destination that you choose. Don’t doubt the fact that the best places to retire in Spain are very many each with their own unique features and experiences.So just contact us to do the hard work for you as you retire.
There are a lot of places that you can retire to in Spain.We have put the listings for you so that you can make your own decision.Retirement place does not have to be hard especially now that you have already worked, so just sit back and allow us reciprocate for your years of service.

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  1. Gisela Dale |

    Good day, we are expats and have lived in many countries. As we are Dutch and Australian we are looking for a place to retire in the Costa Blanca. We are looking for a community that likes outdoor sports, such as hiking/cycling/swimming and lawn balls. At the moment we are researching the Javea area. My husband is looking into getting a Dutch passport. Other tips are very welcome. Gisela Dale

  2. Brendia S. Jamnicky |

    I’m a US citizen and from the state of TEXAS. I’m retired and divorced with 3 cats. What are the regulations with bringing in cats to Spain?
    Would like a region that is not too hot. Would also need good health and dental care in the area. I’m 73 years old, but in good health.

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      I am 65+ and would like to learn more

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    I am retired and looking to move to Spain I am a widower
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  4. Connie Rawlings |

    I’m looking for a place to retire. I like to sail… sm not interested in laying on the beach & have a health issue which requires that I avoid the highest UVA & UVB rays. Where is the best place to retire where there’s a sailing community… I do not want to purchase a sailboat, Howe would love to sail with like-minded US ex-Pat’s. Suggestions?

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  5. Eve Bowtell |

    My husband and myself are considering retiring to Spain next year so we’re looking to see how to go about it ,I am 68 this year and he is 67 this year he is still working full time but I have retired ,I have suggested we look around at various areas to see which would suit us the best ,I am just wanting a few pointers to see if we meet the criteria .Regards Eve Bowtell

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  6. Lionel Velez |

    For us, the biggest challenge is not about moving to Spain. We are 60-something, and the biggest challenge for us is meeting new people and making new friends. There are cities in Spain that might be great places to visit but are rather inadequate places to live because the social norms and hierarchies amongst the population are already established, and thus difficult for newcomers to incorporate themselves into the community. What cities or places in Spain would be the most age-appropriate for our age group? And, of course, as newcomers to the country, we will need legal advice to navigate the Spanish legal system to buy property, residency requirements, wills, and testaments, as well as all of the other assistance people of our age, require. Thanks in advance for the assistance.

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  7. Julian |

    Thinking about to retire (2023) in Spain and having dual citizenship and passports, Canadian and UE country passport respectively, which one is best to use to retire in Spain?
    Thank you,

    1. Anna |


      It depends on the area you prefer… Many British people are now retiring to the Costa del Sol in southern Spain. Also in the area of Denia, Javea… near Valencia. It all depends on your taste, the whole Mediterranean coast is an ideal place to retire.


  8. Garry Shillingford |

    I have a drink drive (last year morning after) will this be a problem for me and my wife retiring to spain

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    It would be nice to see some of the comments above answered, especially the not yet ready for a couple of years

  10. Heather |

    I am a UK citizen and my husband has an EU Irish passport. Can I apply for a Spanish visa through him? He will be retiring; and I will continue to work for a global Company which allow me to work anywhere in the world. Are you able to advise if this is possible? Thank you

    1. Anna |


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  11. Robert D. Vinson |

    My wife and I wish to retire to Spain but it is a bit soon. We are thinking of moving there in 3-5 years but we feel it is a good idea of starting to do some research now. We think perhaps Costa da Brava would be our preferred location but we have one big reservationin that we do not speak Spanish and have little desire to learn it. I am fluent in French as well as my native English. We feel that a law firm such as yours would be a large help in successfully settling in Spain.

    1. Anna |


      We can help you through the whole process so that you can retire in the best place in Spain.


    2. Anne-Marie Smith |

      I’ve lived in the Costa Brava, Girona, for thirteen years. Myself and my husband learnt Spanish before we came out and then had Catalan lessons (the language most widely spoken in Catalunya) Those in the service industry mostly speak English but dealing with services and trades you need to speak at least some of the language and to integrate into the community if you don’t make the effort you will find it quite a lonely existence. There is less of a Brit expat community here no large British enclaves exccept of course in the summer in the larger resorts with tourists.That’s not to say you have to be fluent but the ability to communicate will make your life easier and more enjoyable. There are lots of free courses here for Catalan run by the local councils and if you dont plan to come for a few years you have plenty of time to do either online or night school courses to get yourself to a level that you can get by with. It really is a very easy language to learn the basics and Catalan does have quite a few French elements so that should be even easier.

  12. Douglas Cristofo |

    We would like to retire in Spain, and we have a few cities of interest in the Costa del Sol region. We appreciate learning what you can do for us.

    1. Anna |

      Hi Douglas,

      One of our lawyers will contact you to explain all the process for retired in Spain.


  13. Emma Baker |

    Recently i have heard that if i was to go and live in spain that eventually when i am legiable to get my uk pension i would not receive all of it, this is true,?

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      one of our lawyers should be in contact with you shortly for your questions about retirement in Spain.


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      We would like to retire in Spain, this purchase a home.


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