Best places to live in Spain

Spain has been one of the most popular expat destinations for a long time. You may want to know which cities are ideal for establishing a new home away from home if you’re coming to Spain as a stranger. There’s a lot to consider in Spanish cities, from the typical living costs to things to do in your free time before moving to Spain. This article involves the best places to live in Spain for families. The list involves the safest cities in Spain. Life in Spain, especially in the major cities, is generally good due to the many job opportunities. from big cities with public transport to a port city like canary islands, every expat destination offers a unique Spanish culture.

If you are looking for the best places to retire in Spain, here is the complete post.

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If your country is not part of the European Union you can still enjoy these places, the only thing you will need is to obtain a Spanish visa, some visas are the non lucrative visa, golden visa or the self-employment visa.

Best places to live in Spain

Here you can enjoy our list of the best places to live:

1. Barcelona

best place to live in spain Barcelona

Barcelona is one best places to live in Spain. The average cost of meals is not costly in Barcelona. For instance, food costs vary from €7 to €20 since lunch is often cheaper than supper. If you want to eat but don’t want to spend too much, here are some ideas for excellent places to dine on a budget.
Barcelona is a wonderful location to live, honestly. In addition to its numerous sites, activities, and events, most visitors value the lifestyle and quality of life. This will allow you to see the city and the sea with your family. from the available amenities and international schools, it is one of the best places for Americans to live in Spain

2. Madrid

best place to live in spain madrid

Madrid is a cultural, economic, and world-renowned nightlife center. Tourist attractions, as well as many other historical and architectural sites, are attractive.
Madrid showcases the Spanish city’s wide range of history, art, cuisine, fashion, and nightlife. The city has one of the greatest Spanish and Latin American art collections in Europe and its museums and galleries. This makes Madrid one of the best places to live in Spain
Madrid is one of the cheapest capitals in Europe, ideal for a budget traveler, eating, drinking, and getting about without much expenditure. if you are looking for a city to live in, Madrid and Barcelona are the leading expat areas in Spain
Living in Madrid may not be the most costly way to move to Spain. Other cities, such as Barcelona or Sebastian, are equivalent or even more costly. However, while Madrid is not always the cheapest choice, it certainly offers a good quality of life.

3. Malaga

best place to live in spain

TOURISTS are quite fond of Malaga, especially those who wish to retire to Spain and those who want to work and live in Spain. Like many famous Spain’s southern coast locations, Malaga is mostly appreciated for its pleasant temperature, excellent cuisine and drink, and leisurely lifestyle. However, Malaga airport, which is the third biggest in the nation, has amazing beaches and high-quality public transit are additional major advantages of residing in this region, making it also one of the best places to live in Spain
Malaga is also one of Spain’s cheapest locations to live. For example, the average rental price in London is 195% more than in Malaga. This reduced cost of living may provide those who choose to relocate to the country with much greater access to a better life. Costa del Sol is a renowned tourist destination near Malaga because it boasts a coastline full of excellent beaches and an amazing all-year-round temperature.
The British population in Malaga is comparable to that in Alicante, where between 19.300 and 90.463 individuals work, retire or study in the region.
Malaga is one of the best places to live in Spain as an expat. the place has developed to host many expat communities in Spain

4. Alicante

best place to live in spain benidorm

In the south of Spain, one of the most popular places to relocate to is the town and neighborhood of Alicante. This is owing to its more inexpensive nature and the lovely weather all year round. The city is famous for its beautiful palm trees, commercial avenues and boulevards, magnificent sandy white beaches, and ancient monuments.
Living in the city is one of Spain’s cheapest locations. Indeed, compared with the more expensive alternatives such as Barcelona, where the rental costs are an average of 105% higher and food items 8% higher each day, it is obvious that you can spread your money much more widely in this city.
Alicante’s popularity is evident from the number of expats who came to the region and called it home. The possibility of expat residency in the region varies from 6.5 to 30.5 percent, showing that it is a great location to live in Spain for us, the British expats.

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5. Seville

best place to live in spain sevilla

Seville has a lively culture and a vivid history. The city makes it to the list as one the best place to live in Spain as an expat
This Spanish village with Moorish architecture is ideal for expatriates who seek a slower-paced lifestyle without many visitors traveling all month long. This Spanish town is also ideal for expats who desire both, between beach and mountains.
Seville is very accessible for a stroll, particularly the old town with its small alleys and narrow shops and cafés. Triana, the ancient part of the town, is also extremely pedestrian-friendly and offers a lot to explore on foot compared to the most contemporary section of the city.
Seville is usually a fairly secure town, but be cautious. Violent crime is all but non-existent, and much of the city is completely secure at all hours of the day. But little crimes like pickpocketing occur, particularly in busy areas of tourism.
Unlike most of Spain’s famous cities, Seville is situated from the beach near the south shore to enjoy the pleasant weather. Living in the city is comparable to Alicante and Málaga in terms of expenses and has considerably lower costs than the rest of the nation.

6. San Sebastian

best place to live in san sebastian

San Sebastian is a famous town in Spain’s Gipuzkoa area. Although the warmer weather in the south does not always benefit from the city, it provides an unbelievable quality of life, making it one of the best places to live in Spain
Sometimes called a Mini Paris, the city has amazing architecture and is steeped in history. The ancient city center has the record for having the greatest concentration of bars globally, for those who enjoy a drink or two.
The area of Gipuzkoa is very popular with expatriates, although not as big as in Alicante and Malaga.

7. Granada

best place to live in spain granada

Since you know this town because it contains one of its wonders: the Alhambra, a UNESCO World Heritage site, without being there, you can’t leave Spain. It is beneficial to be able to examine all the remains of the Arab civilization.
But in Granada, you may discover much more. Mountains border the town to the north, where walking enjoys magnificent views and the beaches to the south a few kilometers distant. Both worlds are the greatest as this is also one of the best places to live in Spain
There is a reason why students prefer to be the city they graduate from here since it is one of the best places to live in Spain as a student. And that’s simple: the atmosphere is really happy and vibrant.
Granada is an inexpensive town to live in, too. It may thus become the ideal base you can utilize to explore any other southern area of the nation.

8. Bilbao

best place to live in spain

Bilbao never focused much on the Spanish lifestyles of expatriates, but it is now moving from typical expats to areas that are less known and a little exotic. This shift is a great illustration of Bilbao. This is also one of the best places to live in Spain

Bilbao is on the less popular northern shore facing the Atlantic, so the sunlight and the wonderful temperature of Spain’s Mediterranean towns are not eternal.
On the positive side — there are much fewer tourists and expatriates than in Southern Spain.
Bilbao is the Basque country’s capital. Just as Barcelona comes to Bilbao, it means experiencing another face of Spain, another culture, another layer of Spain’s wide variety.
Bilbao saw its expatriate populations increasing as more foreigners learn about and appreciate what this wonderful nation has to offer.
The Basque nation and Bilbao are rich areas. This will not be the first option for expatriates seeking cheaper lifestyles – Bilbao is Spain’s fifth-largest city.
The concept of retirement city lifestyles is excellent for professionals, families, and people who shy away from the more heated centers like Barcelona or Madrid.
Bilbao is a lively town on the banks of the River with a strong industrial history and contemporary architectural current. Ancient industries and shipyards are located side by side with state-of-the-art architectural creations, one of which is the titanium-clad Guggenheim museum on a regenerated waterfront.
The ancient city is filled with excellent pubs, and the cuisine is amazing. You soon get used to strolling around the city’s seven streets from bar to bar.
The wine will not deceive you either. The nearby Navarra area has created a booming Rosé wine business, which in Bilbao costs 1€ a glass.
Bilbao may not be the largest city in Spain, but some serious rock music is great about it.
The city boasts the largest covered market in the world with all sorts of products available. So, Bilbao will be your heaven if you are a connoisseur of excellent cuisine.
Bilbao has various types of businesses, from traditional highway shops along the Gran Via, contemporary shopping centers, and high-end shops surrounding Plaza Moyúa to little boutiques and art shops in the historic center.
The Bilbao region has several premium surfing beaches and is not overrun by enthusiastic surfers from all over the globe.
Several medieval towns around Bilbao, including cathedrals, basilicas, shrines, or convents dating back to various eras, provide amazing experiences for religious people and tourists. The cities with their small paved streets, beautiful squares, and colorful homes are very beautiful locations to visit.

You will have to select what region of the nation you would like to reside in before organizing removals to Spain and beginning your new life abroad. Much as we see in the UK, where you reside, all elements of your life may be of great importance. Real estate agencies say that reduced prices are currently a good opportunity to invest in primary Spanish property in Costa Blanca due to the Covid-20

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