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What it Takes to be a Spanish Foreign Exchange Student

Spain has an excellent academic reputation dating back many years. Students from around the world flock to the country to achieve academic excellence. That is, they come from the US, Canada, and the EU/EEA to study in Spain.

What are the requirements to study academics in Spain? The rules are different if you are a student coming from the EU/EEA. For these students, there is no need for a student visa Spain. But if you are coming from the US, Canada, or another nation, you will need to apply for a Spanish student visa.

What is the Charge for a Student Visa Spain?

Spain charges a flat rate for all its student visas. These will vary depending on the home country of the student. They are as follows.

  • US Students: $160
  • Students from Canada: $95
  • Students for all other Nations: $67

What is a Student Visa Spain?

A student visa Spain is an authorization from the Spanish government to study, work or train as a foreign exchange student for longer than three months. Remember if you are a student from the EU or Switzerland, you will not need a Spanish student visa.

There are several types of Spanish student visas. Students must apply at a consulate or an embassy. They must present much paperwork when submitting the Student Visa Spain application. Before the student can apply, they must first apply to and be accepted in a program within Spain.

Students Studying Less Than Three Months

Those students coming from the EU or Switzerland will not need a student visa Spain. The above is only true if the student is planning on being in Spain for less than three months. If a student from Switzerland or the EU is planning on being in Spain for more than three months, they will have to apply for a Spanish student visa.

All other students should consider applying for a visa from near their home. There are Spanish embassy’s and consulates in every home nation. These students should first think of going to the embassy or consulate before arriving in Spain.

Students Studying Between Three and Six Months

Those students wanting to stay in Spain between three and six months may want to apply for a student visa called a short-term student visa. A short-term visa may not be extended for any reason.

Students who are applying for a short-term visa are those who want to study the Spanish language and other courses that will take longer than three months but shorter than six.

Students Studying More than Six Months

Those students who will be staying in Spain longer than six months will need to apply for a residence card at the Spanish immigration office within thirty days of arriving in Spain.

The visa application process for a long term student is much different than for a student intending to stay less than six months. Part of the student visa application will include the applicant submitting a medical certificate as well as paperwork certifying no criminal record history.

What are Student Visa Spain Requirements?

Besides the official acceptance letter from the program you are intending to study, you will need other documents to apply and get a visa from Spain. These include the following.

  • Two student visa Spain applications. These will need to be completed and signed before your meeting.
  • Two color photos of the student. These must be of US Passport size and they must be recent.
  • If you are immigrating from the US from another country initially, you must have your US Green card, valid US student visa, or work permit. Both the copy and original will suffice.
  • You will need your acceptance letter from a Spain university or college.
  • Details of the studies you intend, including hours of the week.
  • Students must also show the Spanish government they have the means to support themselves while in Spain. That means they have the funds to get back home and support themselves during the duration in Spain. The Spanish consulate requires a minimum of $600 for every month of the student’s stay.
  • You must provide information about where you will be staying during your studies in Spain.
  • Finally, you must provide a clean criminal background check. The term student must have an official copy of their records from their home nation. For instance, in the US, one must go through the Department of Justice to get these records.

When and Where you Want to Apply for your Spanish Student Visa

  • So, you have been accepted into a university in Spain, now what? You will need to contact the Spanish embassy or consulate near your hometown. They will be able to tell you the documents you will need to bring with you when you apply for obtaining a student visa. The documentation will vary depending on where you live.
  • In some areas, the consulate requires you to make an appointment for delivering the necessary documents for the visa. Others will allow you to walk in and drop off the paperwork.
  • It is recommended that you leave the paperwork with the consulate as soon as possible. The consulate will need time to process the documents. The processing time can take between two weeks and three months. On the consulate website, there should be an exact estimate for your visa application.

Working is Spain with a Student Visa

Students who are part of a foreign exchange program are permitted to work part time with their visa for Spain. The Spanish government has strict rules and regulations regarding foreign exchange students who work as part of their studies in Spain.

The job must not exceed twenty hours per week. Also, the job must not interfere with the students’ studies while in Spain. The students’ work in Spain must not exceed the stay for the student’s studies. The student can’t exceed their visa for working in Spain.

Before a student may take a position in Spain, the employer must get a permit allowing the student to work. The employer should apply for a work permit at the Foreign Office in Spain. The working permit should specify how many hours per week the student will be working, what the job will entail, and the dates of duration for the job.

If the employment period is part of the student’s studies like an internship, the employer will not need to obtain a working permit before allowing the student to work. That is, there are no rules for this type of job.

If a student does consider a full-time job, the student will not be permitted to work in Spain at the job for more than 90 days. The student should know that the work hours are not allowed to overlap with school hours.

What are the Language Requirements for Studying in Spain?

One might think all courses in a Spanish college are to be taught in the Spanish language. That is not the case, though. Many of the universities will offer degrees taught exclusively in the Spanish language. Students desiring to be in one of these programs must show they are proficient in the Spanish language.

To show proficiency in the Spanish language, students are required to take a test. These are not just any tests. There are only some types of tests that are accepted to show the student has a firm grasp of the Spanish language. The most widely accepted test for Spanish proficiency is the Diploma de Espanol Como Lengua Extranjera.

Other than Spanish language courses, there are English language degree programs. An English language degree program is one taught exclusively in the English language. Students will have to choose between a program taught in Spanish or English.

Either way, a student must prove they can read and understand English well enough to survive in the English taught courses. That is, if they are coming from a non-native English-speaking area, they must take a proficiency test. Unlike the Spanish proficiency test, there is more than one acceptable English-speaking test. The accepted tests are as follows.

  • PTE Academic
  • C1 Advanced

What is AXA, and How Can They Help?

AXA is an organization that provides international students studying in Spain an opportunity to have international health insurance. They write policies for 180 days. The insurance policies written by AXA are not meant to be long term. They are, however, meant to satisfy the insurance requirements of the Schengen visa for Spain. That is a student on the Schengen visa must carry health insurance to be permitted to study in Spain. When you take out a health policy from AXA, you are in good hands. The policy will cover you in Spain. When it is likely that the policy in your home nation will not cover your medical expenses while in Spain.

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  1. Emmanuel Alejandro Huitron |

    I want a student visa to study in October

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    I want to study agriculture in Spain, more specifically in Murcia. How can I apply for a student visa? Could you help me and arrange it with my agricultural school?

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  3. Michael Herrmann |

    Im living in Melbourne Australia and would like to study in Spain for 7 months.
    What are my first steps to obtaining a student visa?
    Do I need to provide flight and accommodation details? Or just a letter from the course?
    Is it best to contact the embassy in Canberra as the Melbourne office doesn’t even answer phone calls?

    1. Anna |


      One of our lawyers will contact you to answer your questions about Student visa in Spain.


  4. Sandra |

    Hi My daughter is going to Study at IE Segovia we need to apply for her visa but I cant find any link to make an appointment at the Houston consulate

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  5. Elwin |

    Hi. I’m a UK citizen looking to study a masters in Barcelona and I’ve read in a couple of places that it’s possible to apply for a student visa once I’m already in Spain. Is this true? Thanks!

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  6. Mariana |

    Hola, mi nombre es Mariana, soy estadounidense pero actualmente estudio en Tijuana, México la carrera de gastronomía. Como parte de mi carrera necesito hacer unas prácticas (internship) de 3 meses (12semanas)en Barcelona. En total estaré 14 semanas en Barcelona, mi pregunta es, que tipo de visa necesito? O cuales son los pasos que debo de seguir?

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    Hello, I am looking to arrange a visa for my girlfriend and i to study in Spain. Can you contact me to have a chat about the process please, thanks Nick

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    Please contact my son Jake Fishman . He is trying to apply for a student visa for Spain. His cell number is XXXXX

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  9. Sheel |

    Hi. I am currently in Gran Canaria and thinking about how I can extend my stay beyond the maximum 90 days permitted. Applying for a language course and a 180-day student visa sounds like a good option. Would appreciate your guidance on whether this would be workable.

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  10. Amber James |

    Can a student at Durham university apply for their Spanish student visa at the Edinburgh Spanish Consulate rather than the London consulate (which is not replying to emails for appointments)?
    Thank you very much for your help.

    1. Anna |

      Hi Amber,

      You should apply for a student visa at the consulate that corresponds to you. If your appointment will not be denied, you can check the consulates of Spain in United Kingdom.

  11. Megan Adelaide Cassel |

    Buenos dias, me llamo megan y soy ciudadana estadounidense. no tengo pasaporte europeo. me gustaria hacer un master a tiempo parcial en espana mientras trabajo journada complete (35-40 horas) a distancia con un contrato de la ONU (el empleador no estando en espana). Es posible? en la pagina del conuslado dice que para sacer el visado de estuidante hay que estudiar tiempo completo pero tiene que haber un visado para mi situacion seguro.

    1. Anna |

      Hola Megan,

      Uno de nuestros abogados le contactara en un unos minutos para explicarle las alternativas para su visado de estudiante en España.

  12. Mark |

    I want to study at a business school in Spain, more specifically in Barcelona, ESADE. How can I apply for a student visa? Could you help me and arrange it with my business school?

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