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Spanish Sworn Translator Content Are you searching for a sworn Spanish translation to support a civil, immigration, academic, or legal application at a Spanish Embassy or in Spain? If so, consider us for professional sworn translation services. We offer excellent customer service, affordable prices, fast turnaround, and above all, the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs certifies us.

Sworn Spanish translations you get from us are recognized by Spanish embassies, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Justice, and other popular institutions like courts, local authorities, banks, and universities.

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Sworn Spanish Translations

If you are in Spain and submitting a non-Spanish official document as part of the official application, then you must hire a sworn translator for certified translation services.

What is a Sworn Translation?

Merely put, it is a certified, official translation that’s acceptable by a legal jurisdiction in most countries. A sworn translator performs it via a precise protocol that varies from one country to another. In most cases, a sworn translation is needed for official documents intended for courts, notaries, public administrations, and universities. For example, if you are to produce a document for Spain organizations and it’s not written in Spanish, you need a Spanish sworn translation.

How to Identify a Sworn Translation

Ideally, a sworn translation will have the following elements:

  • An original or copy of the original text
  • The fully translated text
  • The translator’s oath

All translation pages need to have the translator’s seal and signature. Additionally, the last page should have the sworn translator’s oath at the bottom, affirming that the sworn translation is the original’s faithful and complete replica.

Sworn Translation Definition in Spanish

In Spain, all official translations from English or any other language need a sworn translation. An official sworn translator should get certification from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Sworn translators’ status authorizes them to translate from a particular language into Spanish for use within Spain.

All sworn Spanish translations are accompanied by statements from sworn translators, their stamp, and signature to make them acceptable by all commercial, academic, and government institutions within Spain. So, if you want to provide an official document in Spain and it’s initially typed in English, you must hire an authorized English into Spanish translator.

Legalization Translation and Apostille

The Spanish law is strict regarding sworn translations because most public documents should have a Hague Apostille before undergoing a translation. Also, some documents should contain a legalized signature before any translation process.

A Review of Spain’s Hague Apostille

Several sworn translations may require Hague Apostille authentication. The Hague Apostille is the shortened legalization procedure used by all Hague Convention signatories, including Spain, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Ireland. It attests that a document’s signatory is legitimate in your country. While it’s a large seal containing the European Union flag, you should also translate the Apostille.

Signature Legalization

The Hague Convention only acknowledges signatures of every country’s relevant bodies and people. They include the ministries, superior court of justice, colleges of notaries, etc. However, some documents contain “lower bodies” signatures that necessitate you to validate them before the superior body. In such a case, you need to request the local authorities to legalize the signature before any process.

Do You Require the Hague Apostille?

Well, you don’t need it if the authority has not mentioned it. However, the best thing is to inquire from the organization demanding the sworn translation as this matter is quite unclear and unpredictable.

How do I get Certified to Translate in Spanish?

As said above, Spain is strict when it comes to regulating translations. For instance, the Spanish Ministry of Affairs appoints certified translators, and they are popularly known as Traductores Intérpretes Jurados. All applicants must pass an examination, sign up for their signature, and apply for an official ID to become certified translators. In Spain, certified translators act as public officials. They are the only group approved to verify that the sworn translation they seal and sign is an authentic and complete original copy.

Are You a US Student Willing to Study in Spain?

If so, you will be required to produce an academic certificate and grades certificate in Spanish. While you can do that in the US, it would be sensible to opt for the safest option, which is getting a Spanish translation service in Spain. This way, it minimizes the rejection odds by the local authorities.

Documents that Require a Sworn Translation

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Some of the documents that require translation by an official sworn translator include:


  • Academic certificate
  • University degree
  • Grades certificate
  • Baccalaureate Diploma


  • Birth certificates
  • ID/Passport
  • Marriage certificates
  • Driver’s license
  • Death certificates
  • Criminal record certificate
  • Family record book
  • Medical certificates

Public Attorney

  • Meetings
  • Stakeholder’s minutes
  • Company by-laws
  • Articles of incorporation
  • Bequests and wills
  • Mortgages and real property
  • Sale/purchase contracts
  • Powers of attorney


  • Procedural lawsuits
  • Court notifications
  • Burofaxes
  • Judicial proceedings
  • Notifications
  • Judgements
  • Documentary evidence

When are Sworn Translations required?

Sworn translations are compulsory for all official processes performed by the Spanish administration. This necessitates hiring a proficient sworn translator to translate any document written in English or another language.

Spanish Administration doesn’t Understand English

Spain’s official language is Spanish, meaning no institution accepts documents written in other languages unless accompanied by a signed, stamped, and dully legalized sworn translation. So, if you are coming from the US or UK to study in Spain, Spanish universities require you to provide a sworn translation of your academic qualifications.

Let Us Simplify Your Spain Arrival

Here, we offer excellent Spanish translation and interpreting services daily. We will quickly translate your deeds, titles, diplomas, articles of association, annual accounts, affidavits, marriage, birth or death certificates, court notifications, summons, wills, and many other official documents.

How Much Does Sworn Translation Cost?

Here, we offer unbeatable sworn translation prices. Our prices are competitive, so consider checking them out for yourself. We give our customers a standard cost for short documents, such as academic degrees, passports, certificates, etc. On the other hand, Longer documents have their own pricing, which is incredibly cost-effective as we charge per word.

Why Choose Our Spanish Sworn Translation Services

Affordable Pricing

Besides offering sworn translation services for all official documents necessitating certification for Spain, we provide reasonable pricing.

Translations for All Individuals

We are the best option for all individuals that require Spanish sworn translation. Regardless of your translation, we have the ideal solution for you.

Finalize the Process in a Couple of Steps

Our platform makes translation seamless. You will have professional Spanish sworn translations in only a couple of steps. Get started now.

Reliable Services

We are aware that businesses cannot wait, and that’s why we offer reliable services. We are also always available to answer any inquiries you might have.

Emphasis on Confidentiality and Safety

All translators are legally bound by non-disclosure agreements to assure strict confidentiality. Frequent security checks and upgrades make sure every info you give us remains confidential and secure.

Certified Team

We have a huge team certified by the Spanish ministry of foreign affair’s. It means we can offer you legal translations fast. What’s more, our team can officiate and translate several document types.

Who is a Sworn Translator?

In general, sworn translators are “sworn in” translators who work under the perjury penalty, and they ascertain that a specific translation is accurate. In other words, they are officially recognized translators who oversee translation documents. In Spain, sworn translators are known as traductor Jurado.

How is Sworn Translation Different from Official Translation?

Some of these terms can be unclear as people use them interchangeably. Technically, Spain’s Foreign Affairs Ministry is mandated to give sworn translator titles. The title is only used to create sworn translations from foreign language documents in an official process.

A sworn translation needs to be submitted alongside a signature and stamp to guarantee the document’s authenticity and accuracy. When it comes to official translation, it’s just a translation that has been conducted by a translator certified by a recognized language-based organization across the world.

Do I Require a Sworn Translation?

Yes, if you plan to work, learn, or even retire in Spain. A document written in English is not acceptable unless it’s submitted alongside a sworn translation conducted by an authorized translator. Business people and students from the US, UK, or other English-speaking countries often encounter Spain’s stringent measures.

Why choose us for your Spanish sworn translator?

We are a Spanish law firm with more than 10 years of experience. We are specialists in immigration and real estate. We respond in less than 3 hours to all your questions or we schedule a call to resolve all the doubts of the client.

We are experts in obtaining Spanish sworn translator so many clients speak well of us on the internet. If you need help with Spanish sworn translator, contact us!

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    I need a sworn translator-interpreter duly registered in Spain. I will be using this to register my marriage in Spanish Embassy here in London.

    Thank you.

    Kind regards,

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