lucia lagunas reyes

Lucia Lagunas Reyes

Lucia holds a Bachelor's degree in Law from the Public University of Navarra (2012) and specializes in International Business Law from ESADE Law School (2015-2016). She has extensive training and experience in international law, immigration law, commercial law, and real estate law. Her broad international knowledge enables her to provide legal advice to clients from different jurisdictions, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

Furthermore, her perseverance and discipline are evidenced by her achievement of having the best academic record in her graduating class and receiving the HONORS designation for her Law degree (class of 2008-2012).

About the Lawyer

Lucia Lagunas holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law from the Public University of Navarra in 2012. She completed a Master’s in Access to the Legal Profession in 2012-2013 at the same university, and earned a Master’s in International Business Law at ESADE Law School in 2015-2016. She also holds a diploma in Skills and Management for Lawyers (2016).

In addition, she spent her final year of the Law degree program in English in the Czech Republic, achieving the distinction of having the best academic record in her graduating class and receiving the designation of Honors.

Lucia Lagunas possesses extensive international experience, having started her career in Germany, where she acquired valuable international knowledge applied to Spanish and European law. This experience also allowed her to develop essential skills for 21st-century legal practice, such as leadership, negotiation, goal achievement, motivation, and empathy, among others. Her various previous work experiences have exposed her to different professional environments and diverse cultures.

Following her work experience in Germany, she practiced as a lawyer in different law firms in Barcelona and various jurisdictions (Spain and Andorra), which further contributed to her professional development and laid the necessary foundations for embarking on the MySpainVisa project alongside a team of fellow lawyers.

Lucia is currently the Head of the Immigration Department, where all Spanish visas are processed, including golden visas, non-lucrative visas and student visas. Her expertise in immigration law has been instrumental in providing clients with comprehensive legal support in these matters.

Lucia is proficient in Spanish, English, and German.

Bar Association Membership Number of the Illustrious Bar Association of Pamplona: 2572.

Lucia has been mentioned in several websites(The Times , CostaCalidaForum, The Sunday Times).

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