Non-Lucrative visa Spain: Guide NLV Spain 2024

The Spanish non-lucrative visa is a type of Spanish visa available to individuals who wish to reside in Spain without engaging in any gainful activity (work or professional). As of 2024, applicants generally need to show an income exceeding 400% of the monthly IPREM, approximately 2,400€ per month for a single applicant. Additional family members may necessitate an extra 100% of the IPREM each, equivalent to 600€/month.
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The Spanish Non-lucrative visa or also called the Spanish passive visa is a type of visa available to individuals who wish to reside in Spain without engaging in any gainful activity (work or professional). Aimed primarily at non-EU nationals, this visa is ideal for those who have the financial means to support themselves and wish to enjoy an extended stay in Spain. Here is an initial overview of all the requirements for this visa:

Key points for NLV visa Spain

Income requirements in 2024

To apply for this visa, applicants must demonstrate:

  • Minimum income: €2,400 per month (400% of IPREM) for an individual applicant.
  • Additional income: €600 per month (100% of IPREM) for each additional family member.

Benefits of the visa

  • Prolonged residence: Allows an extended stay in Spain without the need to work.
  • Quality of life: Enjoy the Spanish lifestyle and culture without the pressure of employment.

Application process

  • Documentation required: Valid passport, proof of income, medical insurance, etc.
  • Application: Submit the application at the corresponding Spanish consulate.

The non-lucrative visa Spain is the simplest way to come to Spain. But, you have to meet some requirements.

What is a non-lucrative visa Spain?

This visa is a unique residency permit in Spain for non-European citizens. This visa is for people who intend to live in Spain for the long term. With this visa, Spain will not allow you to work.

This visa is the most used visa to live in Spain. It is not necessary to invest in a property in Spain, as is the case with the golden visa. But, the applicant must show they have enough money to live in Spain for at least one year without working.

After the initial year of residence in Spain, individuals renew the visa every 2 years. Then, they renew it for 2 more years. After 5 years, anyone who wants can get permanent residence. After that, anyone who wants to stay can apply for a permanent residence permit in Spain. Also,  this visa allows you to bring family members as long as you have enough money to support them.

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Spanish non-lucrative visa requirements

Certain eligibility criteria must be met to apply for a Non-Lucrative Visa in Spain:

  • Sufficient Economic: Each year, the IPREM updates the figure to support their stay in Spain with funds. In 2024 it is €28,800 per person.
  • No Work or Economic Activity: Proof that you do not work anywhere in the world.
  • Background Evaluation: You must demonstrate that you don’t have a criminal record or that you committed a crime a long time ago. This point can be a bit subjective, depending on the consulate. One of our lawyers would have to assess your situation.

    The main requirements for the non-Lucrative visa are as follows:

    Applicants must show they have enough money to live in Spain. This visa does not allow working in Spain. This is the main rule. The Spanish government does not want to have extra expenses for these people

    Applicants must prove that they have enough money to live in Spain. This visa prohibits working in Spain. This is the main rule. The Spanish government does not want to incur further fees for these individuals.

    Apart from the 28,800 euros required for the main applicant. If you come with relatives, you have to prove 7,200 euros for each relative that comes with you. You have to do this verification at each renewal of your non-lucrative visa and adjust to the IPREM of that year.

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    When you include dependents in your visa application, it’s essential for family members to submit all the mentioned documents. They don’t need to submit proof of financial means. Additionally, different family members require specific documents.

    • Minor Children: Provide the birth certificate issued by the civil registry.
    • Spouse: Include the marriage certificate issued by the civil registry.
    • Partner: foreign documents substantiating an unmarried partnership with the applicant.
    • If you are adding a partner: submit the certificate of registration. It must show that you are an unmarried couple. Also, submit any other document substantiating an unmarried partnership with the applicant.
    • Adult Children: Include documents demonstrating financial dependence. Also, include the adult child’s civil status and proof that they continue to be part of the family unit.
    • Parents: Should submit required documents that confirm their financial dependence. They should also confirm their status as part of the family unit.

    All bank withdrawals abroad must be in euros or in any currency but converted to euros.

    How to prove that you have enough funds to stay in Spain with the non-lucrative visa in 2024?

    You can use various documents to prove your financial means while staying in Spain.

    Among these documents are:

    • Provide bank statements for the last 6-12 months before the application date. The statements should prove your savings. Submit them to the Spanish consulate.
    • You must provide proof of other sources of income. This includes investments, rental incomes, dividends, and pensions.

    For example, you can combine all these. If you have 15.000€ of savings and receive a pension of 15.000€/year you can apply for this visa.

    You need a validation document from your bank to prove the validity of your credit cards. It also proves the value of the property.

    The amount of money requested may be in several bank accounts. Bank statements cannot be more than 6 months old. Finally, the main applicant must have the savings in his or her name or on his or her behalf. Persons claiming to be dependents of the main applicant must provide a marriage certificate or a birth certificate. You must apostille the certificate. Then, a Spanish sworn translator must translate it. This proves their relationship to the main applicant.

    Documents required to apply for a non-lucrative visa application

    spain non lucrative visa approved

    Our lawyers will help you to get a series of documents that you must submit to apply for this visa. They grant the initial visa for ONE YEAR. You must apply for it at the Spanish consulate where you live.

    Below is a list of the main documents required by the Spanish Consulate for a successful visa application.

    Non-lucrative visa application forms in Spanish

    Applicants must complete and sign their visa application forms. Authorities may deny the application if it contains incorrect or incomplete details. The authorities could dismiss the non-lucrative residence permit as a result. The authorities will send written notification to applicants if their Non-lucrative Visa is denied. The notification will outline the grounds for the decision. You have to be very careful in the details you are filling in to avoid mistakes. Our team of lawyers can help you in this whole process to avoid problems. Every year we file over 500 visa applications. All them are successful.

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    • Passport photo

    Applicants must provide a passport photo when applying for a Spain passive income visa. You must have a passport photo with a white background taken by a professional. You cannot submit selfie-type photos. The applicant’s face must be visible and the size of the photo must be 3×4 cm.

    • Your Travel Document

    Visa applicants must have the original and a photocopy of the first page of their passport. Besides, you must submit the original passport’s biometric data page(s) and a photocopy. The passport must be valid. It must have a minimum validity period of 1 year. The application must be issued within the ten years before its submission. Furthermore, the passport must have a minimum of 2 blank pages available for stamping the Spanish visa.

    • Police Clearance Certificate

    Applicants must provide the criminal record certificate, apostilled. We must also translate it into Spanish. A sworn translator recognized by the Spanish Government must translate it. Our team of lawyers can help you with this translation. The applicant must show their criminal record from all the countries they lived in for at least 6 months in the past 5 years.

    • Private Health Insurance

    Applicants for the non-lucrative visa must get private medical insurance. This is the same rule for other Spanish visas. The insurance policy must be individual for each applicant. The visa is individual for each person. The Spanish government does not want to pay extra costs for visa applicants. Private medical insurance has to cover all illnesses. It cannot include any co-payments. Our team of lawyers can help you. They can also connect you with insurance companies recognized by the Spanish Government.

    A private, Spanish insurance company must issue the health insurance for one year or more. You cannot have any extra cost on the insurance policy and you have to pay it one full year in advance.

    British citizens can submit the S1 form. We can help with online registration at the Spanish social security. Instead of getting private health insurance. We can do this before the consulate’s appointment.

    The applicants must present the Ex-01 form completed. They must also provide a medical certificate of good health. The certificate must certify that they do not have any health problems. Health problems could pose a risk to the people of Spain.

    When and where to apply for a non-lucrative visa for Spain

    You must apply for this visa at least 90 days before traveling to Spain. The Spanish consulate has up to 3 months to approve your visa. You must submit the visa application through the Spanish embassy or consulate in your country of residence. Wait for approval before traveling to Spain. Tourists who are in Spain cannot apply for this visa in Spain.  

    Interview for your visa

    The interview is an essential rule for the Spain visa application. You must submit all the documents and forms for this interview. You present all the documentation for your visa during the interview. The interviewer conducts the interview, depending on the person. If they do not trust the applicant, they ask many more questions. They want to confirm the accuracy of the presented information.

    Spanish Non-Lucrative visa Cost

    Applicants pay the Visa cost on the day of submission at the Spanish Consulate. Applicants must confirm the amount of the visa fee, as it depends on their country of origin
    . For example, the cost in the UK for 2024 the application fee is 516£ per person plus an authorisation fee of 9.45£ . The cost in the USA for the application fee is $152. If you need to know the cost of the non-lucrative visa application from another country you can contact us and we will tell you without any problem.

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    Non-lucrative visa 2024 application processing time

    The review can take up to 3 months. If “administrative silence” rejects your application, it will take longer. Once the Spanish Consulate approves the visa, the applicant must enter Spain within 3 months. Then, the applicant must apply for the PADRON and the TIE card (residency card) at the police. 

    How to apply for a non-lucrative visa in Spain?

    You can apply for this visa with one of our lawyers. They will help you at all times in obtaining all the documentation. They will ensure it is perfect on the day of the presentation at the Spanish consulate. Our clients comment on Google or Trustpilot. They say the process is easy and fast. Look at our MySpainVisa reviews for details.

    Obtain your TIE to complete the residency process in Spain.

    The visa comes with the NIE Spain stamped. This number is the identification number of a foreigner who intends to open a bank account in Spain, buy a property… The NIE number is unique for each foreigner and never expires.

    After entering Spain with a non-lucrative visa stamped in your passport, our team of lawyer can advise and help you to apply  for a foreigner identification card (TIE). The process of obtaining the TIE involves registering in the town where you will reside in Spain (PADRON document). Afterwards, you will have to book an appointment at a police station to register your fingerprints and after a few days you will be able to pick up the TIE card (foreigner identity card).

    The benefits of living in Spain on a non-lucrative visa in Spain?

    Obtaining a non-lucrative visa has many benefits:

    • It is the fastest way to get residency in Spain.
    • It is a simple procedure if you have the help of a lawyer.
    • It allows you to live in Spain 365 days
    • This visa allows short trips to any Schengen State, trips of up to 90 days, without the need for another visa. The Schengen countries comprise 26 member states.
    • You don’t need to invest in the Spanish economy before moving to Spain with a non-lucrative visa.
    • You can use this visa to get permanent residence, if you can live 5 years without working in Spain.
    • After living in Spain for one year you can get public health care by paying a monthly fee.

    What should you avoid during an application visa?

    Ensuring accurate form completion and legal document acquisition is crucial. During the submission, consulate officers may verify your information through a series of questions. We recommend working with one of our lawyers. They can help you get a smooth non-lucrative visa application process. Given our impressive 99% success rate, it’s a great choice.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who is eligible for a non-lucrative visa in Spain?

    Anyone can be eligible to obtain the Spanish passive visa but must prove that they are retired, living on income, or are taking a sabbatical year with no work or economic activity. You have to prove an income of at least 2400€/month or that you have in your bank account 28,800€.

    Can I travel Europe with a Spanish non-lucrative visa?

    Yes, when you obtain the Spanish passive visa you can travel in the Schengen zone although with the 90/180 days rule, except for Spain where you can stay as long as you want because you have the non-lucrative visa. As a non-lucrative visa holder, you can travel abroad to the 25 other countries in the Schengen Area.

    How much money do you need to get a non-lucrative visa in Spain?

    It is necessary to credit a minimum of 28,800€ for the principal; if you are a family, it is 7,200€ per family member, which should be sufficient economic support.

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    Do I pay tax in Spain on a non-lucrative visa Spain?

    To renew the non-lucrative visa in Spain next year, it was previously obligatory to spend at least 183 days in Spain. However, since the last ruling, this minimum stay is no longer necessary.

    El Boletín Oficial del Estado (BOE) on the 5th march 2024 has published a ruling from the Tribunal Supremo which invalidates article 162-2.º-e) of the Real Decreto 557/2011 . This article stipulates that visa holders cannot stay outside of Spain for more than six months within a calendar year («e) Cuando se permanezca fuera de España durante más de seis meses en un periodo de un año»).

    This mean that holders would no longer risk losing their visa if they stay outside of Spain for more than six months within a year, provided that all other requirements are met.

    Can you work remotely on a non-lucrative visa Spain?

    Unfortunately, individuals holding the non-lucrative visa are not permitted to engage in any professional activity, including remote work, as it does not come with a work permit. The visa strictly prohibits any form of employment, whether remote or otherwise.

    How long can you stay in Spain on a non-lucrative visa?

    With D7 visa Spain, you can stay for one year from the date of entry of your visa, but you have to begin the process of requesting your TIE upon arrival in Spain. Since the visa stamped in your passport has an expiration date of 90 days, during this process, you have to apply for the TIE, which is the Spanish residence card valid for one year. After this initial period, you can apply for renewal for a further period of two years, and thereafter, your visa can be renewed for an additional two years, provided you continue to meet the requirements for this visa.

    Can you buy property in Spain with the non-lucrative visa?

    Yes, individuals holding a Non-working (Non-lucrative) residence visa can buy property.

    What is the bank balance for non-lucrative residence visa Spain?

    There is no mandatory balance, since it can be a combination of savings, pensions, rents, dividends… If a retired person only has €28,800 and no extra funds, it’s likely they won’t be granted the visa because they won’t be able to demonstrate sufficient funds for renewal next year, based on the multiplication of 400% by the annual IPREM (€28,800). If you have any doubts, please contact one of our lawyers.

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