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The most unfortunately important part of applying for Spain citizenship is by taking part in the Spanish nationality Exam and the citizenship Spanish test. The test comprises two sections, the language test (DELE) and the cultural test (CCSE). It is wise to reflect on what holds the process of application before becoming a Spanish citizenship test . Applying for Spanish citizenship is usually long and consumes a lot of time.

This article has covered how to complete each phase to make it easier. like American countries, they also have citizenship test Spanish requirement

What are DELE and CCSE tests in the Spanish nationality test?

Does Spain have a citizenship test? The answer is yes. These are the two separations of the Spain nationality exam which takes like 45 minutes and consists of 25 questions

The DELE Test

The DELE test is the verbal test or DELE A2. You need to partake in this test to learn the basics of foreign vernaculars. Also, I do advanced skills in reading, scripting, and cooperating. Even though there are simple DELE tests, DELE A2 is the gravest level for a qualified Spanish nationality.

The CCSE Test

This is a social culture test or illegitimate. If you pass excellently on this test, you become an eligible Spanish citizen. The CCSE test verifies two things your familiarity with the Spanish constitution and events such as tradition, culture, and evolution.

Time spend on the spanish national test practice

DELE A2 lasts for 2.5 hours to be accomplished, and CCSE takes an estimated of forty-five minutes. If you pass the exam, it guarantees you a valid nationality in Spain. However, it is not a must you
partake in both tests if:

  • You are from an American country that links in Spanish. Like, such as Mexico, Costa Rico, or
  • Brazil.
  • You can prove a higher level of verbal Spanish than A2.
  • You specialized in Spanish in high school or secondary school.

Where you can take Nationality Tests?

If you are undertaking the citizenship test in your nation, you can reserve the test at the Spanish embassy in your country. For example, if you live in England, you can take the test at the Spanish Embassy in London. If your home is in Spain, and you want to have an application for citizen participation, you can apply in credited test places.

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Citizenship test in Spanish requirements

Before applying for the nationality exam, you must do good research and carefully revise. You must also know everything about Spanish culture, history, and society. You are also required to exercise your writing and speaking Spanish linguistic abilities. Several online sources can aid you in learning.

DELE Test Sources

  • Model examination:
  • Guidance as of a contestant:
  • Website:

CCSE Test Resources

  • Trial Research Progressions:
  • Training assessment:

There are memoirs about Spanish traditions that you can access. It is good to be conversant about them. Also, it is sensible to learn about the main occasions in the history of Spanish and to be conscious of current happenings concerning Spain’s history.

The most common questions asked by applicants in the Spanish nationality test

Who is qualified for the Spanish nationality exam?

Anyone who has lived legally in Spain for 10 years, 2 years for Latin American countries or the Philippines, can qualify for the test. People who are married to a Spaniard can obtain the Spanish nationality by marriage after one year living in Spain but they have to take the Spanish and Spanish culture exams.

How do I qualify for the Spanish citizenship test?

The primary step is to check your appropriateness. It would help if you also studied the guideline to ensure you have legit documents. For more information, you can visit the Cervantes institute to have more information on the needed documents.

Can you have multiple choice questions when you want to repeat the nationality test?

You can retake the Spanish nationality exam if you want to re-certify. You can repeat the exam within 18 months from the previous exam date. You are unable to register before the earlier results are published. Therefore, you must wait for at least three weeks before registering again.

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How to register for the spanish nationality test?

You can apply and make exam payments online at the site The exam tests are usually done at the midpoints of the examination that the Instituto Cervantes officially accepts. For example Route 66 Idiomas. The academy is located in the middle of Valencia. It can be easily accessed by public means of transport. It is a calm place away from the noise.

Is the CCSE exam hard? and how many questions are on the CCSE test?

You either pass or fail the exam. To gain a pass mark, you must score at least 15 and above questions correctly out of the 25 questions in the test. If you fail or present an absent grade, you need to re-sit in their nearby outline to re-do the exam. No extra payment is required. You should practice ccse practice exam spain.

After how long does a candidate gets the result?

After 20 days of examination, Instituto Cervantes will notify all the participants that the exams are published. Once the participants receive emails, they are supposed to contact their online user at to see their results.

Do the nationality test questions have an expiry period?

The test & pass grade is lawful for four years from the issued date by the Spanish government. You are supposed to apply for Spanish nationality exam before this retro is over.

Is it necessary for everyone to participate in the test?

Some Spanish nationality exam candidates are vital to take the test. These are:

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  • The young people
  • People with adapted lawful capacity
  • People with difficulties in learning.

Is it possible to change the exam dates or midpoints once chosen?

It is possible to aliterate the examination date or agreed day of the task if the registration dates are still on. The day you want to select must be on the current session.

Where to revise for the Spanish nationality exam test?

Every year, the Cervantes institute produces a free learning manual with all the necessary tested questions. You can access the manual on the website once you download it.

The kind of documents needed to be presented in an exam meeting?

If you want to register for permanent citizenship in Spain, you need to have the following documents:

  • Participants who are residents of non-EU nations.
  • Application receipt send through email
  • Original spanish visa
  • Valid and original NIE card

Benefits of Obtaining Spanish citizenship

spanish nationality exam
spanish citizenship test example

1. Carrying fewer documents as you travel in Europe.

You can have the convenience and freedom to move across American countries and the EU. This gives you the freedom to sojourn even without a residency application. A right that UK residents have been deprived of from the time the UK left the EU. Spanish visa card is well thought-out as the most powerful worldwide. Once you peculiar a Spanish identification, you can access free visa movement across 190 nations.

2. You can participate in political events such as voting

As a resident of Spain, you will be given all-natural benefits that are given to Spanish residents. You can engage in the political affairs of the Spanish administration. Therefore, this becomes a huge gain of selecting citizenship.

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3. Quick and simple renewal of Spain nationality

Citizenship in Spain is informal and inexpensive to renovate. You have to recommence your nationality after 10 years. This can be done at any nearby police post quickly and simply see the citizenship for Spain’s requirement. There is also a booking platform system that ensures the process is possibly done effortlessly.

4. You can have the freedom to get employment and settle in Spain.

This is an enormous benefit because you can live and settle down in Spain without any residence application. You can also work in other EU nations without being vetoed any rights. Your family can acquire permanent residency in Spain. members of your family will be approved as Spanish citizens and nationality. This is also applied to children below 18 years of age. In this way, they are eligible to nationality.

5. You can do adoption of a child in Spain.

You can do implementation like any other residence in Spanish as long as you have legit and regal documents of Spanish citizenship

You can select HLG to assist you in the application for a Spanish visa

HLG professions offer legal advice for applicants. It is prudent to look for information from analysts and advice-givers presented in the visa bid from legit Spanish authorities. If you fail to reflect key factors or end up signing an ineligible professional, can lead to a massive profit loss.

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      You can take the exam in any cervantes institute but if you want to take the exam in spain you need a visa, I recommend you to get the student visa but you will need to take a course in spain to get it.

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