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Are you a Briton or any non-EU citizen and already have a Spanish Visa? Have you applied for a new residency document? You need to obtain your TIE as soon as possible. The Brexit transition period is fast approaching its deadline. If you have not yet applied for a residency document in Spain, then this is your time. In addition, if you already have Spanish residency documents, you can switch them with a new residency card called the TIE card. Essentially, the TIE is the new document that indicates that you have a right to remain in Spain. Therefore, to avoid being ejected from the country, consider applying for this card as soon as possible. In any case, time is running out fast, and the deadline is fast approaching. With that out of the way, the following is all you need to know about the TIE document.

What is a TIE Card?

In the past, foreigners living in Spain used different forms of identification that sometimes led to confusion. One particular identification that has been used is the NIE – Foreigner Identification number. Essentially, this was a number used to identify foreigners who had intentions with the Spanish government. Typically, you didn’t have to reside in the country to get the number. In addition, the number did not give the foreign citizens the express right to remain in the country.

On the other hand, a TIE – tarjeta de identidad de extranjero – card is a document that identifies a foreign citizen, indicates their NIE, status in the country, and duration of residency, if any. How does it look like? A TIE document is a biometric card that measures the same as your credit card. It contains your photo identification and other personal details. Introduced in mid-2020, the card is intended to replace the green residency certificate – A4 sized – or the smaller green card.

What Is the Difference between the Old Residency Document and the TIE?

The previous residency documents issued to those seeking Spanish residency were majorly a green A4-sized residency document and a green card. The two were made of paper and contained the given NIE number, the foreigner’s address, and the date of birth. On the other hand, the TIE is a plastic card that contains your details such as fingerprint, photo, the NIE, and date of birth. This card is also of superior quality and can be easily maintained.

Do I have to apply for the TIE immediately?

Before introducing the TIE, the Spanish government had issued foreign residents with a green A4 certificate or a smaller green certificate. In essence, if you still have one of the green residency identification documents, you don’t have to apply for the TIE immediately. However, if you don’t hold any of these, you will need to make a prompt application to ensure that your residency can be recognized.

Essentially, the withdrawal agreement in the exit terms states that British citizens will still have the right to remain in Spain if they already have the proof of residency documents. This is despite the residency type – temporary or permanent. Therefore, any British citizen with green residency documents can immediately apply for the card or wait out. Once the withdrawal period is over, persons without the card will fail to experience the British citizens’ benefits under the withdrawal agreement.

The TIE Card System

Registering yourself for a Spanish residency is a process that occurs in two steps. In addition, if you complete the first registration step before the deadline of the Brexit transition period, you can enjoy all the benefits stipulated in the withdrawal agreement. Before you make the application, you need to understand the TIE system and how it works. This will give you a complete understanding of what you need to do. The following are the card application systems.
• Applications where the applicants have the green residency documents
In this system, the application must have happened before the 1st of July 2020. In addition, the applicant must own a green A4 residency document or a smaller green card. Applicants under this category are not under any legal obligation to apply for the new plastic card. However, the Spanish government invites those who would wish to get the card to apply. With the TIE card, you don’t have to carry your passport around since it can also be used as an ID.
• First-time Application
This system caters to first-time applicants for residency in Spain. Essentially, you get to use this option if you are new to Spain and have no residency document. Typically, using this system, you will have to undergo two steps into acquiring the TIE. The first step involves a visit to the foreigner’s office – extranjeros. The second step is booking an appointment where an officer evaluates you.

Applying for the Card If You Are Not Already a Spanish Resident

As a first-time applicant, you will be obligated to use the second system of the TIE system. Essentially, you will first fill a residency application form in the first step. Here, you add legal names, age, gender, country of origin, languages, occupation, and disabilities. Once you complete the form, you can then book an appointment at the immigration office – Oficina de extranjeros – located in your region of residence.

The appointment is the second step in your application. Before you make the appointment, ensure that the office is located in your province or is allowed to serve your province. This is because your application can only be processed by immigration officials in the province you intend to reside. When going for the appointment, you will be required to present particular documents that help identify you. In addition, the immigration officer will evaluate you through some set criteria that help decide whether you are eligible to stay in Spain. Some of the documents that you will need include the following.
• An insurance health cover from a recognized institution
• Proof of financial capability. This is to ensure that you can support yourself financially when in Spain. This proof could be a bank savings account, a pensions account, a business account, or a work contract.
• Completed application form EX20
• Valid passport
• All document that indicates that you had been living in Spain before the 31st of December, 2020.

Once you have completed the form and made the appointment, it is time to apply for review. If you have a digital signature – firma digital – you can apply online or submit it in person at the immigration department. In addition, you can submit it through a third party who can use the online or in-person method.

I Already Have the Green Document; How Do I Apply?

If you are already a green A4 residency document holder or a small green residency card, you might probably be wondering how you can get the card. As already pointed out, any holder of these green documents is not legally obligated to apply for the new card. However, as you might already know, regulations are bound to change without notice, and the card’s need might become obligatory in the future.

Therefore, you must apply for the card. The process of applying for the card is quite simple. Essentially, the application is a one-time appointment. However, before you can go for the appointment, you will need to visit the Tie card Spain website and fill the data form for residents with the green residency A4 document or green residency card. In addition to filing this form, you will also be required to do the following.

  • Complete the ‘modelo 790’ form. Once you have filled this form, you will be required to print it out, pay the processing fee and get a stamp. A stamp is proof of payment and is a requirement during the appointment.
  • Another form you will be required to fill, and print is EX-23.
  • Carry your passport with you to the appointment. If the passport is lost or unavailable, get a copy of it together with the proof of submitted renewal application.
  • Carry the existing green document or card with you.

Extra Tips for your TIE

You might probably change your residential address after the initial green card receipt. If this is your situation and want to apply for the TIE, carry a ‘padron’ certificate indicating your new address. This certificate should not be older than three months. It is also essential to carry a passport photo that meets the Spanish photography standards. You can get a good passport photo taken at a photography studio or at a shop that offers photography services.

On making the final submission of the application, you will be required to wait for some time before your application can be approved. Suppose you are a holder of a temporary green certificate. In that case, your TIE will have a validity period of 5 years, while those with permanent residency will get a 10 years’ validity for their TIE.

How Long Do I Have to Wait after Submitting the Application?

Typically, the approval process is not restricted to a specific time range. You will have to wait for the immigration department to call you for information and the progress of the application. However, your application should be processed within three months or less. During this time, the receipt that you got from the residency application will serve as the residency document.

However, this receipt is a temporary document and has various limitations. Once you are notified of application approval, you will have to make a formal request for the card’s issuance. This part is similar for both first-time applicants and those with residency documents. You should request the card within 30 days to complete the whole process.

Do My Children Need the TIE Too?

Per a Spanish royal degree, there is no minimum age limit for TIE applicants. Therefore, everyone wishing to continue their residence in Spain after the deadline of the transition period will have to apply for the card. In essence, both adults and children will be required to have a TIE after the transition period is over if they wish to remain in Spain.

Does the Application Allow Group Applications?

Application for the TIE does not have the provision for group applications. In essence, if you have a family and are wondering whether you can have your family apply and attend a single session, you can’t. Typically, the application process requires that each person – child or adult – go through their appointment.

What Is the Deadline for the Application?

If you need to make an application for the TIE, the time is now. The Spanish government has stipulated the 31st of December, 2021, as the final deadline. Essentially, completing the application before this time will ensure that the applicant enjoys the withdrawal agreement benefits. It is also recommended that you avoid visiting the police station for the appointment towards the last few days of the transition period since they are bound to be very busy. An extension of the application deadline has not been confirmed yet.

Where Can I Apply for the Card?

Are you ready to get started, and you don’t know what to do? TIE card Spain is a website that has been offering residency document acquisition services through its wonderful website platform. With the coming of Brexit, British citizens are no longer EU citizens. Therefore, to reside in Spain, you will need to apply for a new card. TIE card Spain offers the platform and application form for both the applicants with previous residential documents and those without.

Essentially, TIE card Spain books you the appointment for both the police station and the foreigners’ office. In addition, you get a step by step guidance throughout the application process to ensure that you have the best experience. TIE card Spain offers excellent benefits in terms of their booking fee. The platform offers the most discounted price in comparison to other platforms while at the same time doing all the heavy lifting.

Making an Application Through TIE card Spain

TIE card Spain is the best way to get your application rolling. The website offers you various options that will cater to your needs depending on your application type. If you are already a citizen, you can select the option for citizens where your document will be switched for a TIE. If you are not yet a citizen, the website also allows you to fill out your data and book an appointment. However, before you make the application on the platform, ensure that you are already in Spain during the time and date of your application. This is critical in ensuring that you are available for the appointments when they get booked.

Conclusion about TIE Card Spain

Are you one of the many Britons living in Spain and want to solidify your residence? If yes, get a TIE card Spain as soon as possible. This will ease your life and make sure you don’t have to worry about being ejected from the beautiful country. In addition, you will get to enjoy the benefits stipulated in the withdrawal agreement.

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