Moving to Spain from Canada

An increasing number of Canadians are considering making a move to Spain from Canada. The desire to live somewhere warm and sunny virtually all year round is a significant factor in why people move. Nonetheless, this is by no means the only explanation.

Can Canadians move to Spain?
moving to spain from canada

In today’s society, success is increasingly defined not by how much money one has in the bank or how many flashy possessions one has. By one’s access to the means to live a healthy and comfortable life, with time to pursue one’s passions, relax, and spend quality time with one’s loved ones. People are willing to give up some of their possessions for peace and the chance to slow down from the hectic pace of modern life.

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In search of a more pleasant way of life, more and more individuals are moving to Barcelona from Canada. The primary routes to move to Spain from Canada are outlined with the benefits of living in Spain and comparing the two countries. To ensure that you move to Spain from Canada or move to Canada from Spain, you need to obtain a visa. In case you are considering moving from Canada to Spain, we’ve compiled some information you’ll find helpful.

Special mention should be made of the many young people who are moving from Canada to Spain because of the high housing prices and decide to study in Spain, Spanish or any other course in order to start a new life in Spain.

First steps before moving to Spain from Canada.

The first steps before coming to Spain as a Canadian is to consider what visa you need to obtain to be legally living in Spain, here you can see several visas that are the most used by Canadians, if you have any doubts you can contact us and we will explain the whole process to make your move to Spain a success.

move to spain from canada
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Visa options when immigrating to Spain from Canada

Canadians interested in relocating to Spain have several possibilities for establishing temporary residency there. You need to obtain a visa when moving from Canada. The 4 most popular Spanish Visas are:

Non-Lucrative Visa Spain

If you wish to move to Spain from Canada and not work, you’ll need to show proof of substantial financial resources.

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Spanish Golden Visa

Individuals with a minimum of one million euros to deposit in a Spanish bank or can afford a home purchase of over half a million euros.

Spain Entrepreneur Visa

Those hoping to establish themselves professionally in Spain can apply for an Entrepreneur Visa.

Spain Retiree Visa

This visa is intended for non-working retirees who wish to take advantage of Spain’s pleasant environment.

Permanent residence

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In Spain it is available to Canadians who have been temporary residents for 5 continuous years. After receiving permanent residency, a person can stay in the country indefinitely without worrying about running out of time.

If you have questions about the requirements for continuous stays in Spain, such as the types of absences that do not count as interruptions (such as for holidays or other valid reasons), please get in touch with one of our immigration lawyers now. If you’re a Canadian citizen looking to emigrate to Spain from Canada, we can help you with that process, too.

First Steps Upon Arrival in Spain

move to spain from canada
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Foreigner’s Identity Card (TIE/NIE)

You are required to apply for a foreigner’s Identity Card or number within 30 days upon arrival in Spain at the local foreigners’ office or police stations. You’ll need this number to do administratively, like open an account, get paid, file taxes, buy a house, or acquire a driver’s license.

How to Apply for a Spanish Driver’s License

You, as a Canadian, need to get a Spanish driver’s license no later than six months after establishing residency in the country. You can use your Canadian license for up to six months before expiration. Six months later, you’ll have to enroll in driver’s ed and take the written and behind-the-wheel exams. After the initial 10-year period, license renewals are only required every 5 years.

Spanish Bank Account Opening

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It is more convenient to open a resident bank account as a Canadian living continuously in Spain. You’ll need your passport, Foreigner’s ID, evidence of domicile, proof of employment, and verification of your social security number to create a bank account. Bankia, BBVA, La Caixa, and Santander are Spain’s Big Four banks.

Spanish medical care

Health care in Spain is among the best in Europe, and it’s free of charge. Nonetheless, visits to the dentist, rides in an ambulance or prescription drugs are not covered.

Several standards must be met for a Canadian living in Spain to be eligible for free healthcare.

  • Anyone who contributes to the Social Security system, whether they are employed or self-employed
  • A Spanish resident who receives government assistance
  • A student under the age of 26 who is currently enrolled in a Spanish university
  • Have an EHIC card and are visiting Spain

Steps After Moving to Spain as A Canadian

Living in Spain vs Canada
7 biggest mistakes when moving to spain

Canadians are welcome to visit Spain once they have applied for and received their visa. They must apply for a foreign ID and social security registration upon arrival. All foreign nationals visiting Spain for whatever reason, be it business, work, or pleasure, are required to obtain a foreigner identity number.

An N.I.E. application needs to be submitted to the Consular Post serving the applicant’s area of residence. Information on the international applicant and relevant background information will be included in the application.

When Canadians move to Spain and stay for ten years, they are eligible to petition for citizenship. The waiting time for an application is shortened to one year when a Canadian citizen has married a Spanish national for at least a year.

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Can Canadians move to Spain?

Canadians are allowed to move to Spain from Canada without a visa. However, they do have to apply for a residence permit to settle down there. The procedure is quite simple, and the application can be done by mail or online through the Spanish consulate website. It takes about four months before the approval of your request will be issued; however, it can take up to six months if you want an expedited process.

The cost of applying for a residence permit varies depending on whether you choose an online process or one that requires sending your documents by post.

Is it better to live in Spain or Canada?

Canada and Spain share several commonalities, like stunning landscapes, warm and welcoming people, and high-quality medical treatment. However, the lower cost in Spain, the availability of healthier food, and the warmer environment may appeal to Canadians eager to escape the cold.

In Spain , The average cost of living is 59% lower than in Canada. The most significant price discrepancies are for housing, food, alcohol, and child care, with gym memberships and electricity bills being quite similar.

How long can I live in Spain as a Canadian?

Visa requirements and duration of stay limits vary. A Canadian visitor to Spain can only stay for a maximum of 90 days without a visa. This period will extend to ninety days before they can return. You’ll need a special long-stay Visa if your visit lasts more than ninety days.

A foreign identity card and social security registration will be compulsory for all new arrivals to Spain. Please visit your nearest Consular Post to apply for your N.I.E. number (foreigner’s identification number). The 10-year residency requirement for applying for Spanish citizenship is reduced to 1-year if you are married to a Spanish native for at least that long.

Quality of Life in Spain

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Aside from its rich history and culture, Spain’s most significant draw is its fantastic weather and stunning coastline. Of course, the Mediterranean coast isn’t the only place in Spain where summer never ends, but people who come here just for the weather know where to settle.

A bright climate of 320 days a year, combined with easy access to the sea and beautiful beaches, makes the Spanish coast a paradise for residents. This is why Costa Blanca, which boasts Spain’s most significant climate, is popular with newcomers. It’s no surprise that Alicante has consistently been Spain’s top province regarding the number of properties sold to foreign buyers.

It’s also worth noting that Valencia and Alicante were among the top places to live as an expat, and Spain was ranked as one of the top three nations to immigrate to. Also, Valencia topped the list of top cities for people who wish to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Barcelona made it into the world’s top ten most incredible places to live and create a business.

How much money do I need to immigrate to Spain from Canada?

Read more on the minimum income required for residency in Spain in 2022. Below are the minimum income requirements for applying for a tourist or business visa to Spain. For example, the Golden/Investor visa can let you settle in Spain. Still, it requires you to put a significant amount of money into the country’s economy through property purchases or other investments.

The purchase of a house in Spain costing more than €500,000 has reportedly become a popular option for wealthy Canadian citizens to obtain Spanish citizenship.

Take a look at the income requirements for Spanish citizenship below. Non-Profit Visa Income Requirement for Citizenship in 2022 It’s vital to define “non-lucrative visa” and “its target audience” before discussing the income requirements for such a visa.

To extend their stay in Spain and the rest of the Schengen Area for more than 90 days, non-EU citizens need to obtain a non-lucrative visa. 

It’s not possible to work in Spain on a non-profit visa initially, but you can do so for persons and companies outside the country. Visas can be renewed for up to five years total, with extensions of two years available after the first year. Once you’ve lived in Spain for five years, you’ll be eligible to apply for permanent residency, allowing you to work and market your business in the country legally.

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The non-lucrative visa is frequently called a retirement visa; however, it is more beneficial for foreign nationals who can show they have sufficient resources to support themselves while living in Spain.

Due to the UK’s new status as a third nation, citizens who demonstrate they have sufficient money can often get Spanish resident status more quickly and easily through this route than any other.

You’ll need to produce authentic paperwork such as bank statements, business account statements, pension account statements, or other asset and investment documentation to prove that you can pay for college on your own.

For the non-profit visa in Spain in 2022, the minimal annual income is as follows.

Main Applicant

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In 2022, the required income for the primary visa applicant is €600, which is 400% of the Spanish IPREM (Indicador Pblico de Renta de Efectos Mltiples). To meet this requirement, you must earn $2,316.08 per month in Euros or the foreign currency equivalent determined by law.

Family Members

Additional monthly income equal to 100% of the IPREM, or €600, is required for each dependent child. Each responsible family member is entitled to receive the full IPREM benefit each month, which in 2022 amounts to €600 (or the legal equivalent in foreign currency).

Can I move to Spain with no job? work in spain as a canadian?

There is no requirement for having a job before relocating to Spain. That much is certain. However, you will still need to apply for any residency programme that does not specifically require it.

Relocating to Spain without a job offer can be a major hassle if you intend to find gainful employment in the nation. As we said before, one possible route to permanent residency is to obtain a Spanish work permit (for which you require a job offer).

However, there are other options for immigration, and employment isn’t always necessary. For instance, you can get a permit without finding work if you apply for a student visa, a non-lucrative Visa, or a golden visa.

The same holds if you marry a European Union citizen or reunite with family members who are already residents. Of course, if you want to work for a company in the country, you’ll need to get employment there first (as that is where the process starts).

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Do you want to move to Spain From another countries?

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