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Are you seeking a pathway to obtain a Youth Mobility Visa for Spain? If so, this guide is tailored to your needs. The Youth Mobility Scheme Visa is a program that opens doors for young individuals from specific countries, allowing them to work and reside in Spain for a designated period. However, securing a temporary work permit and navigating the complexities of living in Spain can pose significant challenges, particularly for non-EU citizens. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into all the crucial details concerning the Youth Mobility Visa program, from essential requirements to the step-by-step application process.

Key Highlights of the Youth Mobility Visa Spain Guide:

Our comprehensive guide is designed to provide you with a thorough understanding of the eligibility criteria and the intricacies of applying for the Youth Mobility Visa in Spain. Here, you’ll discover all the essential information you need to successfully embark on your journey to obtaining this visa, with the expert assistance of MySpainVisa every step of the way.

Embark on your adventure with confidence and ensure you meet all the necessary prerequisites for the Youth Mobility Visa in Spain. Your dream of working and living in this vibrant European nation awaits, and MySpainVisa is here to make your journey as smooth as possible.

Whether you’re eager to explore the rich culture, scenic landscapes, or career opportunities in Spain, this guide, along with the dedicated support of MySpainVisa, will serve as your indispensable companion throughout the visa application process. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to experience Spain to the fullest.

What is a youth mobility visa program for Spain?

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working holiday visa spain

A youth mobility visa is a Spanish working holiday commonly known as the youth mobility scheme. The program permits young people above the age of 18 and below the age of 35. Under this program, the participant can work in Spain for six months and study and travel for the remaining six months. That is why the program runs for one year.

Which countries are eligible for the program?

Spain has entered into a working youth mobility program visa agreement with the following five countries:

That means eligible Spain citizens can also get a visa to work in these countries including getting a residency in Canada.

What the country offer?

mobility visa spain
youth mobility visa spain canada

Spain lies at the gateway of the Mediterranean Sea. The country is known for its immense geographical wealth. As a visitor, you can choose to explore its vast shoreline, pleasant villages, mountains, or big cities. However, Spain can boast of a unique cultural heritage blended from different civilizations the country has experienced over the years. This unique cultural heritage can be reflected in its music, food, literature, sculptures, painting, and architecture. The country has 45 biosphere reserves that UNESCO identifies.

What Activities are allowed when you apply for a youth mobility visa in Spain?

If you travel to Spain via the youth mobility program, you are eligible to be employed by any employer who meets WHS conditions for hiring foreign workers. It is good to note that holders of this visa can only work for one employer for three months. After which, they need to look for another employer to complete the remaining three months they are permitted to work. Your visa will remain as a student visa for the remaining six months. Thus, you can take short courses or choose to tour the country. Here are some of the most popular jobs done by holders of this visa are;

  • Teaching languages
  • Modeling
  • Various jobs in the Tourism sector
  • Or work on a casual job such as a waiter, barista, cook, or other similar jobs in the service industry

How to apply for a youth mobility Program visa?

youth mobility visa spain
youth mobility visa europe – youth mobility visa portugal

Suppose you are a citizen of the above five nations listed above and below the age of 35 years. You can apply for a working holiday visa for Spain at your nearby Spanish consulate. It is advisable to apply in advance before your intended departure date. This is because Spain has a longer processing time for applications for visas. Here are some requirements to apply for a youth mobility visa Spain.

  • Be a citizen of the participating country with a valid passport.
  • Be a holder of a valid youth mobility program visa
  • Your age should be between 18 to 35 years
  • You must have enough funds to cover your stay. For instance, a Canadian citizen should have 2504.75 CAD.
  • The dependent should not accompany you
  • Have a return ticket or proof of sufficient funds
  • Must meet the character requirement imposed by the kingdom of Spain
  • Possess a functional level of Spanish
  • Be ready to meet the required health requirement. Also, have a medical policy and meet all the regulations according to Spanish immigration law.
  • Have completed at least two years of higher learning
  • You must not have participated in WHS program before

What are the different categories of youth mobility visas in Spain?

Spain’s youth mobility program visa program has five categories you can apply for. In some categories, it is a requisite to have a pre-arranged employment contract either through a formal job offer or an internship offer. The categories include:

Category A youth mobility visas

This visa is eligible for post secondary graduates who want to acquire extra training in Spain via a pre-arranged job offer.

Category B youth mobility visas

Category b visa is for post secondary students who have registered in specific institutions in their respective countries and want to complete their studies in a Spanish institution. This visa is acquired through an inter-institution agreement.

Category C youth mobility visas

This category comprises young professionals seeking a job offer in Spain to gain experience and contribute to their professional development.

Category D youth mobility visas

It is eligible for registered post secondary students looking for a temporary summer job in Spain.

Category E youth mobility visas

It is eligible for young youths who want to move to Spain and work temporarily to either do volunteer work or assist fund their trip.

The Documents Required When Applying for Youth Mobility Visa Spain?

There are several required documents you need to have to apply for a youth mobility program visa successfully. Therefore, obtaining these documents before submitting your application is advisable because missing any can lead to rejection. Here is a list of all the necessary documents you will need:

  • Standard documents: Some general documents you will need for a Spanish youth mobility program visa include a valid passport, a recent passport photo, a duly completed application form, and previous passports and visas.
  • A police clearance form: If you are going to live in Spain for longer than six months, you will need a police clearance form to show that you do not have any criminal record for the last five years.
  • A foreigner identification Number (NIE): If you are going to live in Spain for more than three months, you must also obtain an NIE number before applying for the youth mobility program visa. It acts as a foreigner’s identity number and consists of 1 letter at the beginning, followed by seven numbers and one letter at the end.
  • Proof of accommodation: You need to prove that you have made prior arrangements for a place to stay for about one week in Spain. If someone living in a private house will accommodate you, they must provide an invitation letter issued at a police station in Spain.
  • Medical Travel Insurance: Also, applicants need an original copy and photocopy of their travel medical insurance for the entire period they stay in Spain. The insurance should cover repatriation in case of death and hospitalization during the period of their stay. However, medical insurance will not be necessary if you have a pre-arranged work contract. You can buy travel insurance from many private insurance companies in Spain. The company will send the policy and represent it as proof during the application process.
  • A return ticket or proof of sufficient finances to purchase one: You will also need a return ticket or proof you have the financial capability to purchase one.
  • Proof of economic means: You also need proof that you are financially capable of taking care of the bills for the first three months in Spain. In this case, you must have at least 532.5 euros in your savings or current account. To prove you will get the necessary resources, you can submit your bank statement for two previous months or that of your parents. However, if you get a job, you can prove your financial stability by providing a job contract. Still, the salary for the first three months should add up to the minimum amount aforementioned.
  • Proof of academic qualification: You must provide a proof that you have attained the required acedimic qualification; at least two years of higher education.
  • Proof of understanding basic the Spanish language.

Step by Step guide on how to Apply for A Youth Mobility Visa Spain

After you confirm your country is eligible for the youth mobility program visa and you have the required documents. You can now proceed and apply for a permit from your home country. Below are steps on how to.

1. Check if there is a Spanish embassy or Spanish consulate in your country

First, you will need to confirm if there is a Spanish embassy or consulate in your home country and submit your application. You can also apply to a 3rd party visa service centre that Spain has outsourced for Visa application. However, before you apply, consult with the Spanish authorities on the best time to apply for this visa. That is because sometimes the processing of the permit may take some months. Therefore, it is best to apply in advance. It is advisable to apply up to 3 months before your trip to allow at least one month of visa processing.

2. Book a Visa Appointment with the Spanish Authorities

After you confirm a Spanish consulate or embassy in your home country, you must make a visa appointment with the Spanish authorities. You can’t just avail yourself at the consulate to lodge an appointment. The authorities may require you to book an appointment by filling out a form online so that you can be allocated a date and time to attend the Visa interview.
And because every country has a limited number of visas and receives thousands of applications. The earlier you book an appointment, the higher the chances of getting a chance.

2. Gather the Necessary Document

There are several must-have documents when applying for a youth mobility visa Spain as listed above. These documents are the centre stage of the application, and everything revolves around them. Failing to submit any documents when applying for the visa may result in rejection. Some of the required documents include:

  • Valid passport
  • Recent passports
  • Photocopy of the completed visa application form
  • Clean police check.
  • Proof you can fund the trip
  • Medical insurance paperwork
  • Medical certificate
  • Return ticket

3. Attend the Youth Mobility Visa Spain

This is the day you will know your fate- whether you qualify for the visa or not. The interview is usually short, and the consular officers ask you general questions about your background, application, and why you want to apply for a working holiday visa in Spain. Ensure you carry all the mandatory documents and the visa fee during the interview to avoid disqualifications. If you have not travelled to the Schengen area for over five years, you must give out your biometrics, including photo, signature and fingerprints.

Pay the Mobility Visa Fee

After the interview, you will need to pay a specified fee for visa processing. The amount varies from country to country, as listed below.
Country Fee

After Arriving in Spain with your Mobility visa

After you get the youth mobility program visa, note that you must travel to Spain within 90 days since it is issued. And since you still possess the NIE, obtaining a foreigner identity card will be more straightforward. After entering Spain, you must visit the local police stations or the local foreigner’s office and apply for an ID card.

FAQs Youth Mobility Visa Spain

How Long Does the Processing of the Youth Mobility Visa Spain take?

The Spanish embassy advises applicants to submit their applications at least 90 days before the scheduled date to travel to Spain. And the application processing takes around one month. So, the whole process, from application to visa issuance, takes approximately four months. However, the duration taken may vary depending on your country and the place you apply. Also, the visa demand at that particular time will determine how long the processing can take. For a rough estimate, it is a good idea to talk to the consulate or embassy you are applying for the visa from on the estimated processing time.

How long can I stay in Spain with a youth mobility Program visa?

A youth mobility scheme visa in Spain is temporary; you can’t stay with it permanently. With this visa, the maximum period you can stay in Spain is one year. Within that one year, you cannot work on a casual basis for more than six months or work with one employer for a period of more than three months. Furthermore, this visa cannot be renewed or extended.

How many times can I participate in a youth mobility visa Spain?

Spain has also set limits on the number of times an applicant is eligible to participate on this visa. You can join the youth mobility scheme only two times. Before you apply for the second round, you must take a break of at least 90 days between the two participations. Also, the 2nd participation must be in a different category from the first.

Do I need a job or internship offer when applying for a youth mobility scheme visa?

That will depend on the category of visa you are applying for. If you apply for category A, category B, or category C, you will need a pre-arranged employment contract. However, if you are applying for category D or category D, you will not need to have a formal job or internship offer.

Who is not eligible for the Spanish Youth Mobility programs?

There are several instances when you can be denied this visa. One. If the applicant has kids less than 18 years, who live with them and depend on them financially. Also, you may be denied the visa on the ground of refusal. That can happen if maybe the documents you submitted did not meet the requirements or have previously breached the Spanish immigration rules. Lastly, you may also not qualify for a visa if your application doesn’t fall within the required permits in your country. Every country received a limited number of youth mobility program visas.

Conclusion about Youth Mobility Visa Spain

A youth mobility program visa in Spain is a type of visa that allows young people aged between 18 years to 35 years from limited countries to live and work in Spain. Applying for this visa might seem challenging, but with the above guide, you will know the documents you need and the process to follow when applying.
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