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A Comprehensive Guideline for Digital Nomad Visa Spain Over the years, Spain has been one of the best and most inspiring destinations globally. The country prides itself on awe-inspiring and manicured landscapes, great food, diverse culture, and a sunny climate. Additionally, Spain is a destination for people wanting to maintain a work and life balance. Therefore, Spain has become a country for digital nomads and remote workers who use the internet and tech for their work. The digital nomad Spain doesn’t necessitate an office or a specific location. If you are a digital nomad considering Spain, ensure to read the wide-ranging guide below.

You need to know that to be a digital nomad you need to get a visa if you are not an EU citizen, there are different visas you can use such as the golden visa, the self employment visa, some people get the non lucrative visa but it is not recommended as the Spanish government is getting stricter.

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digital nomad visa spain

Update: The Spanish government is working on creating a specific visa for digital nomads and will have it active within 6 months.

Who’s A Digital Nomad Spain?

The world is evolving with a rising trend of digital nomadism. Digital nomads work remotely and independently. The world of remote workers is increasing, and each digital nomad has its motivation, methods, and desires behind its nomadism-living. Thus, digital nomads can be defined as independent remote workers who rely on the internet connection to work. Digital nomads are not location-bound and can travel as they work. Statistics show that over 4.8 million independent remote workers categorize themselves as digital nomads. The number is prone to grow as over 17 million people globally aim to become nomadic.

Digital nomad Spain is a remote worker who has decided to relocate to Spain and work from there. Spain is issuing digital nomad visas to remote workers who want to visit the country and work digitally from there. Manifold reasons contribute to the rising digital nomadism, including the rise of digital nomads tour and travel services.
COVID has paved the way for employment opportunities with multiple companies hiring remote workers using telecommunications technologies. A good example of digital nomads is travel writers, social media experts, marketers and consultants, web developers, graphic designers, online shopkeepers, and online tutors.

spain visa for digital nomad

Why Spain for Working Remotely?

Remote working allows professionals to travel and explore the world while meeting their professional and career needs. There are multiple places in the world for remote workers to choose from. However, there is a rare and unique species of digital nomads who prefer Spain. The question is, why Spain?

Spain is known for its alluring climate, metropolitan charm, coastline, and beach spots, and most Spanish cities are ideal for digital nomadic living. Additionally, Spain is known for its affordable living conditions. Digital workers consider the fun, internet connection, climate, and cost of living factors when choosing a destination.

Spain has warm winters and an existing digital nomadic community in cities like Barcelona and Valencia, promoting remote workers. Thus, many professionals consider working remotely in Spain because of the culture, weather, and food. The food is affordable and delicious, which eliminates the possibility of hunger. The food in Spain blends well with the diversified culture. Spain natives are strict with their mealtimes.

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Spain doesn’t have a specific remote work visa designated for digital nomads. Nonetheless, a digital nomad in Spain is prone to gain entry through the Spanish Non-Lucrative Visa. This digital nomad visa Spain allows remote workers to live in Spain for years while working and traveling. Past COVID-19, most non-EU migrated to Spain as remote workers using the non-lucrative visa. Nonetheless, during the pandemic, many digital nomads had their visa applications denied. There is hope, as there are other digital nomad visas, including freelance or self-employed visas and entrepreneurship visas.

Things A Digital Nomad Spain Should Know

Working remotely in Spain

Do you have plans to relocate to Spain and work as a remote worker or digital nomad? Spain is an ideal place for digital nomads looking for a specific location to settle down and work or who want to tour around the country. There are things that people aspiring to work remotely in Spain should note.


There are multiple places that you can stay when working remotely in Spain. Nonetheless, keenness when choosing your destination is necessary. A digital nomad living in Spain is location-independent, necessitating strong internet connectivity and technology for their work. Working remotely in Spain is beneficial. However, before acknowledging the benefits, you should consider choosing an ideal destination suiting your digital nomadic life and aspirations. Jotted below are considerations to make when choosing a destination.
Internet Acquiring your remote work visa isn’t enough to live in Spain as a digital nomad. It would help if you settled for a destination with a consistent and strong internet connection. Digital nomads in Spain rely on the high-speed internet to meet their work deadlines, making a living.

Welcoming and Safe

Digital nomads don’t look for digital nomad visa Spain to sit in their motel, hotel, or Airbnb all day. That’s why you need to examine the safety of your destination. Working remotely in Spain requires a blend of indoor and outdoor working habits. That’s why you need to evaluate the safety and work culture of the destination. Thus, look for ideal coffee shops and spots in the park or other outdoor spaces. The places should be safe for you and your working equipment.


Commutability is a factor to mull over when choosing a destination. Moving from one area to another is the beauty of digital nomadic life. Therefore, examine how you’ll be traveling out and around your destination. Take time to examine the taxi, metro, and train operations. The travel infrastructure must be alluring and accommodative, hence gratifying your commutability needs. Therefore, a digital nomad in Spain must analyze the credibility of the public transportation system, hence guaranteeing easy commutability without a lot of time wastage.

Spain Living Costs

After acquiring digital nomad visas, remote workers should examine the cost of living for their designated destination. Digital nomads are paid based on the rates of where their employers or contractors are. Therefore, understanding your destination’s living costs is requisite to making sober and financially mature decisions. Understand your income to determine how much you need to spend as a digital nomad Spain.

Time Difference

Working remotely in Spain necessitates a comprehensive understanding of the time difference. Most likely, you will be traveling while working and coordinating with a team outside Spain. Therefore, develop a clear understanding of the time zone changes and determine an ideal and smart working-hours-trend. Commitments are prone to arise as you will have online meetings and deadlines to meet, which might occur at night or in the early morning hours.

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People in Spain Aren’t the Best Timekeepers

Official meetings and events start on time in Spain. However, social gatherings and events start past the agreed time. If you are the time-keeping type, you will always find yourself arriving first for social events. Nonetheless, it’s better to get to that social event or meeting on time rather than late.

Spaniards Eat Late

There is a common tendency for people to eat their meals late in Spain. Therefore, if you are a digital nomad in Spain, you should be ready to eat your lunch at 2 pm and supper past 9 pm. Most restaurants have adapted to the trend and don’t serve meals before 8 pm. Nonetheless, there are spots where you can buy tapas.

There Are Different Official Languages in Spain

Most digital nomads think that Spanish is the only official language that the Spanish use. That’s why you need to accumulate sufficient information about the cities and what language they use. For example, Valencia uses some Catalan dialects while Galician is spoken in Galicia. Therefore, learning a few words is primary to blending in with the natives. Most of the restaurant menus and road signs are written in Spanish and other official languages.

Best Places to Live in Spain

working remotely in Spain

After receiving your Spanish remote work visa, you should consider examining different cities to determine the best one for your work and living needs. Majority of digital nomads working remotely in Spain consider Madrid and Barcelona. However, Madrid and Barcelona are somewhat expensive, hence intimidating many digital nomads. There are other cities suitable for digital-nomadic living. The idea is to choose a city meeting your fun, working, living, comfort, and touring needs. Listed below are some cities to consider.


Valencia has become one of the fastest-growing digital nomads’ communities. Therefore, after receiving their digital nomad visa, many professionals consider Valencia as it’s an ideal city to meet and interact with other digital nomads. Digital nomads in Valencia have a Facebook page, Valencia Coffee & Co-Working, which allows digital nomads to meet weekly for coworking events in local cafes. The FB group also creates an avenue where digital nomads can inquire about cool working spots in Valencia.

Las Palmas

Las Palmas is the capital of Gran Canaria and is attracting a huge number of remote workers. The city has multiple cool coworking spaces. Additionally, co-living services are on the rise. Digital nomads in Las Palmas have a Facebook Group, Gran Canaria Digital Nomads.


Malaga is globally known for its cool weather around the year, hence gaining popularity among digital nomads. Malaga is a coastal city with globally popular coastal resorts ideal for offering a vocational touch to your digital nomadic lifestyle. Malaga is smaller than Valencia. Many British citizens choose to retire in Malaga.

Suitable Careers for A Digital Nomad

Digital nomad visa in spain

Before filing your Spanish residence visa application, there’s a need to understand whether you are eligible for a digital nomadic lifestyle. Almost everyone dreams of having a career where they can travel around the world and get paid. Being able to travel while using the internet and technology to work remotely is lucrative and fulfilling. Digital nomads are, thus, privileged to travel around the world at their pace. There are multiple career opportunities for people aspiring to travel while working. Some of the careers include:

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  • Programmer
  • Web Developer
  • App Developer
  • SEO Expert
  • Social Media Marketer
  • Affiliate Marketer
  • Digital Entrepreneur
  • Customer Support Representative

Tips on How to Start A Digital Nomad in Spain

digital nomad in spain

Applying for a residence visa comes after you’ve to prepare for digital nomadic life. Many people aspire to become digital nomads and tour the world any time they need. However, very few people prepare for the digital nomadic life. Research is necessary to discover the dos and don’ts. For instance, your research will provide information on whether digital nomads pay taxes. Total preparedness is requisite to a smooth and successful digital nomadism. Jotted here are tips to help you start your digital nomad life smoothly.

Settle for A Destination with An Existing Digital Nomad Community

Choosing a city with an existing digital nomad community is necessary as it helps enlarge your social circle. It would be best if you connected with other remote workers living in your destination. The community will offer the emotional and social support you need. Therefore, rely on Facebook and Google searches to determine available communities in a given city.

Determine the Right Bank and Credit Cards

It’s not possible to operate as a digital nomad without a bank account. Therefore, examine what bank accounts you will use as a digital nomad. Some banks will charge you by using other banks’ visa cards or ATMs. That’s why you need to understand the most affordable and effective bank account with unlimited global withdrawals. Alternatively, establish whether you can open a bank account using residence permits. Acquiring a credit card that doesn’t subject you to hefty transactional charges is requisite. Examine your current credit cards and determine their foreign transaction charges. Settle for a card that’s reasonable on the fees.

Decide About Your Stuff

As a digital nomad in spain, you will have to relocate from your city and house to Spain. Thus, it would help if you decided about your stuff. The best thing to do is terminating your apartment lease and have your stuff stored in a storage unit or with a family member. If you are a homeowner, you can lease out your home to a long-term tenant, generating income from your house investment. Planning about your apartment, house, and stuff helps you avoid unnecessary overheads as a digital nomad.

Research, Research, And Research

Some digital nomads experience hardships upon arriving at their destinations, which makes their living pricey. That’s why you need to research extensively about your destination and what’s expected of you. For instance, understand what sim card you will be using while in Spain and whether you can roam with your current card. Some details might appear minute but carry significant weight. Thus, take time to research Spain, the culture, technology requirements, food, living arrangements, and any other detail you deem relevant.

Tips for Living as A Digital Nomad Working Remotely in Spain

working in spain digital nomad

Digital nomads living in Spain must be meticulous, keen on details, and ready to succeed. Nevertheless, success doesn’t just happen. Pinpointed are tips that will help simplify your digital nomad living in Spain.

Line Up Your Work

Quitting your job to marry digital nomadism isn’t justifiable if you haven’t put your house in order by lining up your work. Digital nomadism is alluring and highly beneficial. Nonetheless, joining the community without a definite job or work is untimely and pricey. Therefore, plan your digital nomad life to establish how you will be generating income.
When starting a new business, consider working from home first before relocating to Spain. Businesses and startups can take several months before generating profits. Thus, nurture the business and once you start making profits, commit to the digital nomad living. It’s impossible to grow a startup while maintaining a healthy balance with your travel needs. Grow the business and then become a digital nomad living in Spain.

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Distinct Between Your Work and Travel Lives

Balance and discipline are the two hardest things for remote workers. It’s possible to spend a bigger fraction of your time traveling and touring new places in Spain, hence neglecting your work. In most cases, new digital nomads get their attention snatched by the idea of trying new food, meeting new people, and touring beautiful and highly appealing sites. That’s why you need to establish precise and concise boundaries defining when to tour and when to work.
Experienced and strict digital nomads have a clear calendar to help them balance their work and travel needs. You are, therefore, to define a realistic strategy that’ll help you allocate time for your travels while maintaining a healthy work routine.

Go Slow on The Travels

You can never exhaust your travel or tour itinerary within a month. Therefore, take your travel needs slow, especially when you need to work. Examine places that you need to tour while in Spain. Develop a list and a calendar for each trip. The idea is to explore your destination extensively to discover the city’s uniqueness, people, food, and culture. Therefore, spend as much time as possible in a single city or destination before moving to the next. The culture will help you develop an in-depth understanding of the destination while enhancing the quality of your experience.

Acquire A Travel Insurance

Getting a remote work visa isn’t enough, as mishaps can happen when you least expect. Therefore, invest in travel insurance to cover you in times of crisis or mishaps. For instance, you can experience injuries or luggage theft. The travel insurance you invest in will always protect you against mishaps.

We work with many insurance companies for digital nomads in Spain, contact us and ask for advice. Here you will find information for expats health insurance.

Benefits of Becoming A Digital Nomad Living in Spain

Spain visa digital nomad

Digital nomadism is gaining popularity, and many professionals and freelancers are adopting the lifestyle. The lifestyle is highly beneficial, and below are but a few.

Flexible Work Space

Digital nomadism loathes the idea of cubical confinement. Office cubicles can get less inspiring and sterile. Nonetheless, digital nomadism ushers you into a life of travel and fun-filled outdoor experiences. Consequently, you can determine when to work indoors and when to work in the beachfront, coffee shop, or the park.

Less Stressful

Unlike office-centric work, digital nomads experience a less hassling work life. Remote working doesn’t require you to move from one boardroom to another, making multiple presentations, and getting into unnecessary arguments with co-workers. You are the one defining and creating your working environment as per your preferences and needs. Consequently, you are prone to enjoy more while becoming overly productive.
Commuting from one place to another is tedious and time-consuming. Nonetheless, digital nomads commute not unless they are on their exploration trips. Therefore, you will always decide when and where to work from. Additionally, no dress code is necessary, and you can work in your casual wear. Nonetheless, developing a healthy working routine is imperative for success.

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You Are in Charge of Your Schedule

Digital nomads working from Spain don’t have to work from 9 am through 5 pm. Digital nomadism defines their working schedules gratifying their travel and working needs. For example, not all people are comfortable working during the day. Thus, digital nomadism allows you to schedule your work for the early morning hours if you are a morning person. Consequently, you can have time to explore the Spanish city you are living in during the day.

Getting Paid to Tour New Places

Digital nomadism is highly lucrative as you get paid to tour. Your stay in Spain allows you to tour multiple sites and cities while generating income. Your living expenses will substitute the money you spent on food, housing, and travel back home. Thus, you will be pocketing the money while touring the city. Many people dream of such a life.

Digital nomads in Spain have fun balancing their work and exploration needs. That’s why you need to consider joining the digital nomad community in Spain. However, you need to prepare for the lifestyle and apply for necessary remote working visas. The above guideline will simplify the process, hence eliminating unwanted hassles and hustles.

Do you want to come and live in Spain as a digital nomad? In our office we will be happy to help you and guide you through the whole process.

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