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The S1 form allows UK state pensioners who are residents of Spain to receive UK-funded healthcare from Spain. Those under the withdrawal agreement also receive emergency treatment, primary care and hospital treatment when they visit the UK. The S1 form is provided by the Overseas Healthcare Services arm of the NHS. You can fill out the form online or request it by phone when you call the NHS. Alternatively, you can visit the NHS offices in the UK and register S1 form in Spain by phone.

What Documents Do I Need to Register My S1 in Spain?

If you are living in Spain, the S1 is one of the three ways that you can receive healthcare in the country. An S1 holder must register with the Spanish authorities. They will also be asked to provide the TIE, or the Green residency document, along with an updated certificate of registration (empadronamiento in Spanish). Other requirements include a passport and a photocopy of the identification page and the duly completed and signed SI form.

Healthcare Details for UK Nationals Living in Spain

All residents need to register with the local authorities in order to access healthcare in Spain. Once one is registered for state healthcare, they have access to all the basic services for free. They may only be required to pay for some items, like prescriptions, that may come at a reduced price. The UK nationals have access to the Spanish benefits in several ways in which the S1 is one way.

Who is Entitled to Get the S1 Certificate?

You may be eligible to receive the S1-based healthcare if you are living in Spain and have begun to draw a UK State Pension. This care is only extended the EU countries and Switzerland. If you will live permanently out of these areas, you will not be entitled to the S1 benefits as offered by the NHS.

On the other hand, if you lived in Spain before January 1, 2021 and received any form of contribution-based Employment Support Allowance or any other exportable healthcare benefit, you may be entitled to receive the benefits when you register S1 in Spain.

Where Can I Get an S1 Form?

If by any case you receive the UK Sate Pension as well as any other pension from an EU member country and now you have decided to move and live permanently in Spain, the country where you paid the pension contributions the longest becomes responsible for your healthcare. You may register S1 in Spain within 90 days before you move and start to live in Spain. If you are not applying for the form online, you can have the form sent to your UK address if you need it as part of your visa application to Spain.

However, for you to register S1 in Spain, you are required to have an address in Spain. This address can be temporary. However, if you decide to change the address you are supposed to contact the NHSBSA and relevant authorities in Spain and let them know your new address. This is vital for preventing confidential information getting to the wrong address.

Once you are issued the S1 form online, you will register it with the Spanish authorities. Do this before registering for healthcare in the country or receiving a medical card. Once this is done, you will be able to use a UK-issued GHIC or EHIC card which has state-funded medical treatment in any EU country using the national insurance number.

What Other Changes Do You Need to Know About?

People who claim certain exportable benefits such as the Carer’s Allowance, Attendance Allowance, Disability Living Allowance and Personal Independence Payment, cannot register S1 in Spain based on receiving any of these benefits. However, the state allows you to receive the S1 benefits if you have any other qualifying industrial accident or bereavement benefits or if you can export the maternity allowance. The NHS sometimes issues a limited-time S1 form. You have an opportunity to renew it as long as you are still eligible for the benefits that have been discussed above.

How to Register S1 in Spain

These are the different ways to register the S1 in Spain:

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Registering S1 in Person

There are two ways you can register the S1 form in Spain in person for the S1, as explained below.

Register S1 Form in Spain Through a Registry

You can send the documentation required for the registration of your S1 form to the INSS via an official registry like the one found in your local town hall. However, it is important to make sure that the registry has contact with the INSS. The process of getting assisted depends on the town and the corresponding health centre after you bring a completed application form. In many cases, a social worker at the town hall or the local health centre can assist you with the application procedure.

Visiting the National Social Security Institute

If you do not wish to go through a registry, you may schedule an appointment with the INSS office and deliver the documents required for the processing of your Spanish healthcare benefits. This is tougher than the first option as you must book an appointment. The availability again depends on your town or province. Visit the official INSS website to book an appointment.

When booking an appointment, you will be asked to provide your personal details by completing a form as explained below.

After filling in your name and location, you will be required to provide a Spanish phone number. The phone number will be used to call you if you request a phone call appointment. The INSS also sends a reminder for your appointment through SMS. Therefore, you need to provide a number that will always be available to you.

The form will also provide you with three options for the appointment search. Here are the options.

  1. The option to have the first appointment available at a healthcare centre that is closest to the postal code that you have provided in the form. You will still be required to provide the preferred postal code in the grey box next to this option.
  2. An option to have the first appointment at a healthcare facility in the province
  3. You have the option to select the healthcare centre where you would like to have an appointment along with the day and time that you wish to have the appointment.

If you go for the second and third options, you will be required to select the province in which to have the first appointment from a drop-down menu. There is a security question at the bottom of the page which provides a challenge to determine if you are human. You will be required to answer in Spanish.

Once you are past the stage, click on ‘Siguiente’ to see the available appointments that you can request. From the window that pops up select this option: SOLICITUD DE OTRAS PRESTACIONES (salvo IMV) and complete the step by clicking on ‘Seleccionar y Continuar’. If it is your lucky day, you will see a list of appointments available to you. Go through the list and pick one of the options provided.

If you are not lucky, you will receive a message that says that there are no available appointments, but there is a chance that you can still submit. There is a higher likelihood of receiving a message that says that there are no appointments than of getting an appointment with the organization. Read on to know about the online method and how to go about it.

Can I Apply for S1 Form Online?

The lack of appointments at the INSS in many instances leaves registering the S1 Online as the only viable method to have your S1 documentation reach the body. The good thing is that the INSS allows you to use the portal even if you do not have a digital certificate installed on your computer.

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Like in the case above, you will need to have all the documents ready before you start the registration process. In addition to the standard items that are listed above, you will need to scan your fully filled and signed S1 form. You will also need to download and complete the healthcare application form. Note that the form will be in Spanish.

In addition to all the standard documents, you will also need to provide a valid email address, a Spanish telephone number, and your número de identidad de extranjero (NIE).

How Do I Register My S1 in Spain?

Step 1: Fill the S1 Registration

register s1 spain

Start by completing the S1 registration form in full. How do I download an S1 form? You can just access it online download it to your computing device. Ensure that all the information that you fill in is accurate and corresponds with the documents that you have in your possession. Otherwise, you may face legal consequences if the information is found to be incorrect.

Step 2: Access the Registration Website

Visit the following website: Once it loads up, click ‘enviar solicitud’ to continue with your registration process.

register s1 form spain

You will be asked to provide your email address in the box provided on the site. This is used to confirm that you are really a human being and not a robot. After giving the email address, click “no soy un robot” and complete by clicking “confirmar correo”. The website will send you a code at the email address provided. Write the code provided in the verification box that will pop up on the website to register S1 form in Spain.

Step 3: Verification of the Details

register s1 form in spain

You will be asked to fill in your identification details in the provided box. Once all the details are complete, please click “hacer foto” to take an image of you holding the TIE card as proof that the details provided above are yours.

Once you take a photo of yourself holding the TIE card, you will be asked to upload both the front and back of the card on the website. If you have not exchanged the Green Residency document or the favourable resolution received from Extranjería, you can upload your passport or non-lucrative visa Spain. Once all these documents are uploaded, click “continuar” to go to the next step.

Once you are done providing all the information, you will be asked to input your contact information and address that will be used in your communications. Please provide a Spanish telephone number. If there is any other information that you wish to enter that may be beneficial or increase the chances of you getting registered, enter it under the “informactióon adicional”

Apart from your TIE or passport, you can also upload other documents that are relevant to your application, such as a residence document, in the section listed as “Puedes arrastrar el fichero o haz clic para poder subirlo desde tu ordenador”. Once you are satisfied that you have entered all the information needed for the application, click “Sí, doy mi consentimiento” which means that you agree to the use of your personal data and allow the National Social Institute to contact you. Finally, confirm that you are not a robot as in the cases described above and complete the process by clicking “Firmar solicitud” and completing it with “continuar”.

Once this step is completed, you will be asked to provide your email address once again. Again, you will receive an email from the website with the code that you will use to verify the account and complete your application. Fill in the code in the box provided and make a signature using the trackpad, mouse or touchscreen. After this step is completed, click “continuar” to complete the step.

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You will receive a message that says that your application has been received. The message will also provide your tracking number, ódigo de seguimiento. Keep this number because you may need it later.

We recommend that you download the application receipt by clicking ódigo de seguimiento. You can store the same on your device for reference. You should also receive an email from the website confirming that they have indeed received your application and providing the same tracking number as provided in the final application message.

The email will also indicate that in the event of any missing information or any other data that may be needed, the INSS will contact you to provide the information. You may also receive another email with a link that shows where to add an additional document or any other information. The link “este enlace” will be found on the message body and directs you to a section called “consultar estado/aportar documentación”. On this link, you will also find all the documentation that you have already provided and a summary of your application.

Check the Status of the Application S1 Forms

register s1

You can check the status of your application by clicking “Ya he presentado una solicitud y quiero conocer su estado y/o aportar más documentación” You can access the page in the following link:

When checking the status of the application, you will be asked to provide the tracking number of the application as well as the NIE number. When you visit the website, click “recibir código de acceso” and you will receive the code via email to access the application. Then, provide a code, confirm that you are not a robot, and finally click on the “continuar” button.

The status of the application may be in progress or completed. You will also find out if the INSS requires additional information from you and how you can submit it. For additional information, you will also get an email to the address you provided telling you what you are supposed to do to provide the information.

Communication on the Completed S1 Registration

If your registration goes through, you will receive a message via your email that says that your application status is now resolved. You will also get a link in the email body that takes you to the application status page. Here, you will receive information regarding your application and specific details of your registration. You can now get a golden visa Spain and start enjoying the healthcare benefits.

What Documents Do I Need to Register with a Doctor in Spain?

When the application is approved and registered, you receive a Spanish certifying document that shows that you are entitled to national healthcare. To obtain the document and begin receiving state healthcare and having a family doctor assigned to your needs, you will have to take the document to a health centre in the area.

The doctor will help you apply for a SIP card. You can use the link below to find the nearest health centre to your location.
Once you get a SIP card, you will be eligible to enjoy basic healthcare services across Spain with payments from the NHS. If there are issues with the card, you will receive notifications on the same from your registered contacts with information on what to do.

Get Help Registering the S1

You can get help to register S1 form in Spain. The process is quite long and exhausting. However, with a little help, you can register your S1 form fast, effectively, and with minimal errors. Let us help you through the process as you get yourself ready to be a resident in Spain. Reach out to us today and let us help you go about your application.

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We will ask you to provide the items that we have listed above and do all the follow-up and processing on our end. It is convenient and saves you time.

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