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Spain is one of the favorite destinations for many international students, as they decide to move to Spain because of the good business schools and universities in the country. Although Spain was traditionally known for studying law, it has well-known business degrees and programs that students can capitalize on. International students love Spain’s higher education institutions for their ability to provide a holistic academic experience. Statistics show that international students enrolled in Spanish universities in the academic year 2019/2020 were 208,366. Students who study business in Spain have the opportunity to learn at top schools that are internationally ranked as the best. There are around 80 universities in Spain that appeal to international learners owing to the wonderful climate, lifestyle, and opportunities for career and academic development.

This article contains information about the best business schools in Spain. We have highlighted both private and public universities best ranked for offering business degrees in Spain. The Spanish business schools equip students with the relevant competencies and skills to thrive in the job market. The schools are characterized by conducive learning environments, pocket-friendly fees, excellent teaching, skills acquisition, and a welcoming academic community. Some of the top business schools in Spain include:

best business schools in spain
best undergraduate business schools in spain

List of the Best business schools in Spain for international students

In this list you will find the best business schools in Spain for foreign students. Most of the students come from the United States and South America. Remember that if you are a non-EU citizen, you need to obtain a Spanish visa.

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ESADE Business School, best business schools in barcelona

The school is located in Barcelona, Spain. If you want to build your dream career path in business, ESADE business school is the best destination for you. It offers business programs that enhance your innovativeness, negotiation, collaboration, leadership, and communication skills. In ESADE, you have a chance to study your business program in English language, or other languages such as French, German, and Spanish. The school prioritizes hands-on experience for students in an attempt to adequately prepare them for the labour market. The Three largest international business school accreditation associations, including The Association of MBAs, The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, and the European Foundation for Management Development accredited ESADE Business School.
The main study programs offered at ESADE include business administration, international management, marketing digital, and marketing management, all available in the English language. The tuition fees and duration required to complete the degree are dependent on the chosen program. Studying at this school exposes students to benefits such as student body diversification, excellent teaching expertise from the ESADE staff, obtaining an internationally recognized degree, and an opportunity to dwell in one of the most fascinating and highly ranked cities in Europe.

IE Business School

Located in Madrid, Spain, IE Business School is among the best options for students wishing to pursue their business studies in an internationally recognized academic community. The dynamic and diverse environment offers learners unlimited opportunities to achieve their potential, grow and develop, explore new ideas, and develop relevant skills based on their chosen career path in the business world. The school’s mission is to create a breed of business professionals with the capacity to thrive and venture into a successful career in the international market. EI Business School is accredited by the trio’s largest international accreditation associations, the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), the Association of MBAs (AMBA), and the EFMD Quality Improvement System (EQUIS).
The programs you can study in EI include management and finance master’s degrees in both English and Spanish, international trade, digital transformation, and innovation leadership masters degree in the English language. Enrol for your master s degrees in IE Business School to have an experience with innovative tutoring techniques, limitless networking possibilities, and learner-based teaching and enjoy the opportunity to be in one of the top three Europe’s business schools.

IESE Business School

IESE is among the best business schools located in Barcelona, well-known for equipping students with the fundamental transformation both personally and professionally for a successful business career. The business school campus in Madrid prepares students to overcome national and global challenges that may arise in the corporate world. Once you enrol in a business program at IESE, you will learn to view business entities and companies from a management point of view. The school boosts students’ confidence and managerial and leadership skills and equips them with strong decision-making capacities to succeed as a leader.
You can study for a master’s degree in management, business-administration (MBA), and research in management. The programs last between 11 to 19 months and the exact cost depend on the student’s program choice. IESE Business School exposes students to advantages such as extensive expert training, competitive technology, a fascinating community of global students, higher employment chances after completing the program, and networking skills enhancement.

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EADA Business School

EADA is located in Barcelona, Spain, and is the only top-ranked, internationally accredited business school in the city centre. EADA’s commitment is to fully develop students’ skills in management through a practical approach. The students are taught in groups to foster international growth to prepare them for the modern global corporate environment. This unique teaching approach nurtures students’ confidence and skills for effective membership and leadership in diverse and dynamic corporate environments and the application of current best professional practices in real-world situations. EADA Business School equips learners with relevant logical analytical and critical thinking skills for a pursuit of a successful career in the real business world.
Common programs in this business school include Master in management, finance, tourism and hospitality management, and sustainable business and innovation among others; all offered in the English language and last between four and ten months. The school also offers a bachelor in business administration that lasts for four years. The School will expose you to benefits such as interacting with a diverse student community from over 100 countries, the availability of scholarships, unique tutoring methodologies, exchange semester programs, and teaching through both theoretical and practical curricula.

Toulouse Business School

The triple-accredited school, located in Barcelona, Spain, stands out in education quality, collaboration, and a diversified international environment. The school offers unique degrees that are globally recognized and prepares students for successful business careers. Once you are admitted to Toulouse Business School, you have an opportunity to learn in a conducive environment to acquire fundamental analytical and technical skills in the specific business speciality. The school also offers students an opportunity to participate in a multi-campus learning experience by dividing classes among recognized campuses of the school.
Toulouse Business School stands out from other universities in Europe for its triple accreditation. It offers programs such as management, international business, marketing management, fashion, and luxury marketing among others. Some of the benefits of schooling at the Toulouse school of business include students’ cultural diversity, increased employability after graduation, professional networking, and internationally recognized degrees and diplomas.

EAE Business School

EAE Business School is located in Barcelona, Spain, and offers programs that expose students to career opportunities in the corporate world. The multidisciplinary nature of the business programs at EAE school gives them outstanding global recognition. The programs are best fit for career-oriented students who are eager to learn and make the business world better because they hone their academic knowledge, technical, and soft skills required to succeed as leaders and business professionals.
EAE offers different programs including administration and management, international business, project management, and finance at the bachelor’s and master’s levels. Graduates from this business school have access to various opportunities for professional development, limitless employment offers, and networking skills expansion chances.

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Geneva Business School

At Geneva Business School, students have the opportunity to succeed in academics and excel m their chosen career paths. The school collaborates with stakeholders, engages in partnerships, and secures company placements for students. These strategies enable the Geneva school to contribute toward sustainability by properly educating future leaders. The school is known for its unmatched teaching staff, excellent business programs, and diverse student culture with over 85 nationalities.
The school offers international management programs at the bachelor’s and master’s levels, a doctorate in administration, and MBA in Fine Art International Management among others. The duration of the programs ranges between one and a half to three years. In Geneva, all courses are offered in the English language, with individual students’ personalized monitoring. To secure admission to Geneva Business School, Spanish and French language proficiency is not a requirement since the programs are taught in the English language.

ESERP Business School, best business schools europe

The institution offers internationally recognized programs with a lever of university instruction that allows students to establish a practical career and advance their skill sets. ESERP Business School collaborates with prestigious companies globally to expose students to different opportunities. The school has learning centres in Barcelona, Madrid, and Palma de Mallorca, affiliated or connected with business schools and spanish universities and beyond.
The institution aims at serving society by creating expert graduates equipped with relevant skills and confidence to venture into the global employment market. In this school, you can study for a bachelor of business management and administration in Spanish, a bachelor of international business in English and Spanish, a master of business and strategic management, or an MBA in the English language. Enrolling in a business program at ESERP exposes you to multiple benefits including opportunities arising from the institution’s collaboration with businesses, excellent teaching staff members who are professionals of prestigious business entities, a diverse international student community, availability of programs in all degree levels, provision of free courses in the Spanish language for international learners.

top business schools in spain
best business schools in spain – best undergraduate business schools in spain

Universitat de Barcelona Business School

The school is located in Barcelona, Spain, and its mission is to offer postgraduate programs that are attractive internationally through a social responsibility approach. Its programs aim at encouraging students to innovatively develop business solutions for the long-run service to society and the entire business world. Universitat de Barcelona Business School, being one of the highly-ranked universities in Spain offers students excellent qualifications to fit in the labour market and the corporate world. It is one of Europe’s most prestigious universities located in Barcelona, which is among the world’s best university cities. Graduates from Universitat de Barcelona have higher employability in Spain.
You can get grants and other funding options once you enrol in this business school. Among European Universities, this university leads in research. The programs you can study in this business school include business research, executive MBA, and international business among others. The cost and duration depend on the chosen program.

EU Business School

EU Business School equips learners with critical expertise and skills relevant to effective leadership. The teaching programs are characterized by the elaboration of complex business aspects, teaching problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, and how to achieve excellence in business across various industries. The school comprises field experts such as business consultants, entrepreneurs, and leaders who work together to equip students with skills and competencies from various perspectives.
EU Business School offers bachelor’s programs in business-administration and international relations as well as master’s in marketing among others. The programs last between one and three years. Students who enrol in the EU school are assured of scholarly excellence with the help of expert tutors. The school has flexible study options for students, offering both online and on-campus modules. Additionally, 98% of the scholars are international with 90% chances of securing a job after graduating.

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GBSB Global Business School in Spain

Located in Barcelona, Spain, the global business school embraces extensive innovation and creates growth and development opportunities for scholars in various professional aspects. The internationally accredited school provides high-quality and artistic education for proactive and visionary professionals in the business world. The student community comprises over 85 nationalities, creating a conducive, diverse, and unique learning environment. Each student receives optimum attention from the academic staff because they are taught in small groups.
GBSB is a prestigious internationally recognized business school and one of the world’s best business schools. The campus is easy to access using public means of transport. The academic staff teaches all the programs in the English language. The programs include a bachelor in administration and digital innovation, digital marketing, and business administration and digital innovation with digital entrepreneurship. Master’s programs you can study in this school include international business management and finance

ESEI Business School

ESEI offers customized learning based on individual students’ outstanding values. The programs range from undergraduate, to postgraduate, language, and professional courses. Using innovative and state-of-art tools, the school helps students to reach and demonstrate their full potential. Studying at ESEI Business School gives you an opportunity to study in an international community to acquire globally recognized qualifications.
The programs you can study in this business school include business management, a diploma in business, administration, and marketing and communication. From ESEI, students receive project-based learning, small learning groups, approachable and readily available teaching staff, and legibility for multiple employment opportunities.

FAQ About the Top Business Schools in Spain

Business schools in spain
university of barcelona – business in spain

Some of the frequently asked questions regarding top business schools in Spain include:

Does Spain have good business schools?

Yes, most of Europe’s best business schools are located in Spain. A recent study by the Financial Times, one of the most famous and credible rankings shows that seven out of the 95 Europe’s best business schools were either located in Spain or had branch campuses in the city.

What is the number 1 university in Spain?

The University of Barcelona is among the largest universities in Spain, admitting both national and international scholars every year. The university offers 73 bachelor’s degree programs, over 140 standard master’s degrees, 48 postgraduate diplomas, and over 400 UB-specific master’s degree courses and postgraduate diplomas.

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What is the #1 business school in Europe?

The Financial Times Executive Education Rankings has ranked the International Institute of Management Development (IMD) in the top five business schools in the world for over 15 years consecutively. It is globally recognized for its international diversity with three prestigious triple crown accreditations from EFMD EQUIS, AACSB, and AMBA.

What Business Programs can I study in Spain?

You can study various business subjects in Spain as speciality areas or as standalone programs. Examples include finance, business management and administration, entrepreneurship, supply chain management and logistics, and business analytics among others.

What are the top 3 universities in Spain?

For us the best business schools in Spain would be:

  • ESERP Business School
  • ESADE Business School
  • IESE Business School

Which EU Business School is the best?

The IMD is ranked as the best European Business school followed by INSEAD, and IESE Business School.
Having learned about the best business schools in Spain, you can decide which of the schools best fits your ambition to pursue higher education. Some of the factors to consider when choosing a business school include financial implications, personal tastes and preferences, program specifications, location, the distance between the campus and the city, provision of accommodation, and the desired education level. Make an informed decision on your business school of choice that matches your budget, specific program needs, and personal preferences.

After deciding to study abroad, whether in Barcelona or Madrid, applying, and being accepted to your dream business school, organize a Student Visa Spain service and make all the necessary travel arrangements. Ensure you have all the required documentation, private health insurance, well-written admission essays, and adequate financial resources that will take you through the study period.

The resources you require depend on whether you prefer an on-campus or online study program. Also consider your chances of receiving funding, scholarships, and grants as well as employment opportunities after graduation before settling on a particular business school.

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