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Universities and colleges play a huge and vital role in equipping students with the right skills to survive as global citizens. These days, education has become even more interesting with the introduction of scholarships that allows students to study even outside their country. Studying abroad comes with its own benefits, teaching you a different language, showing a student the different styles of education, introducing them to other cultures and perspectives, and more. Many international students from the US, Canada, and Britain prefer studying in Spain. Spain is the largest country in Southern Europe, meaning it has much to offer in education and otherwise. This article will discuss the most popular courses in Spain that international students pursue, the top universities in the country, why many students prefer studying in Spain over other countries in Europe, and more.

Course: Degree in Law

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A law degree is one course in Spain that many international students choose. The country offers an excellent higher education system and top-notch universities. There are many specializations in law that you can study in the country, including international criminal law, European Union Law, Tax Law, Environment Law, Corporate Law, and Public International Law. A degree in law obtained from any higher education institution in the country allows you to practice law anywhere globally. It gives you an added advantage since Spain has some of the best law schools in Europe.


Getting an MBA is one course in Spain you should consider getting if you already have a bachelor’s degree in business administration. In the institutions, you will be equipped with necessary skills such as teamwork, planning, critical thinking, negotiation, problem-solving, and creativity. The institutions allow you to choose an MBA course of your liking from options such as MBA in Human Resources Management or popularly known as MBA in HRM, MBA in International Marketing, MBA in International Hospitality Management, and MBA in Global Banking and Finance. Many business schools in Spain are triple-accredited by AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS. Several of the business schools in Spain even feature in the Financial Times in the list of the best Global MBA in the world.

Course: Study Spanish in Spain

Spain welcomes thousands of international students to study in the country. There are over 190,000 international students in the country studying various courses. However, many of these students speak a foreign language, and they usually take a Spanish language course to make it easy for them to interact with the people in the country. When you study Spanish in Spain, it becomes easier for you to perfect the language and learn how to speak it correctly.
While in the country, the most common language will be Spanish, and that’s why it is important to take Spanish language classes before you start pursuing your course. It is quite affordable, and the course in Spain does not take long. There are many cities you can learn Spanish in Spain, including Salamanca, Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Valencia, and more.
Spanish courses Barcelona and Spanish courses Madrid do not take long. Furthermore, a Spanish course in the country is quite affordable, costing around $724 per week, including accommodation, meals, and school supplies. You could find cheaper or more expensive courses, depending on several factors such as the duration of the course, the school, the experience of the teachers, and the city.
Learning Spanish before beginning your studies will be beneficial to you. With the understanding of the language, you will find it easy to communicate with Spanish speakers in the country, find it easy to travel around the country, and increase your chances of getting a job since you will be well-versed in two languages. It might make it easy to learn the next language. Furthermore, you will enjoy Spanish music and theater while you are there.

Course: Computer Science and IT

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Computer Science is among the most in-demand courses in the world. Taking computer science as a course in Spain is an excellent idea since we live in a digital age where skills in computer science are vital. Furthermore, a degree in computer science will ensure you receive higher earnings in the future since it is one of the best paying careers. Spanish Universities allow you to specialize in the computer science specialization of your choice, including Data Analysis, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Security Engineering, or Big Data & Analytics. Spanish universities offering computer science are recognized worldwide. They will equip you with other skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and analytical skills that will help you throughout your career.

Study Engineering

Engineering is offered throughout the world, and if you want to study overseas, there is no better country to study in than Spain. You can study many engineering courses in Spain, including chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, engineering in Topography, and Aerospace Engineering. Engineering is a top course in Spain offered in many universities in the country, such as the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Autonomous University of Barcelona, and the University of Barcelona. The universities will equip you with all the skills you need to be an excellent engineer.

Study Medicine in Spain

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Medicine is a popular course in Spain for international students, and it is for a good reason. Studying medicine in the country gives you an opportunity to study in some of the top schools in the world, attaining a degree that will be valued throughout the world. To be enrolled in a medical school in Spain, you will need to submit your high school diploma and your transcripts. You will also need to take the BioMedical Admissions test before ongoing the registration process. Universities in Spain allow you to study medicine in either English or Spanish. Regardless of the language to be used for learning, the universities in Spain will equip you with everything you should know about medicine and make it easy for you in the job market since a medical degree from a Spanish school is highly valued. Medicine is a broad course, and you can specialize in various specializations such as Biomedicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, Dentistry, Neuroscience, Veterinary, or Physiotherapy.

Best Universities for Foreigners in Spain

If you have figured out a course in Spain that you want to pursue, you need to find a top university where you can study it. Spain has a total of 76 universities, 24 of the universities being private, seven being Catholic universities, and the rest being public universities. The universities in Spain are well ranked, with 12 them ranking among the top 500 universities in the world according to the 2024 QQS World University Rankings. If you are wondering where you can study the course in Spain, here are the top universities in the country:

University of Barcelona
According to the 2024 QQS World University Rankings University of Barcelona is the best university in the country, ranking at position 168. The university is well-known for its international excellence, and it is usually an obvious choice for international students. Apart from quality education and top courses, the University of Barcelona also offers international students a fun activity and opportunities to learn Spanish culture.

University of Cadiz
If you are looking for authentic Spanish study, you cannot do better than the University of Cadiz. The university offers top courses such as engineering, medicine, and law. It also gives one a chance to interact with the friendly locals who can help you learn Spanish. The University of Cadiz gives you a chance to enjoy some of the best beaches in Southern Spain and enjoy fantastic foods from the Spanish culture.

University of Valencia
The University of Valencia is located in the city of Valencia, the third-largest city in the country. The university has been around for more than 520 years, and it is one of the oldest universities in the country. The university offers all the top courses, and it is located in a very convenient environment. Its campuses are located near the beaches, so you can always take a stroll after a long day in school. Many people in the area speak Spanish, so language learning will be important before you can start your classes.

University of Granada
The University of Granada usually gets a huge chunk of international students studying in the country. The university has five campuses, and you can find the course in Spain you want to study there. The University of Granada is designed to meet the needs of students from all over the world, so you can be sure that you will feel comfortable on one of the campuses, regardless of where you come from.

University of Salamanca
The University of Salamanca is one of the oldest universities in the world and the oldest university in Spain. The university was founded in 1218, and it is a place where you will find it easy to learn Spanish culture. It is a top destination for students from all over the world, offering top courses such as medicine, engineering, computer science, law, and IT.

Complutense University of Madrid
The Complutense University of Madrid provides students with a wide array of facilities that will help them obtain the degree they are studying for in the university. The university is often considered the best choice for international students since it is located in the country’s capital, and the city provides incredible arts and nightlife. The Complutense University is often ranked among the best universities in the country. What’s more, you can learn the Spanish language as you continue with your course.

Why Study in Spain?

There are many countries in Europe you can choose if you want to study in the continent, but why choose Spain to pursue a course in Spain? Well, there are many reasons international students choose to study in Spain, and they include:

  • Spain is one of the safest countries to study in the world. The people there coexist in peace, and if you love the outdoors, you will enjoy your time in the country.
  • The quality of education in Spain is top-notch, meaning your resume will earn points in the job market if your degree was obtained from a university in Spain.
  • The Spanish language is a great motivator since it is one of the most spoken languages in the world, meaning many of the international students already speak the language, making it easy for them to fit in.
  • Spain is rich in culture, and students go there to learn more about the country.
  • The Spanish environment provides diversity since people from all over the world study in various universities in the country.
  • Spain has some attractive destinations that students can explore while they are in the country.
  • The Spanish people are always so welcoming, which makes the students feel comfortable in the country’s universities.

The Cost of Studying and Staying in Spain?

Education in Spain is quite affordable, especially if you are coming from a country in the European Union. Students from countries in the European Union pay the same fees as students from Spain, while those from non-EU countries may pay higher prices. The fees are set by the state, and they vary from one university to another. Generally, you can expect to pay between 750 euros and 2100 euros per year for a bachelor’s degree. The fees for a master’s degree are a bit higher, considering that it costs between 1320 euros and 4320 euros per year. Private universities are more costly compared to public ones. Choose a university within your budget and inquire if you require a visa to study in the country.

Requirements to Study in Spain?

Generally, students from the United States wanting to study in Spain for a Semester or Academic year lasting for more than 90 days are legally required to get a student visa. If you are not in the US and want to know if you will require a visa to study there, contact the Spanish embassy in your country, and they will direct you on what to do.