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Academically, culturally, and socially, studying in Spain is an enriching experience. Many students from all around the world are considering studying in Spain. Besides their academic potential, Spanish universities are extremely economical, particularly compared to popular study abroad locations such as the United States.

Spanish universities are divided into 45 state-run and supported institutions and 31 private or catholic institutions. The QS World University Rankings 2019 includes 25 Spanish institutions, 13 of which are ranked in the world’s top 500. Madrid and Barcelona are home to the country’s two most prestigious universities.

best universities in spain

In addition to its gastronomy, siestas and fiestas, Spain should be added to your travel itinerary because of its top-ranked colleges. According to ratings released by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, Spain is home to twenty-nine of the world’s best institutions.

Keep in mind that state institutions in Spain are often less expensive than private universities. For those seeking a cheap alternative, public institutions may be the best choice for their needs. Tuition costs for students in Spain are greater than those for students from the rest of the European Union. The typical tuition prices in Spain are acceptable and cheap, especially when compared to the cost of life and rent in the country.

Many students flock to Spain each year because of its welcoming and laid-back culture. When you’re not in class, you may enjoy the sun’s rays and the tranquility of the beach. Colleges and universities worldwide compete for students by charging affordable tuition rates. Business programs in Spanish universities are often considered as some of the best in the world. For those who wish to land a job in Spain or a global organization, the option to study Spanish is a huge plus.


Here we will have a list of the best universities in Spain grouped in different groups such as the universities of Madrid and Barcelona.

The best universities in Madrid

Autonomous University of Madrid

According to the QS World University Rankings 2019, the Autonomous University of Madrid is now ranked 159th in the world. More than thirty-six thousand students are enrolled in UAM’s eight academic departments, including the Faculty of Law, which is widely regarded. The main site, Canto Blanco Campus, is located 15 kilometers north of Madrid and is one of the three branches. The University of Madrid prides itself on having King Felipe VI of Spain as a former student and alumnus.

Complutense University of Madrid

It is worth noting that this university is one of its oldest higher education institutions. The campus was started in 1293 and renamed in 1499, when it was given its current name. When it comes to dental education, the Complutense University of Madrid now ranks 206th globally and is ranked in the top 50 institutions in the world in this field. More than 86,000 students studied at the University, and it was one of the initial colleges to give a Doctorate degree to a female student in the sixteenth century, making it among the most ancient oldest institutions in the world today.

Carlos III University

This University de Madrid is a university that is open to the general public and is located in the Madrid Community. This institution has opted to provide English-taught groups in several of its most popular degree programs because of the tremendous demand. Students at UC3M can take their classes in English or a second language. It is possible to enroll in one of two tracks: one where all of your coursework will be taught solely in English, or another where you will take half of your classes in English. UC3M aspires to enhance the world via its work in education and research.

Best universities in Barcelona

best universities in spain

University of Barcelona (Universidad de Barcelona)

This University is among the best universities in Spain and is globally ranked second. Among the most ancient universities in the world, founded in 1450 and had a rich history that dates back to the Medieval Ages. Sixty-three thousand undergraduate and postgraduate students are enrolled in courses at the University’s 16 faculties and 106 departments, spanning many academic disciplines. The Universitat de Barcelona is one of the world’s top 100 institutions in a wide range of fields of study.

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Pompeu Fabra University

The facilities and services of Pompeu Fabra University are widely regarded as superb. The University of Pompeu Fabra is well-known for its high caliber of research and instruction. Approximately 20% of its university students are given scholarships, while 40% are eligible for tuition reductions. This University is easily accessible by public transportation. Seminars at the University’s bachelor programs are geared towards helping students apply what they’ve learned in the classroom in the real world. Small class sizes and superior learning and teaching methods help students acquire the skills essential for a successful profession.

Autonomous University of Barcelona

This is Spain’s third-ranked university. It was founded in 1968 and rated third in 2019. As a result, it has been featured in the QS Top 50 Under 50. – Amongst the top universities in Spain, it is noted for its compact campus, which incorporates all of its scholarly, technological, cultural, and recreational interactions in the same place to promote a strong university community. The distance from Barcelona’s city center to this extensive institution is approximately 20 kilometers.

Other best universities within Spain

University of Granada

In the center of Granada, the Universidad de Granada institution lies amongst the best universities in Spain, and students from other countries may expect to pay roughly €4,760 for tuition, depending on their study program and degree level. Granada University More than 70 undergraduate programs, over 100 master’s degrees, and 28 doctorate programs are available to offer students an opportunity to learn at the University. It’s in a prime Granada location, close to the coast, with first-rate amenities, and steeped in the city’s fascinating history and culture. Jazz, tango, poetry, and dance are just a few of the many forms of art found in Granada.

University of Navarra

St. Jose Maria Escrivá de Balaguer created the University of Navarra in 1952 as a private institution of higher learning. Undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the institution include more than 11,400 students, with numerous overseas master’s students among those enrolled. Both Pamplona and San Sebastián are home to the University’s main campuses, although the University’s famed IESE Business School has offices in several cities worldwide, including Barcelona, Sao Paulo, Madrid and New York. Rafael Moneo, a prominent architect, designed and built the museum’s current technological arts center, which opened to the public in January 2015. According to the QS World University Rankings, this University is ranked amongst the 250 top universities around the globe.

University of Coruña

Apart from being amongst the most affordable colleges in Spain for students, this institution provides courses that are constantly tailored to the requirements of students. University of Coruna was established in 1989 in the Galician region of Galicia and is based in Coruna. Besides standard single majors and double degrees, this institution also provides: Foreign study programs. Degrees that are taught in English. A large number of masters and doctorate programs. Its colleges, schools, and research institutes are spread across two campuses in Corua and Ferrol, which are well-served by public transportation systems.

University of Jaen

Jaen, Andalucía-based University of Jaen, is also one of Spain’s institutions with some of the most affordable tuition rates for foreign students. Although this institution is still in its early stages, the standard of its offerings, instructional approaches, and efficiency has drawn thousands of students to its educational facilities. A total of more than 40 degrees are offered in both several languages, humanities & educational studies, experimental sciences, health & social sciences, law & engineering, and more. Its library comprises more than 480,000 digital books, and in addition to its main campus.

University of Salamanca

It was created in the year 1218, rendering it the ancient University in Spain and one of the most ancient European Universities. The Institution of Salamanca was the first University established in Spain. Because of its competence, state-of-the-art facilities, and cosmopolitan culture, it is consistently ranked with the best universities in Spain. It also draws thousands of exchange and global students each year. In addition to being a renowned school for educating the Spanish language to overseas students, this University has been offering such courses since 1929. Students worldwide come to Salamanca to attend university courses in the heart of the city’s historic center, which has a large student population and excellent infrastructure.

University of Valencia

In Valencia, University of Valencia that dates back to the 15th century, is one of the oldest and best universities in Spain. During your time at this institution, you will indeed be part of a varied and inclusive atmosphere that encourages the advancement of scientific and cultural knowledge while also promoting democratic principles in society. The University of Valencia offers a varied selection of degree programs to choose from and a long and illustrious past (with significant expertise in teaching, innovation, and research). Student participation at an institution that places high importance on quality, evaluation, and development provides benefits in and of itself.

University of Alicante

The University of Alicante is amongst the best universities in Spain, with a student body of more than 30,000 people. Economics, chemical engineering, tourism and hospitality, health sciences, and other fields of study at this institution are the best in Spain. It also provides over 200 courses that are entirely taught in English. The University of Alicante, which has a campus that is considered among the greatest in Europe, is also well-known for its quality of education. This institution seeks to encourage social responsibility among its students by encouraging them to participate in voluntary activities and social organizations. It also arranges a variety of cultural events in theatre, music, film, and visual arts.

The University of Santiago de Compostela

This wonderful institution is found in Galicia, Spain, is perceived among the most cost-effective institutions in the country for students. The global character, academic excellence, and a wide choice of degree programs this University offers to draw around 3,000 global students each year. This University boasts cutting-edge scientific facilities that enable it to provide exceptional research training that is both efficient and affordable. If you join us, you will find yourself in a welcoming environment where you will learn about the fundamentals of your professional career, meet new people while learning about various cultures, and generally feel at ease.

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The University of Zaragoza

The University of Zaragoza was established in 1542 and is located in the Spanish province of Aragon. There are bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs available at all three levels of study at the University. A diversified and multicultural atmosphere in which education and knowledge may flourish is provided by the University of Zaragoza, which has about 2,000 international students among its total student body of almost 30,000. This University is recognized for its dedication to providing high-quality education, innovation, and research. Students at this University get the opportunity to live in a city steeped in history and is noted for its Roman and Islamic influences.


best universities in spain for students

There are several popular top universities in Spain for international students. It doesn’t matter if you desire a bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree; there are plenty of options. In addition, the country offers doctoral degrees in a variety of fields. If you aren’t sure what sort of degree you want to pursue, knowing what the most popular programs in Spain are might be very helpful.

Students worldwide who want to go to school in Spain will almost certainly need a student visa. Thousands of students enroll at Spanish top universities and colleges each year, and the country’s educational standing is well-known worldwide. So why do students from all over the world choose Spain as a study destination? Because it’s a place where they can get an excellent education while having fun in the sun. Citizens of many countries can travel to Spain without a visa, while those from several other nations must first apply for a visa before studying in Spain.

As a student from a non-EU/EEA/Swiss-speaking country, you will need to apply for a visa before you may study in Spain. American nationals will only require a student visa if their program is greater than 90 days in length to study in Spain.

They do not require a Spanish student visa if they will only be in the country for a few weeks to study. An international student from a country not a member of the EU/EEA must apply for a student visa Spain before doing research, training, or continuing education in Spain.

To study in Spain, students from other countries only apply for a residence card from the Spanish authorities, and they do not need to apply for a student visa from the EU/EEA nations or Switzerland. Applicants for a Spanish student visa must provide proof of financial stability or health insurance and an application form. It is possible to apply for one of three types of student visas if you want to attend a Spanish university.


Studying abroad in Spain is a great idea. It is, in fact, right up there with the United States and the United Kingdom as leading international student destinations. The 2020 Global Peace Index, on the other hand, places Spain much above the United States and the United Kingdom in terms of safety and peace.

For students in Spain, the educational system is outstanding, the quality of living exceptional, and the culture fascinating and hospitable. This handbook for students in Spain is a good place to start, but there are a few things one should consider. Take the time to go through everything and make the most of your time in Spain as a study abroad student.

As one of the safest countries globally, Spain is no exception. Spain is ranked 38th out of 163 nations in the 2020 Global Peace Index in terms of peace and security. Although violent crime is rare in Spain, street crime and small-time thievery are as prevalent anywhere else. Students and visitors are generally well-treated in Spain.

Violent crime is virtually non-existent in Spain as a whole. Gun owners must demonstrate that their lives are in danger to obtain a permit for the weapon, which requires yearly medical and psychological evaluations. However, one should consider some factors before visiting Spain.

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Spain is a globally recognized study abroad destination for students worldwide. With a well-developed educational system, multiple degree options, and a pool of academic knowledge that is unequalled, this country excels in higher education. Studying in Spain has many benefits for students, such as the beautiful climate, the busy and enjoyable lifestyle, and the various career or academic chances. To part shot, International students can study successfully at several universities in Spain.

What is the number 1 University in Spain?

The best university in Spain according to some rankings is the University of Barcelona.

What is the most prestigious school in Spain?

The most prestigious universities in Spain are:

  • University of Barcelona.
  • Autonomous University of Barcelona.
  • Pompeu Fabra University.
  • Autonomous University of Madrid.
  • University of Valencia.
  • University of Granada.
  • Complutense University of Madrid.
  • Polytechnic University of Catalonia

Does Spain have good universities?

Spain has 52 universities in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2022.

Is Spain good for international students?

Spain has excellent universities and is an ideal place not only for the quality of its education but also for its good environment, its great startup ecosystem, much cheaper living…

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