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A Complete Guide on Spanish Nationality Online Tracking

Are you wondering if you are eligible for Spanish nationality? Maybe you are planning to study or work in Spain and want to prove your citizenship. Or you are researching your family history and want to know more about your roots. Well, you can easily track your nationality status online. The Spanish government has implemented an online tracking system for obtaining nationality.
This system called cómo va lo, allows applicants to check their application status online and receive notifications about any updates or changes in their application. The system is designed to improve the efficiency of the application process and to provide a better experience for applicants. It also allows the government to track application progress and identify potential issues or delays.
Continue reading this article to the end to learn everything you need to know on how to track Spanish nationality online, from how to navigate through the process to the different alternative ways to check the status of your nationality.

What is como va lo mío?

spanish nationality tracking online

It refers to a digital platform that allows foreigners to checkup the status of applications related to residency permits, citizenship, work permits, and other bureaucratic processes online. This platform is a special service that was created by the Ministry of Justice in Spain (MJUS) and shows the nationality files in real time.
With “cómo va lo mío,” users can track the progress of their applications, receive notifications, and communicate with the relevant authorities, all from a single online portal. The platform has become essential for those navigating the often complex and time-consuming Spanish bureaucracy.

How use the platform to track the state of your nationality

Tracing the status of your nationality application online using como va lo mío is a simple and effective way to stay informed of the progress of your application. Below are the steps on how to use the platform to track the status of your citizenship application.

  • Step 1: Get an R number: The first step you should take when you want to check your nationality file on the platform is to get an R number. The R number which refers to the “Registro de Extranjeros,” is a unique identification number assigned to foreign nationals who have registered with the Spanish authorities. Its good to note that, foreigners can apply for Spanish citizenship depending on years of residence in the country.There are two different ways you can get the R number. If you register your nationality online, you receive the R number automatically, But when you submit your nationality through a public or civil registry it may take even months for the R number to be assigned. It will be assigned after your nationality file is digitized. That is why it is advisable to make online application. Once you have the R number you can proceed to next step.
  • Step 2: Access the platform: The next step is to access the platform and begin tracking the status of your nationality application. To access it, you will be required to fill in the requested fields. You will be required to fill the first box with your NIE number. The NIE number should be entered with capital letters without using any hyphens to avoid server error. After filling in that, the second box you will be required to fill has the letter R. Here, you will key in the identification number of the corresponding nationality file number, which is a six-digit number. Please note that your file number differs from the one assigned from the Civil Ministry but from the Ministry of Justice. The civil registration number will not be valid! Also, fill in the application year that should correspond with the date you applied for the nationality. You can find the application date at the end of the nationality file number you entered before. Lastly, fill in the order field though it is optional. Only fill it out if your file has order field information. Otherwise, please leave it blank. Here you will be able to see the status of your nationality application.
  • Step 3: Check the Status of Your Application: Once you have entered all that data correctly, a new page will open, and now you can access the electronic headquarters of MJUS. This page contains all the data about this particular application at the moment; hence you will be able to see the status of your file. The status will indicate the stage your application is at in the processing, which includes “File request pending,” “Response from file request pending,” “in qualification,” “Being studied,” “Granted,” or “Archived,” and more. If your application is still “In process,” it means that the authorities are still reviewing it, and you will need to wait until they decide.

Does the Platform offer real time and official data?

Before using this online platform to view the status after applying for Spanish citizenship, there are several things you need to note about the information it displays.
Although the Spanish Ministry developed the platform to provide real-time and official information on the status of various administrative procedures, including nationality applications. It’s worth noting that there may be some delay between updates to your application status and the information reflected on the platform. Therefore, the status of your file may be a step ahead of what is reading on the platform incase information is not updated.
Moreover, the status you receive after filling in your data is not official, and printing or screen shooting the image cannot be used to validate any legal process. However, you must wait for official communication if the nationality has been granted or is in whichever stage from the Ministry.
Therefore, if you are using como va lo mío, it is advisable to visit the website periodically to check for any changes.

Are there other alternative ways of checking the Status of your Spanish nationality?

Yes. There are several alternative ways you can use if you want to track the status of your nationality file including

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#1. Contact the Ministry of Justice
You can contact the Ministry directly to inquire about the status of your nationality application. You can do this by a contact form, phone, or email, or by visiting the nearest office in person.
To find out your nationality status using a contact form, you can visit the Ministry’s official website. Look for the contact form on the website, and provide your personal information and nationality file number when submitting your inquiry.
It’s vital to provide accurate and complete information to ensure the administrative authority can locate your application and provide an accurate status update. Once you submit your inquiry, you may need to wait for a response from the administrative authority, which may take several days or weeks, depending on their workload and processing times.
If you don’t receive a response or are not satisfied with the response provided, you can follow up with a phone call or email to the administrative authority for further clarification.
If you opt to contact the Ministry directly, call 902 007 214-91837 22 95. This is a toll-free number within Spain, but if you are calling from outside Spain, you may need to use the international dialing code for Spain (+34) before dialing the number.
When you call, you will be prompted to select your preferred language (Spanish or English) and then directed to a customer service representative who can provide you with information on the status of your nationality application. Be prepared to provide your identification information and application reference number if requested.
Keep in mind that the General Information Service is available Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, and the service may experience high call volumes during peak hours.

#2. Check via “Carpeta Ciudadana”
Another way you can fast track the status of your Spanish citizenship by residence is through a platform called Carpeta Ciudadana. This website shows all your active files with the Spanish public administration. To view the file status, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Carpeta Ciudadana website: Visit the website at citar and click on the option “Acceder” (Access Citizen Folder).
  2. Enter your identification information: To log in, you will need to enter your identification information, such as your National Identity Document (DNI) or Foreigner Identity Number (NIE), and your password.
  3. Navigate to the “Mis Trámites” (My Procedures) section: Once you have logged in, navigate to the “Mis Trámites” (My Procedures) section of the website.
  4. Select the nationality application: Look for the section related to nationality and select the application you want to view the status.
  5. Check Spanish nationality status: Once you have selected the application, you will be able to check the status of your application, including whether it is pending, being processed, or has been approved.
    It’s important to note that this website is only available to Spanish citizens and residents who have a digital certificate or an electronic ID card. If you don’t have a digital certificate or electronic ID card, you may need to use alternative methods to view the status of your nationality application.

#3. Personal Visit
You may also visit the headquarters of the ministry in person to inquire about the status after you apply for Citizenship in Spain. The office is located in C/Bolsa number 8 in Madrid, the capital city of Spain. Before visiting the Headquarters, it is advisable you contact them to confirm their office hours, the documents you need to bring, and any other information or requirements that you may need to know. Besides, you will need to make an appointment before visiting the office.
However, it is good to note that you cannot go and inquire in person on the civil registry.

#4. Hire a lawyer
Finally, you can hire a lawyer to assist you in tracking the status of your nationality file and provide updates on any progress. Moreover, this is the safest and most convenient option.

Why track your Spain Nationality online?

Using a Spain nationality online tracking, such as the “cómo va lo mío” platform, can be beneficial in several ways. First and foremost, it allows you to view the status of nationality your application from anywhere with an internet connection, at any time, without the need to visit a physical office or make phone calls.
The platform provides reliable information on the progress of your application, which can be reassuring and provide peace of mind. It can also help you stay informed about requests for additional documentation or any issues that may arise during the review process.
In addition, online tracking can save time and effort, eliminating the need to physically go to the relevant administrative authority or make phone calls. It also allows you to check your application status at your convenience, which can be particularly useful if you have a busy schedule.

Final Words about spanish nationality tracking online

In conclusion, tracking the status of your nationality in Spain can be a straightforward process if you know where to look and how to access the relevant information. The most common and effective ways to check your nationality status include using the official online platform “Como va lo mío”, contacting the Ministry’s General Information Service by phone, visiting the Ministry headquarters in person, contacting a Spanish embassy or consulate, or hiring a legal representative.
It’s important to keep in mind that processing times for your nationality application can vary depending on various factors, such as the volume of applications, completeness of documentation, and complexity of individual cases. Therefore, it’s always best to follow up regularly and seek assistance or legal advice if you have any concerns or questions about your application.
By staying informed and using the right channels to track your nationality status, you can ensure that you are up-to-date on the progress of your application and take any necessary steps to expedite the process or address any issues that may arise.

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