Reasons to Move to Spain

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Having an opportunity to move to a foreign country can be exciting. You will be eager to try and experience new things. The possibility of excitement and advancement are endless though other things might be challenging. Learning a different language or adjusting to a new culture is sure a challenge. You will catch up with them eventually as you venture into fascinating things about the new world.

Why Would I Live in Spain?

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Do you want to move to Spain? Spain is home to many expatriates and continues to live among the sought-after dreams and romanticized ideas. More and more people are seen settling in Spain for a good reason. It has plenty to offer for those moving there for a better life. Therefore, it’s a bit of a surprise that the country hosts over 80 million visitors annually. Furthermore, with a desirable lifestyle steeped in interesting history and culture, year-round sun, and delicious food, why is it not a brilliant idea to live in Spain?

Why Should People Move to Spain?

reasons to move to spain

Spanish life is undeniably great and there are reasons to move to Spain. The country offers key things that emigrants are looking for. We yearn for quality of life, healthcare, culture, good weather, and many more, and this beautiful country is ready to give us all. Below are 20 reasons why Spain is leading on the people’s list and what are the pulling factors. Let’s dive in!

Reasons move to spain for the culture
  • Rich Culture and History: For centuries, Spain has experience civilization after civilization to its state today. Coming from the Pre-Roman, Iberian, and Celtic cultures to Romans, Greek, Phoenicians, Moors, and Carthaginians, their influence contributed to its construction. A result of diverse and different cultures with differences and peculiarities. Spain is full of history, and everywhere you go, you are in its presence and living among it. To discover the entire nation, you can take little weekend trips. You can explore captivating monuments like Alhambra in Granada, visit Barcelona to see Gaudi’s masterpieces, or to the north to tour the caves in Altamira.
  • Perfect Weather: The temperature in Spain is ideal all year-round. It is one of the key reasons to move to Spain. The country has three separate zones a maritime climate, an intercontinental climate, and a Mediterranean climate. If you want a lot of sunshine, along Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca is the right place for you. This part of the country gets 320 days of sunshine yearly. Also, in Spain winters are favourable, they’re warm winters and you can go out and walk down the streets wearing just a jacket. If you’re all about humid and rainy weather, the Vasque country, Galicia and Asturias are the best spots for you.

  • Charm and Romance: With such a breathtaking landscape, it makes sense why people choose Spain as their honeymoon destination. Love is all over the place. Charm and romance usually present themselves openly. Vivid trellising flowers over iron window frames and old stone grow in almost every beachside town, little village, and in Metropolitan cities’ narrow busy streets. The earth-red tiled roofs and Spanish smooth surface lustrous hand-painted tiles will captivate your eyes the minute you land a gaze on them. Also, from the charming hilltop castles to enjoying amazing sunsets at its stunning beaches maximizes the heavenly feeling of love in paradise.

  • Spanish People: Spanish people are famously known for their hospitality. The majority of the people are warm, generous and welcoming. They love to socialize with visitors and are great communicators. Being a stranger in such a community is a bit relaxing as the people around you are lively. The community usually emphasizes creating strong bonds. Thus, developing a culture where people boast of a good time and esteemed social life. Spain is the perfect destination for you if you’re an expat who enjoys life and is open to integrating like the locals. People there will always make you feel at home.
spanish food is the main reason to move spain
  • Food: Talking about living in in the Spanish world would be incomplete, with no mention of food and drinks. The Spanish culture has secured something for everyone. The existing expats living in Spain can attest to this. Get to enjoy mouthwatering foods like Paella, Fabada Asturian, Rabo de toro, Jamon Iberico(first-class ham) and Puchero. For beef steak lovers, you can visit Ávila, while fried fish is best available in Huelva, Málaga, and Cádiz. Many people also love Spanish cuisine. Anything ‘Jamon’ is among the staples; adding fresh vegetables, indulgent pastries, and tasty cheese makes it inviting. If you want international cuisines, that can be an issue. One certain thing is the Spanish tradition of eating seasonal food, following the Mediterranean diet, and eating fresh.
reasons to move spain drinks
  • Drinks: All wines in Spain are refined. If you order a meal, it’s nearly a requirement to have a glass of wine. They make the best wines; stopping once you start drinking might be hard. With the assurance of amazing wine and food, what is there to cease you from celebrating new beginnings? Furthermore, it is among the best reasons to move to Spain.
fiesta is the main reasons to move to spain
  • Nightlife: In Spain, there’s more to nightlife. Spaniards know how to celebrate parties compared to other parts of the world. They can party like it is the end of the world. Big cities like Barcelona or Ibiza are fantastic places where tourists get to see popular DJs perform. Concerts or nightclubs can be your getaway, especially if you’re bored in the house with nothing much to do. Supposing you’re a chilled person, all that noise won’t suit you well. Find a fine restaurant, go out and have dinner. The vibe can be soothing. When it is time for drinks, some of the wonderful rooftops are tempting, and you can go take a gin tonic as you delightfully enjoy the view across the city.
security in spain main reason
  • Security and Work: Work relocation is common. Moving to Spain can be due to traveling, seeking for new life or work. Spaniards will welcome you with open arms regardless of the cause. Establishing your life in Spain compared to other European countries can seriously upgrade your lifestyle along with your job prospects. Expats have the privilege of creating a business and are given the highest rate of employment. 88% of them living in Spain have jobs, unlike the 78% on average in other parts of the world. The country is in high demand of native English teachers. Regarding security, Spain witnesses low levels of crime. Petty thefts occur only in isolated areas. It is rare to record violent crimes.
cost of live is the main reason to move to spain
  • Cost of Living in Spain: When you want to move to a new country, the first thing that comes to your mind is the cost of living. One wants to live in affordable places. Where you can go out and spend less on food. With the recent economic recession, most European countries are suffering from this. Brits relocating to Spain is understandable. Madrid is among the cheapest capital in Western Europe. If you can afford to live in the capital, that’s a good impression that the rest of Spain is. In Spain, the average standard of living is 19.70% lower than in the UK. When rent is considered, the average monthly rent is 30.10% lower in Spain compared to Britain. It can be exciting to hear such news but know that you should be ready to expect a lower salary. The differences are apparent, but that should not discourage you from saving and enjoying life. Let the positives be the reasons to move Spain.
markets in the cities of spain
  • Markets: The market is a very interactive place, you’ll meet various individuals as well as different types of food. Spanish markets are highly invested in real tradition. Most towns and villages have weekly markets to allow visitors to purchase new products. The market is divided into separate sections where you can find vegetables, meat, spices, clothes, shoes, grains, and utensils in specific areas. Furthermore, gifts and handmade crafts are in stock at the best prices possible. Going to Spanish markets is one of the memorable moments you get to keep for free. From an impressive culture that is seen in clothes, foods and lifestyle, what’s there not to remember?
balearic island in spain
  • Island: When you think of Spain, the mainland part takes the bigger picture, but there are fairly a few major islands. This can leave you doubting which will be the best decision, living on the mainland or the island. Living on the island can make you go nuts as those are dreamland destinations. Among the popular visited islands is the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean. Ibiza, Menorca, Mallorca and Formentera are the four famous largest Balearic Islands. They home beaches, yoga retreats, villages to still sandy coves supported by pine-clad hills all around the coast. Another gorgeous island is the Canary Islands. It is surrounded by seven mainlands, several smaller islands, and islets. Go get lost in these stunning creations.
the best beaches in spain main reason spain
  • Beautiful Beaches: Spain has a coastline of 5000 kilometres. The endless appealing coastline has broken a record for the most blue-flag beaches worldwide. The well-kept beaches have continuously 30 years of faultless environmental standards. That’s why Spain is irresistible to foreigners. Take a tour of beaches like Cala Pregonda, a long beautiful golden beach that has pink rocks covering the area. If you have children, the Mediterranean blue water of Cala Llombards is shallow and warm for them to play safely. Adults can relax and enjoy the sound of the ocean or snorkel in this gorgeous spot. Alongside the northern coast is the Bay of Biscay, which is exposed to the Atlantic ocean. The forested mountains above it create their own secret little bays of sandy beaches and shorelines of cliffs. Retirement Plan is Magical
ibiza party in spain reasons
  • The Fiesta: Socializing and enjoying life is the norm for Spaniards. This is evident when they are partying and celebrating occasions. As a stranger, the Jerez Flamenco Festival or the Fallas Festival in Valencia can be a start for you to chat with the locals and make new friends. The fiestas or any after-work social events happen late and go on until early morning. The fiestas can result in bad nights due to loud streets, particularly on warm summer nights. So if you’re not attentive to joining the fiestas, giving up the city’s convenience to reside in the countryside is your other option.
  • Easy Relocation Process: Brits move to Spain each year, and they seem to embrace the new environment. Relocating is an easy task if you have help. Making a stress-free and smooth transfer of your things can be a bit difficult. You need to reflect on the relocation process as there are a lot of things to be done. If Spain is your aimed destination, then you’re lucky. The immigration law in Spain is encouraging and attainable. Getting a Spanish visa is effortless. A golden visa is secured by just investing 500.000 euros in real estate. This is a good move as you will need a house to stay in anyways. With so many foreigners applying for visas, other permits are allowed. They can help when you’re in a specific position. For example, a non-lucrative visa is suitable if you plan on retiring from the country. All in all, ensure you meet the visa application standards to ensure work or residence authorization is not a problem.
spanish language reasons to move to spain
  • Spanish Language: Learning a new language highly contributes to your skills. Spanish is one of the most natural languages, you should at least try to crack it. The Latin language has some comparisons to English and is closely related to French and Italian. If you speak one of these languages, they may greatly help. Spaniards are very forgiving when you speak incorrectly but will appreciate any help you speak their language. Also, learning to speak in Spanish avails you a pool of jobs. Being an English teacher is very limiting. There’s a wide range of jobs in Spain, and speaking Spanish puts you a step ahead. Moreover, if you want to live in Spain, learning their language will ease your interaction with people and help you navigate the normal life of Spaniards.
cities in spain reasons to move spain
  • Cities: Spain has a diverse range of cities, starting from the capital, Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, and list goes on. In Europe, Madrid and Barcelona are the coolest cities. Other cities included are iconic destinations to visit or even make a home. Valencia is mostly preferred for its modern architecture, marvellous historical centre, and international airport. It sits right on the Mediterranean. Not forgetting these fascinating places, the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela, the flamenco in Sevilla, and Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao is a must-visit while living in Spain. All the cities can give you the Spanish style. If the Mediterranean vibe can suit your taste, then those Metropolitan cities are where you belong. Here you can find the cheapest cities in Spain, the richest cities in Spain and the most visited cities in Spain.
  • Excellent Healthcare System: One thing that will motivate you to live in Spain is its healthcare system. According to research done by Healthcare Access and Quality Index(HAQ), in the whole world, Spain offers the best public healthcare system. You’re provided with a free public healthcare centre that serves all the residents of the country by providing exceptional services. Those who seek operations and treatments under a private system generally incur more affordable prices compared to nearly all the developed countries. Extreme medical cases draw more expenses, but private health insurance can chip in if need be. With a relaxing pace of life, cheerful lifestyle, low-cost medical care, the Mediterranean diet, and a sunny country, what is there else to ask for? Life expectancy is at its highest when you sum up all these positive factors that promote it.
  • First Rank for Brits to Migrate to: Spain is doing excellent in many ways compared to the UK. No wonder many Brits are making the big move of shifting their positions to Spain. Spain is ahead of the UK in various sectors, including safety, healthcare, work/life balance, social life, and quality of life. The UK is ranked 27th while Spain is 4th from a survey of thousands of expats on how good they view life in new countries. When British people weigh the balance, they find that living in the UK is costly, and they can afford a cheaper life in Spain with so much to offer. Spain is also a happy country. There’s less life pressure, which means a healthy state of mind from reduced stress. With no hard influence to achieve high living standards, your mind is at ease. Many British people are moving to Spain from the UK.
  • Spanish Countryside: Choosing where to stay in Spain can be distressing. There are cities, Islands, and villages. More so, there’s the countryside, including regions like Extremadura. It can be magical to visit or stay in these rural areas. The old way of life exists, with charming villages and spectacular castles. These are the areas where you come upon horse riding to the town’s main square, a shepherd herding his sheep, and donkey-drawn carts being driven by old men. The countryside of Spain is a place where you can be more remote, have land and tranquility. If you love nature, exploring the surroundings or hiking is now your new hobby.
  • Quality of Life: Spain has surpassed the general view of the quality life should have. Local Spaniards and expats living in the country have been preaching positive things about the it. Most of the things have already been mentioned, but we are emphasizing good quality products and services that Spain offers for affordable costs.
quality of life in spain

It is hard to resist an economic and accommodative country. Though parts of Spain can be big budgets like Barcelona and Madrid, your money can achieve major targets of better quality.
Life can take a toll on you wherever you are and you can change all that by embracing change. Spain is the one place the majority of your dreams will come true. Give it a try!

Is It Worth It to Move to Spain?

Spain has a vibrant expat community. Moving there might not be a bad idea. Spain is more than a treasure with loads of benefits and practical advantages. Apart from an affordable lifestyle, incredible places, and friendly people, there are other hidden gems about Spain that have not been mentioned, as there are countless reasons to move to Spain.
Therefore, depending on your reasons for relocating to Spain, it is an extraordinary place. Though not everything about Spain is great, like the working hours but is sure worth a dime.

What are the reasons for and against moving to Spain?

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Here are the main reasons to live in Spain and the negative points:

Pros reasons for moving to Spain

  • Rich Diverse Culture: Life transformation is one of the biggest changes that happen in our lives. To widen your horizons to accommodate the Spanish culture is a big step. A life full of happiness and love is one to cherish. Spaniards are well-known for their good gestures, and their culture says it all. A place where you feel at home is a better world.
  • Standards of Living: Compared to many developed countries, Spain is an economic and harmonious nation. Life is not that difficult there as almost everything is affordable. Moreover, a rich person can be seen drinking coffee in the same coffee house that the shoemaker drinks from.
  • Roads and Public Transport: In the cities, buses, metro Ligero(tram), local metro(subway), and regional and long-haul trains are among the extensive public transportation you can choose from as your means. Also, you can enjoy flights across the world with connections to Europe and South America.

Negative reasons for moving to Spain

  • Work Culture: Spaniards are less productive than their European neighbours because of their work culture. It needs a lot of improvement. The long working hours are a result of lots of little breaks, long lunches, and too much chatting with colleagues. Additionally, the siesta is not agreeable to everyone that shops close at 2 PM and open at 5 PM.
  • Living Spaces: High prices and the location of houses have made it hard for people to purchase them. You will get used to apartment life as nearly two-thirds of Spain’s population live in flats. Few apartments have outdoor spaces such as a lawn, a garden, a terrace, or a balcony. Those without may limit the amount of sunlight you receive.
  • Bureaucracy: The chilled life in Spain also applies to bureaucratic processes. Things are done leisurely. Be ready to wait in long lines as government officials are unbothered by timelines and strict timetables. A simple process can take days or weeks, and there is a possibility of getting different responses depending on the public servant attending to you.

Final thoughts on the reasons for living in Spain

Life among the people of Spain seems incredible with all these inviting factors. If you’re wondering whether you should move to Spain, then you have all the reasons that convince you it’s the right action.

As you can see these reasons are what makes many Americans move to Spain from the USA. Or that many British retirees decide to retire in Spain, Spain has a good cost of living.

Do you want to live in Spain?

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