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Facts to Note Before Applying for An Andorran Residency Andorra is a beautiful county with various distinctive features. There are mountain views everywhere which beautify the country. Additionally, Andorra has a favorable tax system suitable for everyone. Over the years, many people have been considering living in Andorra. The decision to move to Andorra is huge, and it necessitates keenness and an exercise of due diligence. Every nation has its pros and cons, and Andorra is no different. That’s why you need to read through to understand the pros and cons of living in Andorra.

Where is Andorra?

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Andorra is the sixth smallest country in Europe, bordering Spain and France. On the map, Andorra is located in Southwestern Europe and the Pyrenees mountains. Andorra la Vella is the country’s capital city, and it’s the highest at 1,023 meters high. The country is prosperous with skyrocketing tourism industry. On average, the country hosts approximately 10.2 million tourists annually.

Additionally, Andorra is considered a tax haven, hence making life in Andorra worthwhile. Andorra is a small country with a high quality of life. Life expectancy in the country is high, and it’s at 82 years, making it second in the world.

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There are ten cities in Andorra, namely:

  • Andorra la Vella
  • Encamp
  • La Massana
  • El Serrat
  • Escaldes-Engordany
  • Pas de la Casa
  • Ordino
  • Sant Julia de Loria
  • Canillo
  • Arinsal

The capital city is the biggest and with the highest population of approximately 22,000 persons and Arinsal the smallest with roughly 1,500 people. Andorra has a $4.510 billion GDP and uses the Euro currency. Natives speak Catalan, Portuguese, Spanish, and French. Catalan is the country’s official language.

Andorra is a landlocked country, and a person can access the city from Barcelona or Toulouse. A bus from Barcelona takes a maximum of three hours. The country is unique in its sense since it has a co-principality, being governed by two princes. Statistics show that Andorra is among the oldest fourteen countries in the world.

Andorra offers numerous benefits from good health, a unique education system, tax benefits, safety, and high quality of life. The excellent life people living in Andorra experience makes the country unique and worth relocating to. The Spanish French artistic touch is well-manifested in the country, then providing a lavish lifestyle. Relocating to Andorra gives you a chance to live a fun-filled life, hence advancing your lifespan.

Andorra has a three-striped flag with blue, yellow, and red colors and the coat of arms positioned at the middle of the yellow band.

The Principality of Andorra’s government

Andorra is a co-principality country with two co-princes. The co-princes are from the Spanish and French designations and have ceremonial powers. Nonetheless, the French co-prince is the Andorran commander-in-chief. The County has a general council that appoints its executive council president. The president serves as Andorran’s government Chief Executive. The administrative body of the Andorran government comprises the co-princes, the executive council president, the French president, and the bishop.

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Andorra has a judicial body operating independently from the government. A five-member superior council of justice governs the judicial. The two princes choose each a member while the other three are appointed by the government head, Chief executive, and lower courts’ members. The council oversees the judicial system for six years when other council members are established.

Every four years, 14 people are appointed by the general council to serve in the legislative. The council facilitates the appointment through a closed list encompassing all the communities.

Why Would One Want to Live in Andorra?

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Even though Andorra uses the Euro currency, it’s not part of the European Union. Therefore, there are limitations for people wanting to reside in Andorra, and one is being above the legal age and having a residence permit. Moving to Andorra can be an exciting and life-changing experience for you and your family. Nevertheless, there are pros and cons of living in Andorra that you need to understand. Consequently, you will have a firm decision-making foundation. Below are the pros living in Andorra.


Andorra is one of the most peaceful and safe countries in the world. The country prides itself on its low crime rates, enhancing the residents’ safety. There is a conception that even if one mistakenly leaves their purse, a good Samaritan will hand it over. There are minimal to zero assault and violent scenarios in Andorra, even in the capital and major cities. The country is landlocked with few and highly protected entry points. Consequently, illegal activities are rare.

The roads leading to the borders are highly patrolled, which elevates the safety touch of the country. Populaces in Andorra are confident enough to leave their automobiles unlocked and with the running engine when running some errands. The joblessness rate is low, eliminating the low-scale criminal cases. The safety feature of Andorra attracts many retirees who want a secure and safe place to live and enjoy life. In the worst-case scenario, Andorra will record one murder case per year. Firearms in the country must be legally obtained, lowering street crimes.

The Police Corps of Andorra play an integral role in maintaining law and order across the country. The corps protect the residents and their goods.

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Affordable cost of living in Andorra

Europe is one of the continents with extensively high living costs. However, Andorra offers low living costs making it an ideal principality for many people. Compared with other major cities globally, Andorra’s cost of living is 30% lower. Therefore, a person can provide their family a smooth and comfortable life without overstraining. Statistics show one person is estimated to spend €1,676 while a family of four around €3,765. A person can use €10 in fast-food restaurants for a combo meal. Life is affordable in Andorra from food, rent, healthcare, and other services.

A Favorable Tax System in Andorra

The tax system in Andorra is highly favorable and resident-considerate. The tax regime makes a living in Andorra ideal while paving the way for entrepreneurs and companies. Andorra is globally known for its low taxes. The principality lowers the taxes to attract foreign capital, hence having the most favorable corporate taxation regime in Europe. Businesses or corporates are obligated to 10% maximum taxation. However, the percentage is negotiable up to 2% depending on the business’s nature. Consequently, small, medium, and large-sized companies have an equal opportunity to thrive, hence uplifting the lives of the Andorrans.

The VAT is the lowest in the continent, and it’s at 4.5% and lowers further to 1% for educational, cultural, food, and health products and services. French has the second-lowest VAT at 20%, giving Andorra an upper hand on the taxes.

Personal income tax is for persons or households earning over €24,000. The tax is subject to rising to 10% for a €40,000 salary. 10% is the highest and incomparable with other European countries, like Spain, whose highest personal income tax is 50%. Additionally, the taxation system provides a tax exemption of €3,000 generated from investments. Dividends from an Andorran company to Andorran residents are tax-free.

Persons conducting business in Andorra but have their permanent residence in other countries are subject to a maximum of 10% taxation of their income from their business activities. Non-permanent residents employed and offering services in Andorra are required to pay taxes of 10%.

Beautiful Outdoor Spaces in Andorra

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The outdoor beauty of Andorra is remarkable, providing unique outdoor recreational opportunities for the residents. The country has multiple ski-friendly trails and slopes ideal for adventures. Everyone living in Andorra has a chance to hike, ski, or bike on the mountains and slopes. The country has signed routes for cyclists, allowing them to play for leisure or train for athlete purposes.

Pinpointed below are five outdoor activities enjoyed by Andorrans.
• Hiking
Andorra has many hiking routes and paths in the mountains ideal for people of all ages and different physical capabilities. People have other hiking preferences and experiences, which Andorra puts into consideration. Therefore, you can hike through a 10 minutes long route or a more complex and longer route taking you hours. Hiking is suitable for the summer months since Andorra records large quantities of avalanches and snowfalls in the winter months.

• Winter Games
Winter seasons offer Andorrans a window to snowboard, ski, ride on the snowmobile, and hike. The country has winter sports and activities villages and ski resorts suitable for the tourists and the residents. The towns and resorts are easily accessible and modernly equipped.

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• Sightseeing
Every window in Andorra presents a sightseeing point for the fantastic and beautifully positioned mountains. Additionally, the country has many viewpoints showcasing the sculptures, the Romanesque churches, statues, and slopes. Sightseeing tours are organized, often allowing residents and tourists to explore and witness the breathtaking exterior beauty of Andorra.

• Park Visits and Walks
Residents, tourists, families, and children living in Andorra have a chance to explore parks and witness the breathtaking flora and fauna. The country has expansive old forests where residents and tourists can visit. In addition, residents can tour the Andorran mountain huts. The parks provide a soothing touch. Visitors decide whether to settle for the smaller or bigger parks. The bigger parks are wilder while the smaller ones are cultivated.

• Diving and Rafting
Andorrans have numerous water sports, including diving and rafting. Residents or tourists can, thus, participate in outdoor water activities in the Andorran lakes and rivers. Water sport activities are suitable for the hot months. Couples can consider boat sailing while enjoying the afternoon breeze.

A Progressive Healthcare in Andorra

Healthcare is one of the most crucial features defining a country’s livability. Healthcare is a hot seat in many countries requiring governments and responsible bodies to trend softly and diligently. However, the healthcare sector in Andorra is progressive in offering world-class medical services to the residents. The principality has invested in the healthcare realm and has four physicians serving a thousand residents.

Andorra is a health-conscious country and ranks first when compared with other countries like Norway and Switzerland. Additionally, the Andorra healthcare system is one of the top five best globally, making the country one of the healthiest.

Andorrans benefit from the Caixa Andorran de Seguretat Social (CASS), which provides healthcare expenses within the country. Also, Andorrans faced with medical emergencies in Portugal, Spain, or France will have their healthcare costs covered by CASS. CASS provides comprehensive maternity coverage, 90% coverage on hospital visits, and 75% dental and medical checkups and appointments.

A Flourishing Community

Andorrans are welcoming and friendly to tourists. The friendliness is captivating, making a living in Andorra worthwhile. Transitioning to a new country and city attracts unplanned hassles and hustles. Nevertheless, a welcoming and thriving community simplifies the transition, making you feel comfortable and at home. Andorra is a multi-cultural country that loves and appreciates cultural heritage. The country has an inclusive community, and the only challenge for new residents and tourists is the language barrier. However, after learning the Catalan language, you will fully witness the thriving community and its rich heritage.

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Andorran is not overpopulated, allowing residents to know their neighbors. Consequently, residents develop a sense of belonging, subjecting them to care for each other, hence living in harmony.

A thriving Economy
The Andorran economy has been thriving over the years. The tourist sector is growing at high speed, attracting millions of people every year. For over six decades, tourism has been dominating the Andorrans economic life. The growing number of tourists has motivated development and infrastructure, including the ski resorts and humming winter and summer resorts. The country has more than 270 and 400 hotels and restaurants, respectively.

Imported consumer goods are highly affordable due to the favorable taxation system. The affordability element of the products grows the resident’s purchasing power. Consequently, businesses flourish, which boosts the economy of the nation.

Education System in Andorra

Andorra’s education is compulsory and free, hence the 100% literacy rate. Andorrans get enrolled through primary school at age six for six years. After primary school, Andorran students progress to secondary school for four years. Studies receive instructions either in Spanish, French, or Catalan. Most students in Andorra enroll through French-speaking institutions or schools.

France or Spain reimburses the majority of the instructors and teachers in the Andorran schools. Nonetheless, the Andorran government is responsible for constructing and maintaining schools. Living in Andorra presents a chance for your children to obtain the best education in the language of their preference. For example, you can settle for a Catalan-speaking school instead of a Spanish one where your kid knows Catalan better.

The three systems teach IT, arts, math, social studies, languages, science, and history. English-speaking residents enroll their children through Andorran private schools or international schools in the country. The international schools offer students a couple of benefits encompassing curriculum and extra-curricular activities. Private schools are affordable, giving English-speaking children an opportunity to garner skills and knowledge.

Even though the majority of Andorrans move to Barcelona and Toulouse for university education, Andorran has its tertiary and undergraduate institutions. Universität d’Andorra is the most known and preferred by the majority of Andorrans.

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A Favorable Lifestyle
Andorran culture is fulfilling and offers residents and visitors an extraordinary experience through different festivals, feasts, concerts, and museums. Andorrans love good music and blend it with dancing and literature. The Andorrans culture and heritage are part of the day-to-day living in the country. Residing in Andorra will, thus, offer a fulfilling shopping experience at the high-end retail shops, outdoor activities, good music, and affordable but luxurious living.

Foreigners can file a residency application, allowing them to live in the principality. There are two residency applications; passive and active Residency. Passive Residency is easy to obtain and requires you to be in the country for at least 90 days a year. An inactive residence permit limits you from working in Andorra. The second type of residency permit is active Residency. An active residency permit is somewhat complex. A bond of €10,000 is necessitated when obtaining Residency for kids. The straightforwardness of the residency permit application makes a living in Andorra worthwhile.

Fast Internet
Internet play a fundamental role in enhancing connectivity and communication. Homes, businesses, and offices necessitate an internet connection that’s fast, reliable, and dependable. Andorra has fast internet with every home connected to fiber. More than 30,000 homes use upgraded modems supporting an internet speed of 285Mbps, making Andorra a suitable country for digital nomads and other persons who rely on internet connectivity. Note, the fiber connection isn’t in an apartment or building but inside the house or office.

Diligent and Dependable Service Providers
After settling in Andorra, you will require a couple of services like legal representation. The service provider you select determines how satisfactory the benefits are. Andorran service providers are diligent and committed to excellence, hence providing high-quality services. As a result, you will have the best legal representation and counsel on your side, among other benefits. The low population makes it possible for residents to acquire word-of-mouth recommendations from neighbors, friends, or workmates. Additionally, there are a few service providers, hence simplifying the scrutinizing process.

Fundamental Cons of Living in Andorra

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When relocating to a new city or country, there’s a need to examine the positive and negative sides of the destination. However, many people focus on the good side, neglecting the bad. Below are the cons living in Andorra.

There Is No Air or Train Transportation

Western Europe is known for the fast and affordable trains transportation. Additionally, flights in Western Europe are relatively cheap, making movements straightforward. However, Andorra doesn’t provide train and flight rides as it doesn’t have an airport or a railway line. Andorra has a small airport close to La Seu D’Urgell for private and pricey flights. Andorrans have to travel to Barcelona or Toulouse to access an airport and flights. Barcelona is two and a half hours away, and Toulouse is three hours away from Andorra. Therefore, you might experience hardships handling emergencies necessitating a direct flight or train transit.

Language Barriers

The Catalan language is hard to learn, and it’s the Andorrans official language. Only 10 million people speak Catalan globally, hence the hardship in learning the language. Andorran government offers free Catalan training to acquaint foreigners and residents with the language. Andorrans use Spanish or French as their second language. However, the number of Portuguese-speaking residents is increasing, advancing the number of languages in the country. The language barrier can become a challenge when looking for an excellent school for your English-speaking child, and you don’t have sufficient finances for the international schools. Additionally, many newcomers struggle reading and understanding official paperwork and statement as it’s written in Catalan.

Andorra Is Somewhat Disconnected

Tech advancements have simplified life, and many people are used to a life of ordering things and services from the comfort of their homes. Andorra is somewhat behind on technology in matters of online products and services. The majority of online retailers don’t incorporate Andorra as a shipping destination for their products. Additionally, Andorra has six-digit mobile numbers, which doesn’t integrate with the majority of the online retailers’ interfaces and homepages. All hope isn’t lost as you can have the products dispatched to La Seu D’Urgell. However, there’s a need to acknowledge the limitation, which might seem minor but highly hassling.

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Apart from online stores, you will have trouble verifying your phone number online on social media platforms like Twitter. Additionally, you will experience many hustles looking for software to integrate with the local systems for your business or company.

Offers A Lifestyle of Simplicity and Leisure

If you are used to luxurious city living, Andorra might appear outdated for you. The country offers a life full of leisure and simplicity, unlike the fancy and fastest-growing cities where everyone and everything is fast-paced. For many people, a simple and leisure-filled life isn’t a disadvantage. However, rare species of persons know no other life apart from the busy and fancy city life.

Balancing the Pros and Cons of Living in Andorra

After acknowledging the pros and cons of living in Andorra, you should consider balancing the equation by making a firm decision. Many people don’t understand the principles to rely on when balancing the advantages and disadvantages. Pinpointed below are three tips to aid your decision.

Dismiss Hastiness When Deciding

You are probably juggling with the decision of whether to apply for the residency in Andorra or to dismiss the idea. Keenness is fundamentally essential when deciding about living in Andorra. Therefore, take your time and examine life in all the cities and determine which one best suits you and your family. Also, ensure to explore all the benefits and disadvantages and choose a perfect harmony. Failure to prepare for the cons invites disappointments your way. For instance, if you have intentions to receive online shipments, you should make plans in advance and determine whether the challenges and limitations are somewhat manageable. Take a week or a month looking for a way to harmonize things before repositioning to Andorra.

Define Your Goals

What are your intentions for shifting to Andorra? Understanding the reasons behind shifting to Andorra for either passive or active permit helps you balance the pros and cons. Thus, develop a list of all your bases, expectations, and goals. Understanding your goals helps fuel your focus. For example, if you consider Andorra for your retirement, you should examine all the services, objectives, and anticipations. Andorra has the best healthcare system and low living costs but with a language barrier and transport limitations. Therefore, determine whether your expectations and goals require frequent travel. Understanding your goals orders your steps and stops, hence making a firm decision about relocating to Andorra.

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Remain Rational

Moving to Andorra because of the low living costs isn’t a valid reason not unless you have plans to generate income or finance your living. Emotions can get pricey at times, hence the need for rational thinking. Thus, examine why you need to move to Andorra and give your reasons the proper justification. Many people are moving to Andorra because of the good stories they’ve heard about the country. However, the question to answer is why Andorra?

Business opportunities in Andorra

Residing in Andorra requires you to make income-generating decisions, hence the need to examine available business opportunities. The Andorran government allows residents to establish any business that will grow and progress the nation’s economy. Residents can, thus, develop enterprises to offer:
• International franchising
• Professional services
• Research services
• Intellectual property design, consultancy, and licensing
• Call center services
• Online marketing
• Online retailers
• International arbitrage
Andorra is located between France and Spain, which have potent economies, allowing entrepreneurs to tap into both countries and Europe. Thus, founding a business in the principality presents a unique platform for trading with European countries, especially France and Spain.

Business Opportunities for New Residents in Andorra

Andorra offers new residents an opportunity to trade. However, meticulous planning is necessitated as the country is small and its space limited. The land’s space is limited but has natural resources, including iron ore, timber, mineral water, lead, and hydroelectric power. The developable land in Andorra is approximately 8%, making tourism the most lucrative business in the country.

Businesses are established to provide a remedy to a specific problem. Thus, examine the services that Andorrans need to engineer ways to gratify them. Keenness must be employed when formulating your business plan. Take time to research available businesses, their models, and operations. Consequently, you will have a clear and distinctive business plan suitable for the development and growth of Andorran.

Why Should You Consider Establishing A Business in Andorra?

As an entrepreneur, establishing a business in Andorra must remain purposeful. That’s why you need to examine your reasons for selecting the company and how it’ll impact your living in Andorra. Andorra has a clear economic overview, hence fit for business. The banking policies are favorable, and the taxation system is welcoming. Stability, safety, and low crime rates are other significant reasons why opening a business in Andorra are highly beneficial. Additionally, Andorra is a landlocked nation and could use some new and insightful business policies that you have garnered as an entrepreneur.

living in andorra passive residency

What’s the Process of Setting Up A Business in Andorra?

Setting up a business in Andorra isn’t complicated. However, how thorough you are determining the success rate of your business. Therefore, mull over different business ideas to determine the most viable and lucrative. Your business should have a unique name and, most preferably, in Catalan. Catalan is the national language, hence the need to add your business idea a Catalan or Andorran touch. After defining your business name, you should apply for a commune and government authorizations.

Seek a legal representative that will help you draft your business’s statutes and facilitate the paperwork on your behalf. You must provide the lawyer with legal documentation, including passport and birth certificate copies.

Getting A Job in Andorra As A Foreigner

Living in andorra

Andorra is a tourist paradise with millions of tourists visiting the country yearly. The skyrocketing tourism industry offers numerous job opportunities for foreigners. With a job, living in Andorra becomes manageable and straightforward. Some people consider Andorra for a few months, while others are anticipating settling down there. The benefits are remarkable, making a living in the country worthwhile. Finding a job in Andorra can get tedious and overly daunting for you as a foreigner. Nevertheless, there are tips to embrace and exercise, hence simplifying the job hunt process.

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Research, Research, And Research Before Leaving Home

The decision to relocate and settle in Andorra comes with the responsibility of defining your source of income. That’s why securing a job is imperative before leaving your nation or current location. If you have visited Andorra before, the process will get simpler, unlike where you’ve never visited the country.

The government limits the number of foreigners working in Andorra, issuing a specific number of job permits every year. However, jobs in finance and accountancy, transport, production, libraries, and post offices aren’t limited.

Andorra is a tourist destination, and the majority of the tourists necessitate factual information about the country. If you are in the hospitality realm, it will help if you garnered sufficient information about Andorra, history, culture, and heritage. How accurate the information you provide is defines how lucrative your career will get. Thus, conduct your research and identify what job industry suits your skills and experience.


Getting the requirements rights helps you secure a job in Andorra fast. Andorran companies are strict, and they necessitate up-to-date documentation. There’s a need to, therefore, have your residency application approved. Apart from the residency permits, you should apply for a work permit. The government issues work permits to employees contracted by Andorran companies and have reliable accommodation and a residency permit.
Andorran government has work permit issuance timelines and quotas. Thus, examine the quotas to identify an ideal time to file your application. The process necessitates providing the immigration department with a copy of the documentation to prove your identity, marital status, and qualifications. Have your CV, original passport and photocopy, a police report or good conduct certificate, accommodation documentation, and marriage certificate.


Even though people speak French, Spanish, and Portuguese, Catalan is the official and national language. However, the number of English-speaking foreigners is on the rise introducing the English language to the Andorrans. It would be best to develop an in-depth understanding of the Catalan language before shifting to Andorra and hunting for a job. Legal documentation and contracts are in Catalan, hence the need to understand and speak Catalan. Apart from speaking Catalan, you should have a basic knowledge of Spanish and French. Andorran employers will examine your Catalan language fluency to determine your viability for their company or business.

Industries in Need of Workers in Andorra

Not every industry absorbs foreigners in Andorra. That’s why you need to scrutinize your expertise and determine the nature of the job that suits your knowledge and experience. The hospitality industry is the biggest employer industry in Andorra. Statistics show that around 80% of Andorrans work in the hospitality industry in hotels, resorts, or bars. Month after month, Andorra receives tourists necessitating accommodation, tour guide, transportation, food, and housekeeping.
Andorra has a population of around 80,000 people and receives over 10 million tourists. Therefore, the hospitality industry necessitates more workers than any other department in the country to gratify the needs of tourists. Before shifting to Andorra, you should have your curriculum vitae ready and mailed to your prospective employers. Hospitality and gastronomy training and experience will work in your favor. Andorra has over 200 hotels and multiple resorts, and the number keeps growing every year.

The retail industry is booming following the growing tourism sector. The country has more than 1,500 stores for retailers. Foreigners with retail skills and experience have a golden platform for attaining a job. Nevertheless, unlike the hospitality one, the retail industry is demanding, thus necessitating fluency in Catalan and other languages.

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Skiing is a tourist attraction activity in Andorra, opening job opportunities for foreigners during the winter months. The job offerings between December and April skyrocket, especially in ski businesses and resorts. The resorts necessitate ski trainers and other service providers. The resorts hire employees around November, hence the need to apply upfront and have your residency procedures handled before on time.

Finally, you can teach Andorrans English. As a tourist destination, Andorran receives English-speaking visitors. The number of English-speaking institutions is increasing, hence the need for learning English. Thus, you can obtain a job as an English tutor with your Catalan, French, and Spanish knowledge and language proficiency.

Apart from the technical work, Andorran benefits from accountants and financial professionals. Therefore, living in Andorra isn’t limited to foreigners looking for casual jobs but also to professionals. Companies are looking for engineers, accountants, nurses, doctors, teachers, and other professionals.

Andorra has one of the fastest internet-supporting online jobs. Thus, it’s possible to relocate to Andorra as a digital nomad or a remote worker. There are multiple services you could offer online at the comfort of your accommodation.

Benefits of Working with An Andorran Law Firm When Seeking for Residency

living andorra residency

Even though the Andorran residency program is straightforward, there is a need to acquire legal counsel and representation. An Andorran legal firm with extensive experience in processing residency permits will simplify the process helping you navigate through unforeseen turns and twists. Multiple law firms are in the establishment, hence the need to scrutinize them to identify the best. An ideal law firm should have an in-depth understanding of the residency filing process. Working with a reliable lawyer is beneficial, and below are the benefits.


Lawyers have extensive knowledge of handling paperwork effectively and efficiently, hence securing the residency permit you necessitate. Therefore, contacting an attorney gives your application a professional touch. The attorney has handled other residency applications and understands the dos and don’ts of the application. The immigration department is meticulous and thorough with its scrutiny. That’s why you need to identify and contract an Andorran lawyer.

Speeds Up the Process

Time is a precious gift that you must utilize faithfully and maximally. A lawyer understands the residency requirements and where to file what document, and which office to present what application. Consequently, you will have the application approval and the residency permit you need for residing in Andorra. Additionally, a lawyer will help you process the bonds you need when relocating with your kids. A single and simple mistake might cost the entire process causing unwanted delays.

Saves You Money

Hiring an attorney costs money. However, through their expertise, experience, and counsel, the attorney saves you from unwanted hassles and hustles through speeding the process. Thus, you will have everything falling in its place as you had planned. A reliable attorney will direct you on the right path, especially when hiring professionals or service providers. Contracts written in Catalan might be hard to translate, hence the need for an Andorran lawyer who will read the contract and help you understand your language. In the absence of the attorney, you could have hired a translator, which is pricey. Additionally, the lawyer will help you navigate the job hunting or business establishment process depending on your preferences.

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Andorra is a beautiful and small country, and the government, through the immigration department, focuses on limiting and regulating the number of immigrants and foreign workers. Therefore, keep in mind that the country is easily accessible for tourists but somehow complex when the focus is living in Andorra. The above information pinpoints the pros and cons of moving to Andorra’s principality, balancing the pros and cons, available job opportunities, business opportunities, and why working with an attorney is imperative. If you want legal advice to live in Andorra, please get in touch with us.

Do you want to live in Andorra? Contact us and our team of lawyers will advise you on the best solution for you. We also work to obtain the beckham law in Spain and obtain the golden visa in Spain.

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    Thank you for the well elaborated information about Andorra,am interested in relocating to Andorra and study as I work,could you advice on whether this will be possible,I am a single mom of 2 boys.

    1. Anna |


      One of our lawyers will contact you to answer your questions about live in Andorra.


  8. Marco Traverso |

    I’ll be retired in 3 years I see Andorra an option to moving there.
    I’m american citizen .
    Would you help me to know the requirements and how much monthly income do I need to live there?

    1. Anna |


      One of our lawyers will contact you to answer your questions about living in Andorra.


  9. Sarah |

    I hope to live with my family i peace i a country that is as safe as Andorra is ,and I can give back to the country in which I live in treating cancer patients .I have a masters degree in pathological cytotechnologist analysis of cancer and malignant tumor

    1. Anna |


      One of our lawyers will contact you to answer your questions about residency in Andorra.


  10. Jessica |


    Thank you for your article on Andorra, it really helps alot. My family and I would like relocate to Andorra. I’m interested in studies, Masters degree. However, I would to relocate with my family of 5 so that my Husband can secure while I study.

    Please advise.

    1. Anna |


      one of our lawyers will contact you to explain the different types of residency that exist to live in Andorra and the requirements that you must fulfil to live in Andorra.


  11. Onuoha ihemelandu |

    Can I get some advice on how to move to Andorra?am a single man of 32 and has currently working for now in a reputable firm but I had always dreamt to spend the rest of my life in Europe.looking forward to ur replies

    1. Anna |


      One of our lawyers will contact you to explain about live in Andorra.


  12. Ling |


    I am looking for some advice on what options are available for a family of 6 to relocate permanently to Andorra. I currently work for an American company and my wife has a company in the UK, we want to move to Andorra. could you tell us what the process is.

    Please let me know what advisory services you can provide, and I look forward to hearing from you.


    1. Anna |


      One of our lawyers will contact you to explain all the process for living in Andorra.


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