Easiest country to move to from USA

Wondering what is the easiest country to immigrate to from the US? The process of moving to another country can be daunting, but a few countries are easier to move to from the USA than others. Here are a few of the best countries to move to from the USA, based on factors like visa requirements, the standard of living, and quality of life.

What is the Best Country for a US Citizen to Move To?

Even though the United States has a top-notch healthcare system and numerous job opportunities, educational, and business prospects, you might wish to relocate to a place that is more affordable and secure. Let’s look at top destinations for American expats looking to relocate abroad.

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1. Spain

Spanish is a easiest country to move from usa

Spain is the easiest country to move to from USA. The country has a pleasant climate, and Barcelona is considered one of the world’s leading tech and fashion hotspots. If you want to experience a holiday-like vacation, the Canary Islands in Spain will offer this. Spain is also a great place for a retiree with non lucrative visa, thanks to the beautiful coastal cities. Spain offers a golden visa program, and plenty of investment choices are available if you want such a visa. For instance, real estate does well here, so that you can get your golden visa for this investment.

Spain is a great option for those looking to move from the US. Alternatively, you can get a permanent residence permit and citizenship as long as you qualify. Moreover, the government offers one of the strongest passports, which allows visa-free travel to 190 countries. Another benefit you enjoy as an immigrant in Spain is that you don’t struggle with communication. About 40% of Spanish citizens speak English. There’s plenty to enjoy in Spain, including the climate, laid-back lifestyle, delicious cuisine, quality healthcare and diverse culture. Additionally, you’ll meet other people from the USA since Spain has one of the largest expat population. The country is also safe and offers good fibre optics, a 5G network, and affordable life. You can see the cost of living in Spain.

Easiest country to move from usa is spain

2. Portugal

easiest country move from usa portugal

Portugal is relatively safe and stable. USA citizens moving to Portugal will also enjoy the benefit of visa-free travel for up to 90 days. The country is friendly and welcoming, so you’ll enjoy its rich culture and history. It’s regarded as the easiest country to move to from USA, and there are several reasons for this. To begin with, compared to other Western European countries, the cost of living is comparatively inexpensive. Secondly, the weather is mild and sunny for much of the year, and there are many beautiful beaches and coastal towns to explore. You’ll also enjoy the food in Portugal since their dishes are delicious and healthy, with a focus on fresh seafood and local produce.

Portugal is a highly secure country, so you can rest assured that you’ll be safe during your stay. A report from the 2021 Global Peace Index is that it’s the fourth safest country in the world. The government also offers a comprehensive healthcare system, so you’ll never have trouble getting proper care. As an American, you won’t have much trouble fitting in since some cities like Lisbon and Porto have become home to many English speakers. Lastly, the Portugal Golden Visa and D7 Visa programmes are great options if you’re considering long-term residency.

On the downside, Portugal is a less-developed country with economic and financial problems. You’ll find that many people live on the streets due to unemployment.

3. Mexico

mexico is a easiest country move from usa

As long as you have a simple tourist visa, you can stay in the country for up to 180 days, per the MexLaw. However, if you want to stay longer in the country, you can apply for a temporary resident visa which states that non-citizens can stay for four years and work. Once the four years are over, you can stay longer, but you must apply for a permanent residency permit. Applying for this visa is simple: attend an interview with an immigration officer, and present your application, identification forms, and bank statements. Note that the Consulate of Mexico Abroad requires you to make a minimum of $2,072 a month or have $103,616 in savings.

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There are numerous reasons why expats move to Mexico. Some people move for the weather, as Mexico has a warm climate. Other people move for the food, as Mexican cuisine is very flavourful. Still, others go for the culture since Mexico has a rich history and vibrant culture. Finally, others choose Mexico for the opportunity to live and work in a Spanish-speaking country. So, if you’re looking for a country to immigrate to, you can consider moving to Mexico.

Unfortunately, there might be some security issues in Mexico. Although the Mexican government has taken steps to improve security in the country, the overall security situation remains challenging. There is a lot of crime, including violence, and the security situation has deteriorated in recent years.

4. Ecuador

easiest country move from usa

Ecuador is another easiest country to move to from the USA. You’ll enjoy so many benefits, including the low cost of life, the country’s proximity to the US and the widely-used English language. Another benefit of moving to Ecuador is the amazing weather all year round. For Americans to move to this country, there are two options. First, you can enter using the visa-free option, valid for 90 days. However, you need to have a valid passport. After that, if you want to extend your stay, you must have been living within the country for 21 months and have a temporary visa. The common temporary visas in Ecuador are the investor visa and the retirement visa. For the first option, you can qualify by buying real estate or investing money in a bank CD. The second visa is a great option for remote workers and digital workers as long as they can prove they have a fixed monthly income. The good news is that getting these visas isn’t complicated as long as you meet the stated criteria.

Note that Ecuador is considered a safe country to travel to. However, armed robbery is a risk throughout the country, and violent crime is high in Quito and Guayaquil. The U.S. Department of State gives Ecuador a Level 1 Travel Advisory, which means “Exercise Normal Precautions.”

5. Malta

easiest country move from usa malta

Malta is a tiny island south of Sicily. The island is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, giving a fresh view of the blue waters. For years, this country has been an important crossroad in European history; currently, it’s a rich EU member. It’s also a great option for expats looking for year-round sunshine. The beautiful island has a breathtaking shoreline, architectural and historical landmarks and great cuisine. Another reason why Malta is a good option for American expats because it offers an efficient healthcare system.

If you’re considering migrating to Malta and have enough funds, you can go with the Malta Golden Visa, which gives you residency. Alternatively, you can go for citizenship since the only qualification is making an investment, so this is a faster option. To your advantage, there are many English speaking people in Malta, so you won’t have challenges with communication and settling in.

However, you might be disappointed if you love exploring and visiting new areas since Malta is a small island. Moreover, there’s a limited amount of public transportation, so getting around can be hectic sometimes.

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6. South Korea

south korea easiest country move from usa

According to the US Embassy and Consulate in the Republic of Korea, you can stay in South Korea for three months without a visa. Additionally, moving to this country temporarily is as easy as being able to speak English and having a bachelor’s degree (for citizens of the US and European countries). Uniquely, the country has a teaching visa, also known as the E-2 visa, which allows native English speakers to move and stay to teach English. For this visa, different schools have different requirements, and you must find a teaching position once you land in the country. Per KorVia Consulting, the body that recruits English teachers abroad, the visa is processed within four weeks under normal circumstances.

As an immigrant in this country, you can enjoy the country’s natural scenery, its vibrant cities, its delicious food, and its rich culture and history. However, there are several drawbacks, with the first being the language barrier since most people in this country speak Korean. Secondly, you might experience a bit of culture shock: There will be many things about Korean culture that will be unfamiliar and confusing or overwhelming. After the Covid-19 pandemic, US citizens can travel to the country but have to quarantine for two weeks upon arrival.

7. Australia

Australia is a easiest country to move from usa

There are many benefits to living in Australia. The country has a high standard of living, great weather, and a wide variety of things to do and see. Additionally, Australia is a very welcoming country, with people from all over the world making it their home. It’s also another easiest country to move to from the USA since they offer several types of visas. The first type of visa is the temporary one, which you get via the working holiday visa program. You can apply for it and move to Australia at any time. It’s one of the popular work visas, allowing you to stay in Australia for one year. During this period you have to work in some specific fields.

To extend your time, you can apply for a second-year working holiday visa and a third-year one. Note that you can’t live in Australia permanently with this visa, so you have to get a work or family visa.

As you consider moving, keep in mind that Australia’s standard of living is generally higher than in most EU countries. This is due to the higher cost of living expenses such as housing, food and transportation.

8. Canada

Canada is easiest country from American citizens

Canada is one of the countries that accept American citizens openly. Any US citizen can visit Canada without a visa. You are allowed to stay in the country for up to six months with your US passport. However, if you want to immigrate to this country, there are a few conditions you have to meet. The first option is obtaining Canadian citizenship, but first, you must gain permanent residency. Once you’ve held permanent resident status for at least five years, you can apply for Canadian citizenship. It would help if you worked with a reliable law firm to make the process easier. Another way of immigrating to Canada is by getting a permanent job and applying for a work visa. Alternatively, you can also use family sponsorship, a startup visa, express entry or Provincial Nominee Programmes.

Obtaining a visa in Canada is easy, but you have to meet eligibility criteria, present your documents, fill out some forms and apply. You should also have reputable health insurance from a certified provider. Canada is a great option for Americans looking to move, but the lifestyle and cost of living isn’t different from that in the USA. In general, the cost of life is higher in the major metropolitan areas such as Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal.

9. Thailand

Thailand is easiest country to move

Thailand is a great country to move to from the US. It’s a true gem of the East side that’s popular for its inexpensive living cost and pleasant climate. The country also has a thriving economy, which makes it a notorious destination for business owners and digital nomads. Specifically, the capital of Bangkok has a healthy expat population, the majority of whom deal with international business. If you want to enjoy a location closer to the beach, Phuket, Koh Phangan, and Koh Samui cities are perfect choices. Thankfully, Thailand is home to numerous tourists and expats, so English is a common language here, and you don’t need to worry about having trouble communicating.

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Thailand also boasts a well-developed rail network, making public transportation easier and more favourable to everyone. However, getting a residency permit in Thailand isn’t easy since many international visitors are interested in settling. Due to this, the immigration rules in Thailand are strict. Despite the long and tedious process, you can apply for the 10-year visa program.

Regarding security, Thailand is a safe country to live in, but you have to watch out since many areas are prone to burglary, pickpocketing, and scams. Violent crimes aren’t as common, but they occur, so be careful. Another negative side of moving to Thailand is that the country has a poor and expensive healthcare system.

10. Indonesia

Indonesia is a esiest country to move from EEUU

Indonesia is an appealing country for expats looking for employment, especially in areas like Bali. Although Indonesia might seem the easiest country to move to from USA in Southeast Asia, finding work here is difficult. The country’s economy has been recovering from recent reversals, but some sectors are good for expats, especially those with high-level qualifications and experience. For example, the petroleum and gas sectors are doing well, and so is mining, rubber, tourism, biomedical, chemical, and cement. Since most indigenous Indonesians focus on agribusiness and small-scale farming, there are plenty of market gaps for expats in the country. Another great and popular choice is TEFL teaching, and you can work as a freelancer.

The employment bureaucracy in this country is complex, but you can easily find a job with an international company. Such companies are mostly located in Jakarta, and you’ll need a sponsor or a residency permit. Indonesia has two types of permits. The first is the ITAS (Izin Tinggal Terbatas), which offers a limited stay. The Immigration Directorate General issues this permit through the immigration office. The second one is the KITAP (Kartu Izin Tinggal Tetap), a permanent stay permit for expat employees. To qualify for the KITAP, you must have held the ITAS for a minimum of three years.

Be aware that Indonesia’s crime rate is relatively low, but some areas of the country are more dangerous than others. Moreover, the country ranks low in the Southeast Asia region regarding fibre network. The network is slow, and most parts of the country barely have a proper network.

Conclusion about easiest country to move to from USA

Hopefully, this guide has answered the question: “Where can American move easily”. You have many options, and now that some of the best countries to move to have been highlighted here, you can choose what works for you. Just weigh the pros and cons, then move to the country that meets your needs.

FAQ Easiest country to move to from USA

What is the cheapest and easiest country to immigrate to?

There is no definite answer to this question as it depends on an individual’s unique circumstances. However, some countries that may be relatively easy and inexpensive to immigrate to include Spain, Ecuador and Mexico.

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Which country is most welcoming to immigrants?

Each country has its policies and procedures regarding immigrants. However, some countries, such as Germany and Canada, have been more welcoming to immigrants in recent years than others, like the Czech Republic.

Which country gives residency easily?

Spain is one of the easiest countries in Europe to award citizenship to immigrants because there are no requirements for physical presence. To be eligible for naturalization, all you need to do is have your resident permit.

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